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Asian rappers bring hip-hop to the most popular mobile online battle game in the world



Asian talent has been on the rise, showcasing that they are more than lyricists, but artists passionate about creativity.

At the launch of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Esports in 2017, no one predicted just how large a platform the mobile online battle arena (MOBA) game would grow to be. Expanding internationally, it hosts tournaments in Europe, Middle East and North America. Now, 5 rappers known in the Asian hip-hop scene have brought their talents into the gaming world alongside the most popular MOBA game. These artists are polarizing the way hip-hop is integrated into the world and showcasing its diversity. They are ShiGGa Shay from Singapore, Joe Flizzow from Malaysia, King Promdi from the Philippines, Yung Hugo from Myanmar, and Dycal Siahaan from Indonesia.

The collaboration that sparked a union between the 5 Asian rap greats and Mobile Legends was the formation of music, not just any music, but one that created an anthem that would show hip-hop in a new light. With Mobile Legend making their beat exclusive to the five rappers for a beat remix, they each took on the track with their native style and sound. The end result were new dimensions to the song and video that acted as proof of the talent Asian rappers hold within them. Different flows, varying rhythms, unique languages, each placed their personality and heart into the track, giving rise to something that will inspire and motivate the world to fight, and never give up no matter the twists and turns of life. They are breaking barriers in hip-hop, using music to transcend beyond, and bring change to the world simultaneously.

Hip-hop is no longer just a genre of music within Asia. It has evolved into something more, something pervasive, adopting its own culture. It’s a living breathing movement that continues to expand across different fields and ventures, bringing the passion and love of hip-hop throughout the whole of Asia, displaying the versatility and talent of the rappers leading the charge to what’s to come.

Check out the original anthem of Mobile Legend and prepare to be submerged when the stylistic mixes created by ShiGGa Shay, Joe Flizzow, King Promdi, Yung Hugo, and Dycal Siahaan are released for your listening pleasure.

Original Song:

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World of Warcraft: Classic Burning Crusade Of cloned characters and pre-nerfed bosses



The biggest draw of World of Warcraft Classic is that it’s stuck in the past – in a good way. There is, however, a recent development that has been getting mixed reception: the Burning Crusade arriving in a game version that a lot of players thought was supposed to be forever vanilla. Maybe you’re excited to experience the launch of WoW’s first expansion for the first time or the first time again. Or maybe you’re afraid of the potential implications of an expansion in Classic, be it in character building, WoW Classic gold gathering, or raiding. Either way, the devil is in the details, so here are a few things to consider before having or even expressing your opinion about it.

A Groundbreaking First Time 

Aside from Burning Crusade being the iconic, historical, and influential MMO’s first expansions, it’s also one of the most important and beloved expansions as well. It’s what brought Horde-aligned Blood Elf and Alliance-allied Draenei into the game, and it is only through these classes that it is possible to play a faction-specific class with the Blood Elf Paladin and the Draenei Shaman. While these classes were limited to these races, it gave an entire faction access to abilities and talents that would’ve otherwise been impossible to have before. At the same time, Blood Elf Paladins have an ability Alliance Paladins don’t, and the same goes for Draenei Shaman and those from the Horde. 

The Many Other Changes 

It also increased the level cap from 60 to 70, and added five to six new spells as well. Also, because Shaman and Paladin both stopped being faction-exclusive, they received new abilities. There are also new zones and new dungeons: four in Azeroth, and a whopping seven in Outworld – the planet where Orcs used to live before the events that led them into Azeroth and into a bitter, seemingly never-ending war with the Alliance, especially the humans. Burning Crusade is also the first time adventurers had the chance to go to places outside Azeroth, which in turn further expanded players’ perceived scope of the game’s world. 

Oh, and most importantly, this also introduced flying mounts into WoW, changing the game forever. There are many other changes brought about by Burning Crusade, and to list them here would take both the writer and the readers a day, so it should be enough to say that Burning Crusade changed the game forever and for the better. Unlike other expansions that simply gave players more things to do, this one changed certain dynamics for both factions and combat mechanics. 

