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Artificial Intelligence Defined



AI technology has increased in popularity over the years and has grown out of the need to make human tasks more accurate and efficient.

In fact, it can be observed at use in many forms, from providing driving directions to robotic vacuum cleaners and more, and is expected to continue to grow in use, making it necessary for businesses to remain competitive and continue to experience growth.

What is AI?

AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, enables machines and computers to mimic human reasoning, which then gives them the ability to solve problems, make decisions, perceive environments, and more to perform various actions otherwise carried out by people.

What is it Used For

AI has been around for many years, where it was first used to complete many simple human tasks, such as arithmetic. However, today, it can be seen at work in various complex technology systems, including:

Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing

Image recognition is a form of AI that uses patterns of neural activity to categorize and identify objects, actions, and people, etc. Some examples of it include check deposit apps, fingerprint recognition systems, and more.

Meanwhile, speech recognition AI converts human language into digital texts that are recognized by the machine. This type of AI can be observed in voice-enabled GPS and more.

Natural language processing AI, on the other hand, utilizes software to convert human commands into readable texts. Some examples of this include Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistant platforms.

Machine Learning Technology and Robotic Process Automation

AI and machine learning technology is often used by both businesses and IT departments for everything from providing intelligent analytics to improve workflow optimization to collecting and analyzing user surveys to help make it more efficient.

Robotic process automation is another type of AI technology often observed in businesses, which is typically used in place of humans to perform repetitive and automation tasks.

Cyber Security

AI cybersecurity, such as AI-based intrusion prevention/detection, relies on the continuous feed of data to recognize patterns and threats, which enables the technology to monitor behavior, detect abnormalities, issue alerts, respond to threats, and more in real-time.

How is it Created?

AI systems are first created using engineering to combine large volumes of data with a series of instructions for repeated processing, which enables the machine to then respond to certain actions based on algorithms and historical data.

The machine will then automatically use experience to learn from patterns in the system’s data and algorithms, so it can thus perform various actions normally carried out by the human brain, also known as cognitive science.

Cognitive science in AI involves the computer modeling of the human mind and its processes, which then enables the technology to perform multiple intellectual functions, including deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

In the end, AI is beneficial for business because it’s what consumers want; however, businesses can also benefit from it in and of itself to help simplify many processes to save time and costs.

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Finding Ruby on Rails Development Services for Business’ Growth




Modern enterprises need web applications for organizational digitization. Whether it’s a dashboard for employee management or an ecommerce store, websites are the cornerstone to online success. These apps require a development framework. Ruby on Rails application development is popular for enterprise web apps. It enables companies to develop digital products for sustenance. 

Today, Ruby on Rails consulting is already at its maturity. Twitter, Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, are popular Ruby on Rails projects. Businesses that need affordable and rapid web applications can consider Ruby on Rails development services for their business.

This article will highlight why Ruby on Rails software development makes sense for any enterprise. We will also discuss how enterprises can find trusted Ruby on Rails app development partners for their web applications.

Why Enterprises should consider Ruby on Rails App Development

Before we start, here’s a short Ruby on Rails overview:- 

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application development framework for building powerful, scalable, and rapid web applications. It uses the Ruby programming language. The framework reduces the development time by 25% to 40%. It is often known as “the startup technology” due to its faster app development and affordability.

Ruby on Rails is easy, flexible, and delivers high-performance. It comes with a set of standards. The framework follows the principles of Convention over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself. It provides a structure for web development. Thus, Ruby on Rails developers don’t need to configure the environment on the go. They can reduce the time taken to configure the development environment at each stage.

There are Ruby on Rails projects in every industry. The framework is a popular choice for – 

  • eCommerce stores
  • Informational web apps
  • FinTech applications
  • Social networking sites
  • SaaS solutions

Rails is prevalent among several other industries. Banking, Logistics, Healthcare are significant users of the framework. The dynamic nature of Ruby on Rails makes it perfect for applications with multiple requirements. 

