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Are NCERT books enough to prepare for JEE Mains?



NCERT books

If you are a candidate preparing for JEE Mains, you have come to the right place! As a CBSE student preparing for JEE Mains, you must have been plagued with many questions like, If the NCERT books are enough for the preparation of JEE Mains? Here in the following section below, you will be able to find answers to all your questions regarding the preparations for JEE Mains. Other than that, you will also find here some tips and tricks to ace your JEE Mains Exam without fail!

Are NCERT Books Appropriate For JEE Preparation?

To answer this in one word, yes! NCERT books are perfect for preparing for the Joint Entrance Examinations as most of the syllabus is based on CBSE 11th and 12th Standard topics. Ex-JEE candidates widely recommend it as the pattern of CBSE exams, and the National Entrance Exams for admission to colleges are very similar. NCERT books are also preferred by many students who are, at the moment, preparing for JEE Mains 2021.

As it happens, the type of questions that appear in Central Board exams has similarity to the ones which appear in JEE. Due to this similarity in pattern and type of question, most students like to stick to the NCERT books. Therefore, without a doubt, these books can be used as a perfect reference to study for the entrance exams. 

Certain students who belong to other state boards or the ISC board might find it difficult to follow the pattern of NCERT books. Even students from the CBSE board itself might find it sometimes challenging to understand all concepts from a single book. These students can absolutely rely upon other preparatory books for entrance exams. 

How Can You Take Help From NCERT Books For JEE Preparation?

Understand the Basics

Read and understand the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics well from the NCERT textbooks to build a strong foundation. A strong base in all the subjects will help you lead to studying more complex concepts in higher studies. It goes without saying that NCERT books can be your strong suit in understanding the ground concepts. Comprehending the basics well is the key to preparing for the entrance exams and what concepts are to arrive during graduation in your desired engineering college. 

Know in Detail

All the topics and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are explained in detail in the NCERT textbooks. In-depth information about all the topics is provided in the books for students to clear all their doubts and learn better. 

Often, students are left hanging when there are no examples provided for certain theories and formulas, and that can stay as incomplete information in the student’s minds. To avoid any such situations, the books contain proper explanations and examples for each and every concept and theory for the convenience of the students. 

Solved Solutions

Solutions for NCERT books of 11th and 12th standard are available online in abundance. If you are stuck on any maths problem, you can get a pdf or some other version where you will find the solved solution. For the easy accessibility of solved solutions, NCERT books are considered the greatest choice for entrance exam preparation. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths is something that every student needs to learn for the mathematics part in the JEE Mains. Along with the Class 11 Maths Solutions, having NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths will be like a cherry on top for those who are looking to score high in the entrance exams. Solved solutions are a delight for students who have already understood the concepts and are left with questionnaires to solve. 

Reappearing Questions

It has been observed in the past couple of years that the questions that appeared for JEE Chemistry Exam from the inorganic section have been directly extracted from the NCERT books. The questions are the same as the NCERT textbooks, not only for Chemistry but also for Physics and Mathematics. This goes on to show how preparing from the NCERT books can be beneficial for you as most of the questions come from these books. 

Why Go For Other Options?

The textbooks published by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) are essential as they comprise the whole syllabus of the 11th and 12th standard and the JEE Exam pattern. However, in the recent past, many experts have argued that NCERT books are not enough for appearing in JEE Exams. 

Most experts have come to this aggressive conclusion because consulting multiple books can help students learn all the concepts better. Apart from that, consulting the same book that is explained by a different author allows the students to have different perspectives on the same area of concern. 

Some of the other books widely recommended by experts around the country are:

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma (Vol. I & II)
  • Understanding Physics by the authors’ Freedman and Young
  • Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  • P Bahadur’s Concept of Physical Chemistry
  • R.D. Sharma’s Objective Mathematics
  • Amit M Agarwal’s Integral Calculus

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are books other than NCERT Solutions necessary?