Split Into Two 

But are those enough reasons to bring what would be the end of the original WoW Vanilla experience?  Well, there are sound arguments for not wanting to have Burning Crusade in Classic, as well as equally sound arguments that support its arrival without compromising what WoW Classic is all about.  

We’ll begin with the former. The biggest argument in support of WoW Classic would be the fact that WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic would be two separate versions. This is to ensure that those enjoying their WoW Classic experience and WoW Classic items will be able to keep playing vanilla and not be subject to the changes Burning Crusade will bring about. By launch, players will be asked if they want to move onto the Burning Crusade, or stay in Classic. For those that either can’t make up their minds or want to experience the best of both worlds, they can have their characters duplicated – for a fee, of course. 

Plus, Burning Crusade Classic is something those looking for a challenge areis definitely going to love, as the dungeons are going to be their more difficult pre-nerf versions, as Blizzard noted that WoW Classic players are actually pretty good at raiding. Probably because they’re veterans, or something. 

The counterargument to this is the question in everyone’s minds: at what expansion will this end? What would be the perfect place for Blizzard to draw the line? After all, it would be pretty weird and funny to see the many “Classic” versions of the game in the long run. And what if it comes full circle? Will it? Are we going to have a WoW Classic: Shadowlands two to three years from now? Plus, this could split the player base and thereby having fewer and fewer players in each version. 

Like that in the retail version, the Burning Crusade is going to change WoW Classic, even if it’s going to be an entirely different server from the Classic one. It wouldn’t even be surprising if it changed World of Warcraft as a whole. Will it be for the better or for the worse? Only the future knows. 

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Enjoy The Game With A GTA 5 Download



With the new games being launched by the developer every now and then, it is getting difficult to download the latest versions of them on the internet. Many a times it happens that you have purchased the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Online but you find that there are no guides available for GTA V Télécharger the game on your mobile or tablet. This is quite frustrating and you feel like you are playing the beta version of the game. However, all of you need not worry anymore because with the use of an iPhone or iPad app, you can easily download the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto games on your smartphone or tablet device and enjoy the benefits of using these devices.

The Grand Theft Auto games has been designed in such a way so as to work smoothly on various gadgets. Now, you do not have to sit and worry about the compatibility of the app on your mobile device. You just need to use the right device to be able to enjoy the game on it. If you have bought a Google Android handset or an Apple iPhone, you do not have to worry at all. You can easily download the latest version of this game and use it on your phone or tablet to get the fun and excitement.

There are many people who play the Grand Theft Auto games over the internet. However, not everyone has the ability to get the required updates from the official site of the game. It is because if you are using an old version of one of the app to access the new version of the same, you may not be able to get the required updates. In this case, you can always use the iPhone or iPad app to get access to the newest content of the game. This will help you feel like you are still playing the original version of the game.

The iPhone or iPad app is very easy to operate and it does not require any kind of complicated downloads. This means that even people who are not very tech savvy can easily get the right use out of this application. You do not need to use any kind of complicated tools or programs in order to be able to use this app.

After you have downloaded the app on your device, you need to connect it to the Internet. You can do this by making use of your Wi-Fi in order to access the web via your mobile device. Once you have successfully connected to the Internet, you can start to load the application on your phone. The loading process will vary according to the speed of your connection.

Apart from the fact that the iPhone or iPad app is easy to operate, it also provides a number of useful features. For example, you can use the GPS facility in order to locate all the locations of the street races. You can also plan a trip with friends using the maps feature in the application. If you want to shoot the most interesting scenes, you need to make use of the camera facility which is available with this application.

Apart from this, you need to know that the iPhone users are not the only ones who can get the facility of downloading the GTA 5 for free. You can also access the same through a number of web sites that offer such facility. However, you should be careful about getting these sites or applications because there are many sites which are just out to entice you in getting their codes. As a result, you could end up infecting your device if you download the wrong code.

You should remember one thing that you do not need to pay any money in order to access this particular game. This is because this site has made it clear that there is no cost associated with their service. You can simply download the game and use the same at no cost at all. If you have not played the original version, you will definitely find this one interesting. It is one of the most downloaded games on iTunes and it continues to be so even today. In fact, you can get the iPhone for free by downloading the GTA 5 application.