Here’s why enterprises should consider Ruby on Rails app development for their ideas: – 

  • Accelerated development
    Ruby on Rails accelerates the development process by at least 25%. Combined with agile project methodology, each sprint takes less and less time. Ruby on Rails developers can build prototypes within months.

    Rails can offer enterprises a competitive advantage. They can present the MVP to investors and obtain operational funding. Ruby on Rails rapid application development also provides a headstart to any enterprise in an untapped market. It also offers more time-to-market for the product.
  • Easy code maintenance
    Ruby programming language has a clear syntax. The framework works smoothly with the code. The lines are clear, and the syntax is like the English language. Developers don’t have to work hard for understanding each piece of code.

    Code maintenance becomes simpler with Ruby on Rails. There’s enough documentation available for beginners to understand the project structure. When hiring a professional for Ruby on Rails upgrade services, enterprises don’t need to overspend for code maintenance and migration.
  • Cost-effective applications
    Not all web applications have to be expensive. Businesses can use Ruby on Rails to save tons of money. The development cost is directly proportional to the development time. Since Ruby on Rails reduces that time, enterprises don’t spend heavily on the web app. There’s less money involved in the maintenance and creating new code from scratch.

    Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework. There is no licensing fee involved. Ruby on Rails developers are readily available for a low-price. There are experts who can work for a decent amount of money. Enterprises can spend $2800 per month by hiring BoTree Technologies for their Ruby on Rails projects.

How to find the right Ruby on Rails Development Partner

There are hundreds of Ruby on Rails experts. The wide community has millions of developers building top-notch projects. Finding the best Ruby on Rails development company with a team of professional developers involves careful thinking.

The first step is to ask for references. A Ruby on Rails web development services provider is known by people in the tech industry. Enterprises can be sure of the quality as a reference already trusts the company.

Another step is to search on portals like, Techreviewer for the best Ruby on Rails company. On these platforms, feedback is essential. The more reviews & ratings a company has, the better it is. Generally, the top 10 companies are perfect for any Ruby on Rails consulting project.

By looking at the Ruby on Rails portfolio of a company, businesses can better understand their work capabilities. Experience matters when it comes to complex web applications. A professional Ruby on Rails company with over 8 to 10 years of experience knows about the industry. They have a team of developers ready for projects in various sectors.

Lastly, enterprises must ensure timely delivery of products from the Software development company. Each sprint, if the agile methodology is followed, must have proper feedback. A vendor that offers complete transparency of the product delivery cycle is much better. Enterprises should not fall for a low-cost yet unprofessional service provider.

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9 or 20 Minutes? This Is How Long Your Video Should Be (According to YouTube Algorithm)



9 or 20 Minutes

Marketing companies have stated for years that attention spans, already shorter than a goldfish’s, are getting even shorter. However, the recent trend in monetized YouTube content towards long-form videos seems to fly in the face of that statistic. Content creators of all stripes have posted videos in excess of ten, twenty, even thirty minutes, and seem to get more views and engagement than ever.

So, if you’re using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, what’s the optimal YouTube video length? Is it better to opt for bite-sized content or longer, video essay formats? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Ten Minutes Used to Be the Maximum

When the website first started, the max YouTube video length used to be ten minutes. Unless you had a specific type of account, known as a Director’s account, you couldn’t upload anything longer than that. That is, until December of 2010 when YouTube finally updated its policy to allow content creators to upload videos of any length up to twelve hours.

This opened the door for longer content, but many YouTubers hesitated to take advantage of it. At the time, marketing data suggested that shorter content was better for your revenue.

Understanding the Recent Trend

In recent years, however, YouTube videos have become longer than ever. What gives? Why do people watching videos from their phones suddenly want video essays and not the latest TikToks?

The answer lies in ad revenue. For content creators who monetize their channel, videos shorter than ten minutes can only have an ad roll at the beginning. Anything longer than ten minutes allows for a beginning and middle ad roll, increasing the interaction on the video and the YouTuber’s ad-based revenue.