Answer: NCERT books and their solutions are necessary when the JEE preparations are considered. These books are required to form the base knowledge and learn about each and every concept in the book. You can also use other preparatory books for JEE, mentioned here previously. Or, you can also use prep materials available at stores online and offline and take mock tests to check how much you have learnt till now. 

Q2. Why do you need to study NCERT textbooks before moving on to others?Answer: You simply cannot solve advanced problems before solving the basic ones first. NCERT books contain all the basic problems that you can solve to form your understanding and grounding. Books made for JEE preparation contained advanced-level problems that you can only solve after understanding the fundamentals. This is why it is wise to learn from NCERT textbooks first and then move on to other books to polish yourself.

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Best Site for Online Quran Learning



Learning Arabic Quran

The Quran in Arabic for the first time. It is still very much in its original state, according to believers, and God has made a concerted effort to preserve the Quran in its original form. ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic word Salama, which means harmony, purity, obedience, and devotion. Islam, from either a theological perspective, entails relinquishing God’s will.

We are a dedicated and hardworking collection of individuals that enjoy learning Arabic and the Quran. We created this online academy with the aim of teaching the Quran to all. Since 2015, our online Quran academy has been offering comprehensive tajweed and Quran courses. We provide only the largest classes, lessons, and teachers. Contact us to learn online quran.

The fact that the Holy Quran is published in a graceful language like Arabic adds to its elegance and essence. Arabic is a beautiful dialect with its own calligraphy, which adds to the intrigue of reading the Arabic Quran. In some other language, the Quran can miss the essence of what the writer is trying to say. 

This is the primary reason, given the availability of many translations, many people continue to believe in memorizing the Quran in Arabic. Not just should those who obey the Quran do so, but also those who conduct religious research and study choose to research the Quran in its simplest sense.

learn online quran

We are professional in teaching Online Quran

Learn when to Tajweed recite the Quran online. Our skilled tutors have several decades of work expertise and are very well to assist you or your kids. Our Quran teachers are extremely qualified in teaching the Quran to both adults and children. You can learn anytime you like. If you have computer access and the internet, your location is irrelevant. Now is the perfect time to sign today for a membership one-week test. 

Are you worried and your own or your child’s Quran education? We’re here just to put an end to your concerns. Online Learn Quran is also an online Quran academy that teaches the Quran to children. All around the world, we teach students of all ages and experiences. No matter where it is located, you can read the Quran online here. 

You could be in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and any other country in Europe, or indeed anywhere else in the world. Which, however, is meaningless! Our Quran classes are open to people in several time zones of the world.

Our Quran memorization course is special for kids. Memorization is an ability that children excel at. Older children find it more difficult. If you really want your child to remember the Quran, get started as soon. As a result, don’t spend any more time! Enroll your child in one of our exclusive Talmud classes. Don’t fear, we’re not sure to just let you down. We will make certain that you get the most from this Quran classroom instruction.

Learning Quran with Tajweed

Quran learning for kids via online websites doesn’t really imply that they must read the Quran while listening to pre-recorded tutorials. The good news is that your child will learn it from a stay living teacher. 

You can choose whether you want to be a Qari or a Qaria. You could choose a Qaria if you favor a teacher and conversely if you prefer a teacher. These schools give your child proper guidance; they not just tell your students how and when to read the Quran, and they also teach other Islamic things that are important in a child’s life. These values assist them in becoming better Muslims.

When a child should rely solely on conceptual notes to study the Quran with Tajweed, this can be incredibly difficult. Therefore getting live teachers is so critical. They should ask your kids how to pronounce certain Arabic letters correctly so how they can recite the Quran like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

The percent of web websites that offer Quran learning for kids are very affordable. It is because a number of schools join this career to preach Islam, and as they are doing such a brave thing, they want to only receive as often as they deserve. Visit our site and call/sms us for learn Quran online.

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4 Instances in Which You’ll Need Precision Optics



4 Instances in Which You Need Precision Optics

If you are unsure about precision optics and their uses, we have four examples of when these are needed. High precision optics get used for military applications, medical devices, and more. 

These devices have become part of the world we live in and touch all our lives at some point. Keep reading to find out more about why optics get used today. 