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10 Benefits of Playing Video Games



The debate as to whether video games belong to the domain of couch potatoes has been going on for years. Unfortunately, many just assume that video games have a negative effect on humans. While gaming addiction may be an issue, playing video games with healthy boundaries comes with numerous benefits. We selected ten of these benefits you simply have to know about.

Improves decision making

If you’ve ever played Call of Duty or League of Legends, you know how energizing these games are. They require you to stay on your toes and make a number of decisions quickly. Just a single wrong decision can cost you points or even lose you the entire match. With that said, it’s obvious that games are better at making decisions and that they can do it in a timely fashion. They rarely waste time debating which shirt to wear or which coffee to get.

Enhances memory

Many of the popular video games require serious strategy and concentration. People have built entire cities in Minecraft and simulated hundreds of years in Football Manager. When strategizing and juggling multiple tasks that exist in these games, you’re exercising your hippocampus. This is the part of your brain responsible for controlling spatial memory and transforming short-term memory into long-term memory. We all know that memory naturally declines over time. Playing video games regularly is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

Helps make friends

We often associate gaming with introverts. While that may have been accurate before, gaming has undergone a lot of change in the 2010s. These days, almost everyone plays online with their real-world or virtual friends. Some games such as Fortnite and PubG even give you a chance to talk and play with dozens of people you otherwise don’t know. A recent study has confirmed that 70 percent of gamers play with friends online. Even playing offline can help improve some social skills. Games like The Sims allow you to practice social interaction without real-life consequences.

Encourages curiosity and learning

Every time you play a video game, your brain is working. The more effort you invest into solving a problem in the game, the more connections you create in your mind. Stimulating your brain in this way is a great way to keep it healthy as you age. This means your mind will wonder about all the virtual worlds you play in. Similarly, gaming encourages learning. Games such as Assassin’s Creed and Age of Empires have historical settings. When playing these games, you’re simultaneously learning about history.

Gives time to reflect

Playing one game for a long time allows you to become comfortable with it. This means that, over time, you can relax when playing and reflect on any real-life issues you’re experiencing. Quite often, taking some time to reflect helps address the issue better and opens up a bunch of new opportunities. This goes for almost all types of video games out there. For example, playing the same slot game maximizes your slot machine wins and gives you enough time to reflect on a situation.

Boosts spatial visualization

Video games are known to help players visualize space better. Whether you play shooter games or action-adventure games, you have to be aware of the space around you. The more aware of it you are, the more likely you are to defeat the opponent and complete your objective. Studies have confirmed that games like this enhance the way you think about objections in three dimensions. This has numerous practical benefits in the real world, like knowing how to parallel park better or organize your living room effectively.

Inspires you to be more persistent

Most video games are made in the same way – you either win or keep trying. Some games have check points while others require you to go back to the start and repeat everything you already did. This is why gamers are good at working towards their goals. They’re also more confident about reaching these goals and they treat missteps as learning opportunities rather than failure. Just try building a zombie-proof base in 7 Days to die you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Many professions require you to have better hand-eye coordination than most people. What’s a great way to improve it and increase your chances of landing a position you want? The answer is gaming. Whether you’re a keyboard or a controller player, gaming can boost your hand-eye coordination significantly. Just think about it, most games require you to aim or press different buttons depending on what you see on the screen.

Relieves stress

One of the best things about video games is that they help reduce stress. Various studies have monitored the heart rate of regular gamers and they’ve all noticed lower stress levels. It’s important to keep in mind that this has a lot to do with the way you perceive gaming. Many players “rage” when they lose or someone on their team makes a mistake. Obviously, this doesn’t help reduce stress. However, when engaging in gaming with healthy boundaries, gaming is a great stress reliever.

Helps cravings at bay

Keeping yourself distracted is a perfect way to deal with any type of craving. Perhaps you’re looking to give up smoking? Or maybe you want to stop binge eating? Find a game you like and it’ll keep you distracted as much as you want. The best part of it is that you don’t have to be a pro gamer to make this work. Just find a tycoon or strategy game you can play in a single-player mode and it’ll completely take your mind off your cravings.