Technically, once a creator passes that ten-minute mark, they can add as many ads as they want. However, viewers don’t enjoy having their content interrupted every two minutes by an advertisement lasting thirty seconds or more.

What Channels Benefit from Long-Form Content

What sorts of YouTube channels benefit from having longer videos? Whether you’re creating content to advertise your business or as your primary source of income, here are the channels that best benefit from having long-form content:

Video Essay Channels

Whether you write video essays as a media critic or make political statements, long-form content works well for you. Video essays have been a staple of the platform since its inception, but since ad revenue became a common practice, people have written and produced more of these than ever.

Reaction Channels

Reaction channels benefit from padding their length with the content the creator is reacting to. This allows them to easily hit the ten-minute threshold for mid-roll ads.

Instructional/Educational Channels

While most would argue that it’s best to keep how-tos brief and to the point, for more complex topics, videos longer than ten minutes might help you convey your point. Check this out if you want to see how to enable longer videos on your instructional channel!

Review Channels

Review channels, like reaction channels, can pad their length by adding bits and pieces of the reviewed content to act as a cited source. However, if you review media, you have to be careful not to use too much of the reviewed content, or you might get struck by one of YouTube’s infamous copyright bots.

Gaming Channels

This seems the most obvious fit for longer content, as the average YouTube video length for a stream can often exceed two or three hours. When these streams go to VOD or video on demand format, they become monetizable via ad revenue. Streaming channels will often include an ad per hour or so of content.

What’s the Optimal YouTube Video Length?

With all that background out of the way, you might still wonder, what’s the optimal YouTube video length? The true answer to this question is that it depends on your niche and the content you create.

If You Review and React

For review and reaction channels on shorter content, the ideal YouTube video length tends to be about double the length of the original content. This means that, for a music video lasting around four minutes, you’ll want your reaction video to max out at ten minutes long.

The rules change slightly when you do reactions to content over twenty minutes in length. There, most reaction video lengths will be equivalent to, if not slightly shorter than, the episode itself.

If You Educate, Inform, or Opine

If your channel’s focus is video essays, how-tos, or other educational content, brevity is the name of the game. If you can convey your points in a five-minute video, don’t pad it to reach that ten-minute threshold. Viewers can see through such fluffy practices.

If your points are complex and require an hour or more to elaborate, have at it. But if you can summarize it in ten minutes, do that instead.

If You Game

There are two schools of thought when it comes to gaming channels. Some keep their full YouTube or Twitch streams as one VOD, allowing viewers to catch up to what they missed in one shot if they missed the stream. However, others, like those who play and edit Let’s Plays, prefer to cut their content into bite-sized chunks of thirty minutes to an hour.

There, the best length for YouTube videos is a matter of personal preference and where you see your audience engage the most. So, watch your demographics, and see what video length optimizes your engagement.

Let’s Review

Figuring out the perfect YouTube video length for your channel depends on what type of channel you run. However, whatever your niche, it’s best to use minimum content to convey maximum information. If that rises above the ten-minute threshold for mid-roll ad revenue, fantastic! If not, as long as you’ve kept your viewers engaged, you’ll see returns on your investment.

If you found this article about the ideal YouTube video length informative and would like to read more content like it, check out the Tech section of our blog for more!

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How to Delete A Column in Excel In 2021



How to Delete Column in Excel

If you want to learn how to delete a column in Excel, you must first understand how to read the file. If you only see blank spaces here and there, you should be able to determine which data is already removed from the file. Check for rows, columns, headers, and other indicators like Partier, Balance, and other formulas. Sometimes, even formatting properties such as font, style, and color will be affected depending on what is preceding them.

If you have already learned how to delete a column in Excel, now you must find out what is left behind after formatting. Typically, a blank line will indicate the end of an existing range. You may want to go through the file and check for further details. For instance, if a series of numbers are formatted, you may notice that there are only two continuous spaces after the last number. Or, there may be spaces between numbers in one range and another.

