Are you an adventurer looking for breathtaking destinations to venture this winter in Europe? This is just for you

Despite being badly affected during recent years, due to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, the tourist industry of Europe continues to thrive, overcoming the challenges via strict safety protocols and active measures to oversee those protocols being applied, despite the overwhelming number of tourists wanting to explore.

This article provides an outlook to you as to which places you should consider prioritizing for these winter holidays while also providing a brief introduction to glamping.

Your should-be destinations:

Garda, Italy

Visit this paradise on earth during the winters to be awe-struck by the snow-capped peaks in the distance or the crystal-blue waters of Lake Garda. This truly unforgettable place has been a tourist hotspot in recent times. The ambient breeze and wonderful, welcoming people are just a few more reasons as to why you’ll never want to leave this place.

Ardeche, France

Ardeche is a beautiful place purely for its maintained natural features; its hills are lush with greenery and fertile farmlands. But the real jewels of Ardeche are its gorges and rivers, which run through valleys and make up the scenic beauty of this area and are also the reason why people who enjoy canoeing or kayaking are obsessed with this place. Compared to Garda, Italy, this is a relatively ‘under-rated spot, but it still sees countless visitors, increasing each year. Given that it’s an ancient city, Ardeche is also a cultural hotspot in France, holding a few historical places within. Ardeche is one of the key locations for glamping in its vast green wilderness, accommodating tourists at different times of the year. Glamping will be talked about further below.

Veluwe, Netherlands

A beautiful city that has it all is the simplest way to describe Veluwe, known mostly for its forests stretching on for miles accompanied with old towns and farmlands, all unanimously adding to the beauty of this area despite the varying landscape. Visiting Veluwe’s many museums and nature reserves will make for a memorable and eventful stay.

A choice for adventurers, To stay in a hotel, camp or to go glamping?

Now to truly enjoy the destinations mentioned above, you have a plethora of choices on how you wish to go about it. You will find countless hotels that you can book for yourself depending on your or your family’s needs which is the general and straightforward choice but also the most expensive one. The second and least expensive choice would be to camp out in the wilderness, taking in the natural beauty of these places like a true adventurer while making the most of your stay there.

Lastly, there is glamping.

An introduction to glamping 

However, there is a neat middle ground between the two choices mentioned above, which is glamping, which put simply implies to “camp luxuriously”. A service provided to give tourists both the luxuries of a hotel and the thrill of camping. This is a relatively unpopular concept, but awareness of this can lead to this being the first choice for many. It can be as easy to arrange as booking a hotel if booked using a reliable provider. 

Now you may glamorously enjoy your holidays this winter.

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