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Home is the center of life. Maintaining the safety of your family and home is something that cannot be accomplished by just living together. One needs to look into various aspects to ensure that a home is a safe place for all the members. Fortunately, here’s a platform that shows countywide risk assessment.

New York-based Hazard and Risk assessment company Augurisk recently launched a free mobile application, Augurisk Now. The company announced the app after publicly releasing thousands of county-wide risk assessment reports, as well as the top 10 most dangerous county rankings.

Every day, Americans have to cope with increasingly prevalent incidents related to Crime. They want a safe place to live and a reliable tool to assess their risk exposure. Hence, Augurisk released a freely available county-wide risk assessment feature that shows detailed county risk scores for disaster and societal risks, as well as a more precise Augurisk Now app that provides localized block-level risk assessments.

Augurisk helps people stay safe from crime and natural disasters and to make better decisions when investing or moving in a property or business. They can easily find out which blocks and counties have the highest risk scores in just a few minutes. Moreover, the app can also help subscribers safely plan their trips in the US. 

2020 saw a massive wave in gun violence and other crimes in the US. Reports say that 2021 will be worse as the crime wave that started last year is carrying forward. As most Americans search for solutions, Augurisk released an app that notifies users when they enter a high crime area, as well as a ranking of the most dangerous counties in the US. The ranking helps users find out the most dangerous US counties for Crime, Wildfires, Floods, Earthquakes, and Air quality. Most importantly, the rankings are based on Augurisk’s proprietary risk scores and data. 

“Our mission at Augurisk is to help people and businesses better prepare for the future,” says Mohamed Mezian, Founder of Augurisk. Mohamed is a serial entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in digital marketing and web development. Mohamed thrives the most when it comes to creating innovative and game-changing products. 

Today, mobile apps allow users to search for anything, anytime, and anywhere. So why not explore crime risks and natural disaster threats anytime and from anywhere. The Augurisk Now mobile app is specially designed to help users stay safe from crime and natural disasters when they are on the move. It empowers concerned citizens to check potential crime risk and natural disaster threats of their current location or any other place in the US. 

“We want Augurisk to become an intuitive and comprehensive single source of truth for natural disasters and societal risks.”– Mohamed Mezian, Founder of Augurisk.

Augurisk’s machine-learning algorithm can help identify areas with a high risk of violent crimes. This machine-learning algorithm powers Augurisk Now’s crime risk score. The algorithms were trained and tested on hundreds of sociodemographic variables, achieving up to 77% accuracy. In addition, the app enables users to get notified when they enter areas with high crime risk. 

Over and above, Augurisk offers a Risk Explorer feature that makes information available right away. It allows subscribers to stay safe by freely navigating and exploring risks for Crime, Floods, Storms, Wildfires, and Earthquakes on the spot with their smartphones. Moreover, Augurisk Now app alerts users if they are exposed to a high threat.

An expert team of scientists and data scientists has carefully developed the societal and natural disaster risk scores at Augurisk. Users can generate a detailed risk assessment for any location in the US. This detailed report indicates scores for 11 environmental and societal risk factors. 

Furthermore, the Augurisk Now app also helps users quickly reach the closest hospitals and police departments in case of an emergency.


About Us:

At Augurisk, we believe that people deserve to know about the consequences of climate change, to better prepare for a safe future. We strive to help people and businesses explore their environmental, societal, and crime risk exposure in the US. 




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