Also Read: How To Use Excel Formulas in 2021

If you have any text or data in your file, it will eventually become cluttered. Look for formulas with commas, tabs, and parenthesis. If you can only see the center of the page, then you may assume that this is the beginning of the next range or column. Learning how to delete a column in Excel is actually easy once you grasp how Excel works.

You may not be able to format a range directly. If so, you may go back to the worksheet you were working on before and select the Rows option. Then you can format the cells you need to. This will bring up all of your options for how to delete a column in Excel. If you know the name of the range, you can copy and paste the formula anywhere else in your file.

The main thing you will learn here is how to delete a column in Excel using VBA. VBA is a tool built into Windows. With this tool, you can create macros as well as workbooks and tablets. You can also make sure that your spreadsheet is formatted correctly. If you are unsure of how to format a certain type of cell in Excel, you can always open a web-based VBA program such as Microsoft Office Online.

How to Delete A Column in Excel

In previous versions of Excel, you would have to format each cell in order to tell Excel what type of cell to display. However, this process was very time consuming. Therefore, the easier solution is to use VBA to help you figure out how to delete a column in Excel in a quick and effective manner.

Once you know how to delete a column in Excel using VBA, all you have to do is click on the ‘Formula’ option on the Format toolbar then click on ‘Perform Auto Layout’. This will bring up a blank template, which you can modify according to your needs. Next, type in the name of the cell you want to format. Click on ‘OK’.

When you have finished formatting the cell in Excel which is also a part of, Excel will ask you if you want to save the changes. Click on the ‘Save button’ to add the changes to the file. In addition, when you learn how to delete a column in Excel using VBA, you will understand how to format more than one type of cell in Excel. You can create macros as well as workbooks and tables very easily using VBA.

Another great concept that you will get to know when you learn how to delete a column in Excel using VBA is how to format a formula with the data entered in cells A1 to D7 inclusive. If you look at the image below, you will get an idea of how to format a formula using VBA. First, you will format the cell in terms of its width and height with the image of a formatted cell. After this, you select the scale option from the range of options available on the ribbon, and the cell’s size is automatically resized to fill the entire template.

So How to Delete A Column in Excel?

Now you can insert into the template any other information that you want to enter. Notice that Excel uses a camel case for the numbers in the range of A-Z. To format the cells in a similar way, you can choose the format letter option from the pull-down menu on the ribbon. It is advisable to label each cell so you will be able to identify them easily when you are making changes later on. Once you are done with the formatting, copy the code that is located in the appropriate place on the formula. Open the VBA editor and copy the same code again to paste into the cell.

Based On Your Searches Might Be Interested In

The last concept on how to delete a column in Excel using VBA is to calculate the sum of all the values of a range by use of a mathematical expression. You will need to open a new workbook in Excel and then go to File and then Project. In the project menu, click the option called Project Options and deselect the column you would like to calculate the sum of. Click the drop-down button named AutoFit Times and choose the time range that you want the formula to be calculated for.

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Simply2be: Keep up With Your Business’ Finances Without Breaking a Sweat!



Concept of the app

Every business big or small needs an accounting unit. For huge corporations, an accounting department is gigantic, employing dozens of staff to keep track of the numbers. Sadly, smaller organizations and people working from home cannot afford such conveniences. The expense of a single accountant let alone an entire department is unsustainable. Owners have to juggle between business operations and accounting needs to save costs. No longer do you have to do the same thanks to Simply2be. Manage your invoices, record your taxes, and undertake many other bookkeeping chores with a simple app that alleviates the need for outside help. Concentrate on your business, while Simply2be focuses on the numbers for you! 

