As a Homeowner, You Should Avoid These Mistakes with Your Asphalt Driveway

As a homeowner, you must take care of your asphalt driveway to improve its longevity and enhance its looks. Your asphalt surface can look new and last for over two decades with the right care. However, if treated poorly, your driveway will need to be replaced much sooner.That’s why you must avoid the following mistakes:

#1 Don’t Use the Wrong Tools

Always clean your driveway with gentle tools. Avoid using a metal brush for your driveway, as the metal strands can break into the surface and result in issues later. Likewise, use a mild cleaning solution and avoid abrasive chemicals.

#2 Clean Carefully in the Winter

If you live in a cold climate, then snow can undoubtedly be a nuisance during the winter. Snow and frost can cover your driveway and make it challenging to walk or drive your car. Here, it’s a good idea to use de-icing salt sparingly.

While de-icing salt can quickly clear the ice and snow and make it safer to walk, over time, it can significantly reduce the lifespan of your driveway. Use de-icing salt only when you need to; experiment with other, gentler options instead.

  • Snowblowers: Although snow blowers can be pricey, they’re kinderto your driveway than de-icing salt and blow away the snow quickly and safely. What’s more, they can be fun!
  • Kitty Littler: Kitty litter is surprisingly effective at adding traction. On a light snow day, add some of it to make it safer for foot traffic.
  • Sand: Like kitty litter, sand adds traction. What’s more, sand also melts the snow. Although a bag of sand is a safer option than de-icing salt, many homeowners avoid it because it can make the area muddy after the snow melts.
  • Calcium Chloride: If you’re looking for an alternative to de-icing salt, you can try calcium chloride for a slightly gentler alternative. However, keep in mind that calcium chloride can be significantly more expensive.

When cleaning your driveway, use metal shovels and icepicks carefully, as these tools can also damage your asphalt surface. Only use them when necessary and try plastic shovels or shovels with rubber tips on lighter snow days.

#3 Don’t Ignore Your Asphalt Care Team

It’s a good idea to have your asphalt driveway maintained by an asphalt care team. Always hire a local business trusted in your community that has decades of experience. For example, you can try Seal-A-Drive because they are asphalt experts, serve many homeowners and businesses, offer excellent customer service, and use only premium tools and products.

This contractor will sealcoat your driveway and even repair cracks, potholes, drainage issues, and other problems.

What’s more, they’re honest. Please avoid untrustworthy contractors or amateurs who don’t even have websites because such contractors are known to run scams and steal your hard-earned cash. The wrong contractor may disappear after accepting a down payment to repair or maintain your asphalt driveway.

You must avoid these three critical mistakes if you have an asphalt driveway. With the right tools, habits, and professional help, you can ensure that your asphalt driveway looks great and lasts a long time.

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