Are You The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are?

Many of us know how unconditionally loving most dogs naturally are – unless they have been abused. Even if you don’t have a dog, you’ve likely seen the joy they express when their person comes home after being gone for even a few minutes.

If you have a dog or another pet who loves you, what would your pet say about you if he or she could talk? Take a moment to imagine what your pet would say.

Would he or she say?

You’re the best – all-loving, all-wise. You love unconditionally. I adore you!

You are omnipotent. You are God to me.

Your presence makes me so happy.

You’re my wonderful person and I will never leave you.

I love just being next to you. You’re warm and cuddly.

You’re trustworthy.

You’re compassionate, kind and caring.

I love it when you play with me! You’re fun!

Your petting and scratching feel so wonderful to me.

I’m lonely when you are not here.

I feel safe with you, and I always want to do whatever I can to keep you safe.

You are so important that I would risk my life for you.


When your pet looks at you with adoring eyes, or wags his tail and wiggles with joy, or snuggles next to you on the couch or bed, he is loving you because he believes you are deserving of love.

Do you see yourself this way? Are you  the person your dog thinks you are ?

Your pet has the ability to bypass your wounded self and to see who you are in your essence. Even when you lose your temper, or ignore her or forget to feed her on time, she will keep on loving you because she is connected with your essence.

Are you connected with your essence? Do you own the qualities your pet sees in you, or do you define yourself by your wounded self?

Look at the list of what your pet would say about you. Is there anything that is not true about you when you are connected with your essence and your Guidance?

Obviously, little on the above list is true when you are in your wounded self, but you are not your wounded self!

I hope you don’t discount what your pet sees in you. I hope you don’t tell yourself that your pet is just a dumb animal and doesn’t know what a loser you are. That would be very sad.

Most animals are highly sensitive. Do you know that dogs can smell cancer in a person? There is an incredible YouTube video about a dog who likely saved his person’s life by smelling breast cancer, even though her mammogram was negative.

How about using what your pet thinks of you as a role model for how to be a loving person in the world? What if you actually owned up to and became the person your pet thinks you are?

Your inner child will very much appreciate it if you use what your pet thinks you are as a role model for how to treat yourself and others. And the more you pattern your behavior after what your pet sees in you, the more natural it will feel to you, because you are, in your essence, who your pet thinks you are.

While your wounded self might think of you as a fraud, there is no way that your true Self, your Divine essence is a fraud. How can it be? It is created in the image of God, which is who your pet thinks you are – and your pet knows!

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