Are Non-Woven Needle Felt Fabrics Right for Your Operations?

Non-woven felt fabrics have become very popular in recent times. They are used for air filtration and environmental protection. Constructed by punching fiber bat into itself, the entangled fibers allow for a thin and dense structure to be created. There is no need for you to opt for light woven support scrim as it will allow for all the work to be performed without any delay. If you are in the market for non-woven needle felt fabrics and are considering if they are the right fit for your operations or not, you have come to the right place. This post shares all the information that you could possibly need.

Dust Collection

The main use of non-woven needle felt fabric is with a dust collector filter bag. It allows for dust to be easily collected. The fact is that it has been designed to clean the air. If you have an industrial establishment and want to make sure that it is perfectly clean, you have no option but to get non-woven needle felt fabrics. They will simplify all the work. Employees will be able to work and provide the best performance. You can take advantage of the non-woven needle fabric to eliminate dust from your premises.

There is no better option than non-woven needle felt fabrics. They are easy to install and ensure that everything is taken care of. The moment you install the fabric, you will not need to worry about dust. The fabric will ensure that the dust collector filter bag does what you want it to do.

Air Filtration

Working in a commercial establishment or an industrial establishment is not easy. The last thing you want is for dust to accumulate everywhere. It could take a toll on the machinery and equipment. In addition to this, the employees would be unable to focus on their work as the dust would come in the way. It would increase the likelihood of employees falling sick and they would also be more likely to take sick leaves. Thus, an increase in absenteeism would become the new reality. It would affect productivity levels. However, by using non-woven needle felt fabrics, you get to ensure that the air is perfectly clean. Besides, it allows for environmental protection. 

Outstanding Depth Filtration

The non-woven needle felt fabrics provide outstanding depth filtration. The smooth surface allows for particle capture. Moreover, the fabrics are useful for polishing applications. The permeability of the finishing will prevent dust from passing through. It would be eliminated once and for all. The fabric can be used in textile, chemical bonding, and just about every type of industry.  


Once you have gone over this, you will come to realize just how amazing non-woven needle felt fabrics are. They are highly effective and have an instant impact on the space. You will be blown away by their performance. The difference will speak on its own. Therefore, it is about time that you purchased non-woven fabrics. 

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