Essentially, video games provide all sorts of tangible benefits in real life. All you have to do is find a game you enjoy and it could give many aspects of your life a boost. Just have in mind that it takes some responsibility to avoid becoming addicted to video games and ignoring real life.

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How to Get an Online Football Game Application



This game application is a true form of innovation in the world of online gaming. This application is widely used by bettors because of its very simple operation. The games contained in the application will be very enjoyable for those of you who have never played soccer gambling through the application before, you must try them. For this request, you will have to look for an official situs judi bola. Ball betting like this will be an alternative for you to have fun playing. You have to visit the right site first if you want to get an online ball game application. Make no mistake choosing this online gaming site. Because it will affect your satisfaction when betting. If you can’t find the right football site online, you might be disappointed later.

Once you enter a trusted Football Game site, you will find a Download menu which you can find very easily on the site’s homepage. Just click the menu and if the downloaded application is no problem, you can easily get it. But if you experience traffic, you don’t need to worry, you can download a VPN to solve any positive Internet issues that may occur. The presence of this VPN will help you to continue to get online gaming applications which will be very useful when you play later. You want to download an application, first make sure the application has the same version as your smartphone or not. If you download an application with a different version from your smartphone, the download process cannot be executed. So, you can see if your smartphone is an iOS version or an operating system.

The Advantages Of Playing Football Online

Playing betting online with the app will be much more fun than going through live football sites. Because playing with the application is much easier and simpler so you don’t need to follow a difficult process to play soccer games with this application. Playing using an application can be the best choice for those of you who like everything that feels fast and comfortable. Indeed, applications can be downloaded and stored on your favorite smartphone. Then you will also spend a shorter duration of increase, even a few minutes. A wide variety of games can also access the app where you can get the newest and most reliable online football site. It’s a breath of fresh air for bettors, especially those who live in Indonesia, where soccer betting is prohibited because it is a playing activity.

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Your Kid Can Play Video Games… Or Program Them



Your Kid Can Play Video Games

When video games first arrived on the scene, parents thought they were a waste of time. The idea of spending all day pumping quarters into an arcade machine at the mall didn’t strike parents as productive!

A lot has changed since then. Now, video games aren’t only in our homes — they can be played on pocket-sized smartphones we can take anywhere. Millions of people play them worldwide and they generate billions of dollars annually. Perhaps unsurprisingly, attitudes around video games have changed, too.

Video games are a safe and fun hobby, but the only thing better than playing a video game is building one yourself. The good news is, programming doesn’t have to be complicated: even kids can do it.

Kids Learn Real Programming Languages Online

Industry-leading online coding classes show kids how to use coding languages that professionals use to build some of the world’s most popular video games. Avoid the coding sessions that only teach simple drag-and-drop languages.

Instead, look for one that teaches coding languages industry uses:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++
  • Unity

Python can be an excellent introduction for kids, but it’s absolutely a real programming language in its own right. As your child ages and gains experience, they can advance to coding languages like JavaScript and C++, which are used for games like Angrybirds and World of Warcraft, respectively.

Coding Classes Are Fun

Sometimes, parents face pressure to prepare their children for their eventual entry into a competitive job market. It can be hard to balance the need to preserve childhood innocence and fun while also making sure they’re ready to face what’s to come.

The best coding classes don’t force you to choose! Look for a coding program taught by undergrad students in Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Your child should learn how to code video games from a teacher who knows first-hand what it was like to play them growing up.

Online coding classes are inclusive, fun, and safe to do during a pandemic.

Multiple Languages

Does your child want to make video games for a console or a web browser? Programming games for browsers requires knowing different codes if you want to give a complete user experience.

Check that the programming course you sign up for can teach your child HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and JavaScript. Specializing in only one language can take a student far, but their options expand the more languages they know.

Don’t sign up for a programming course unless it can teach the skills required to code any type of game, whether it’s to be played on a console or a computer.

Video games have been around for a few decades, but the past few years have seen explosive changes that suggest a rich and still unwritten future. It’s a wonderful time to be a kid who loves video games, but the future will be a great time for people who can code them.

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