Simply2be features

Accounting is the financial backbone of all businesses; it enables the management to know what to do to salvage financial holes in the boat and ensure sustainability. Simply2be takes on bookkeeping duties for you in the following ways:

  • A singular display of important business aspects: Simply2be gets you the bigger picture by summing up vital business aspects on one screen
  • Create a quotation for an upcoming job or an invoice for completed tasks on Simply2be. These professional documents can be sent to clients, asking for payment or funds
  • As long as an invoice remains unpaid, the business owner gets regular alerts on the app. You can then issue reminders for delayed payments.
  • Easy to create financial records: You can group your expenses and money coming in to create financial records on Simply2be. Expenses can be substantiated with pictures of receipts for future reference
  • ●        Direct integration with a TaxJar account: Simply2be simplifies the tax filing process into a few steps and sometimes even completely automates it. Filing your sales tax has never been easier!
  • Are you paid via PayPal? Link your PayPal business account with Simply2be. Now you’ll be able to receive online payments via this portal. At the same time, PayPal money is updated into your records

How to use Simply2be

Add and edit jobs and customers on Simply2be, and create invoices via the buttons labeled as such. Record your expenses and income and automatically generate reports such as income statements and profit analysis charts. You can also figure out how your business is doing via the Profit & Loss section. 

Why Simply2be stands out from the crowd

You don’t need an accounting degree to figure out simply2be. It simplifies accounting chores and record keeping features into simple to use functionalities. Other apps like you will give headaches with accounting jargon and complex arithmetic. Simply2be stays true to its name. It also notably partners with huge names in the eCommerce sector like PayPal,, and WooCommerce to name a few. Also considering its additional job management features, no other app holds a candle to Simply2be!

Simply2be keeps the books in check so you can focus on the most important part of your business: running it!

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Live Streaming For Event Broadcasting




The internet is particularly a groundbreaking and great platform as it enables people to speak with their near and dear ones worldwide. It is also helpful in making the business purposes clear to the audience by becoming an excellent business apparatus. The power of the internet has emerged more with the introduction of live stream video option in real-time.

It is a little marvel then that observing live occasions online is acquiring prominence. Regardless of where an event is organized, it tends to be seen by crowds around the planet permitting it to have a definitive openness conceivable. Openness must be something to be thankful for, and this is the reason an ever-increasing number of associations are beginning to see its advantages.

Whatever our association, we as a whole have a message we need to get across to our crowd. This can be a band broadcasting their most recent show, a foundation advancing another occasion, or even a business selling an item; they would all be able to utilize live spilling to speak with individuals who truly matter.

All in all, live video real-time seems like a smart thought, isn’t that right? Actualizing it appropriately can be a bad dream, mainly if we are not abreast of web-based video innovation. Whether we have the knowledgebase to permit us to see how to embrace live streaming, it is famously hard to get right.

Considering this, it is likely a decent and ideal opportunity to specify that help is nearby. This comes through Streaming Tank who has developed a standing as being at the highest point of their game in the realm of real video time. This has been accomplished by proceeding with intricate work of the master, however well-disposed group who will consistently do their level best to get it going regardless of what type of streaming is required.

World driving innovation joined with answers for settle even the most requesting streaming requirements would all be found at Streaming Tank. Unrivaled video real-time and 100% uptime guarantee that each venture will genuinely make its imprint.

It doesn’t differentiate what sort of business you have; you can utilize this dynamic and intuitive device to exhibit your items, administrations, and occasions. If you are a hotel proprietor, flaunting your lovely retreat ignoring the sandy seashore and bright skies can do ponders for your business. A sweets producer can show a live feed of how his beautiful confections are made. An originator can grandstand his assortment by playing the runway occasion again and again. An artistry display can communicate their highlighted craftsman’s live show.

With innovations, advertising your items and benefits, reporting and scattering important news live videos and occasions videos, and engaging your watchers has never been simpler. Not all studio stages are made equivalent, so set aside the effort to locate the one that gives a telecom stage that sudden spikes in demand for any program, the one that doesn’t need downloads, and the one that permits you to chronicle your live shows or occasions promptly for playbacks.

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