Are you looking to upgrade your flooring? Here are some tips.

Concrete floors, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you just read this?

Was it an abandoned warehouse? or some shady ship dock that doesn’t see the light of the day? All in all, I’m sure it was something devoid of a cheerful environment. It may have well been some desolate space. This is because concrete is associated with a raw, sad, uninhabited area that most definitely isn’t a loving home of someone. Well, we are going to change your mind about that. Designers and well-established companies have been instrumental in giving a whole new meaning to a concrete floor. With various designs and textures, be it for your home or warehouse, it will provide a new look for the whole space; keep in mind a pleasant one!

Here are some ideas for introducing it to your space:

Polished Concrete floors

You must have visited or seen those modern, new, and classy-looking lofts popping up in the urban areas. They have polished floors, giving it that sleek look. Those floors are none other than a spc flooring or polished concrete floor.

This floor gives out that high-gloss look which ties up the whole space together. Investing in that floor would give out that aesthetically pleasing vibe for the entire place.

Epoxy flooring

Is a contemporary yet alluring look your goal? Look no further; Epoxy flooring is your best friend. In addition to the attractiveness, it is an excellent option for a floor resistance to greasy/oily spills. It would be best suited to a workshop, thus minimizing the chances of a slip-up or accidents.

Acid-stained Concrete floors

Acid-stained concrete floors are the best option for kitchens as it is impervious to stains and easy to clean and maintain. You can opt for these floors to get the best of both worlds through durable and aesthetically-pleasing flooring.

These flooring solutions come in various designs to fit your individual needs and space.

Warehouses and industrial settings

Warehouses and other industrial settings see a lot of traffic daily, from vehicles to feet of a hundred men creating a significant dust problem. Dust is a big problem in manufacturing units like food manufacturing plants. This affects their efficiency and quality of production. Coming to the solution, epoxy-coated floors in warehouses and industrial plants do not generate dust when rubbed against boots, making it a prudent solution in such settings.

Residential solutions

Concrete floors are an excellent choice for any room in your home, be it your bedroom, living room, or bathroom! A concrete floor is easy on the pockets, durable, and a great alternative to replace traditional flooring. We can apply numerous possibilities to concrete flooring. Stamps and textures can produce finishes that resemble wood, stone, bricks, and much more.

Also, for the exterior flooring of your house, concrete floors would be instrumental. The ability to handle traffic and durability makes it great for your driveway or the garden path.

Following these tips and getting the help of an expert would definitely give that dreamy look to your home!

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