Precision Optics in Medicine

Medicine continues to advance as time moves forward, and as it does, the tools used also become more precise. One of the big advancements has been in stereotactic radiation. The application got more accurate, and the radiation doses pinpoint the exact place it needs to go. 

That accuracy makes sure less normal tissue gets damaged. The new technology uses 3-dimensional radiotherapy planning. 

Some people have never heard of eye melanoma. That type of cancer sometimes gets treated with radiotherapy. The treatment doesn’t cause pain but needs precision so that it saves the patient’s vision

People compare getting radiation to how it feels when they get X-rays. They don’t feel pain, but they know they are getting doses of radiation. A precision optics corporation can help hospitals treat cancer in a pain-free setting. 

Military and Precision Optics

Our military system depends on the use of cutting-edge, high-precision optics. When these perform missions in the dark, they need light detection systems to show them where there are potential threats. The tools they use contain lightweight lenses made from optical devices. 

Precision optical transceivers get used in monitoring various environments. The systems that get used rely on optimized sight and surveillance equipment. Those tools use precision optics to work. 

Heads-up displays get used for showing information in the person’s field of view. That makes it easy for the user not to have to look away. These devices were designed for the military but have become used for commercial aircraft and automobiles as well. 

When the military performs aerial operations, they use telescope systems. These scopes get used for viewing oncoming threats that are long distances away. Those could be missiles, approaching ships, and vehicles. 

Detection and avoidance make traveling safe. Precision optics get used for avoiding terrorist threats. Enemy missiles get detected by heat and then deflected away by patterns of lasers. 

Other military-grade equipment, like optical sites on guns, help protect soldiers during battle. Being precise can make the difference between life and death. As we learn more about precision optics, we see how important they have become. 

That is why the government has turned toward technology even more in the past decade. They need innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game when it comes to security and defense. Precision optical groups offer proven results in the most challenging environments. 

Manufacturing Services

When it comes to advancements in manufacturing, precision optics played a vital role. It improves system capabilities. For example, high-volume mass techniques have revolutionized the optics industry. 

Over a hundred million diode lasers get produced every year now. Those inexpensive lasers get used in laptop displays and high-quality printing. When those two things get used together, it accounts for billions of dollars of revenue each year. 

High precision optics get used in telecommunications. The demand for fiber remains strong because of its durability. 

Optical parts get designed to increase performance in wavelength or wavelength range. That includes ultraviolet, infrared, and visible wavelength ranges. Those tools can measure and test other things, like microscopic particles. 

Optical flats can windows, mirrors, and filters. Flat optics can bend, filter, and reflect light. 

Beam splitters separate light into beams. Those come in various sizes and get used for research and military purposes. 

Quality lens for high index glasses gets produced for medical and military personnel. These have tight centering and high angles for precise measurements. 

Fabrication tooling helps the manufacturing process. Using certain procedures and tools, manufacturers have a simple solution to sensitive timelines. Reproduction becomes easy. 

Engineering and Precision Optics

Engineers use state-of-the-art technology with traditional techniques to provide solutions for optical requirements. Tolerance options get monitored to minimize cost and optimize performance. 

High precision optics get used in aerospace engineering as well. Optical components that can withstand harsh environments get used in space. Precision optics provide performance, stability, durability, and reliability. 

When it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles, the is a growing need for sophisticated optics. Thermal imaging gets used for advanced lens coatings that help these drones recognize targets and threats. 

Thin-film solutions get used by many precision optics corporations. Missile systems need them for critical operations, like missions that require night vision. The engineering has to be precise for the missile to function well and find the intended target. 

Satellite systems use precision optical transceivers. The optics used have low outgassing capability, as established by NASA. 

Security and surveillance systems need precision optics for commercial and government use. The mechanical and electronic assemblies get used for security applications, and the unique coating designs can get customized as is needed. The sensors can detect heat, movement, and thermal imaging. 

High-Level Performace

Precision optics must provide high-level performance across different applications. Optics are vital to the quality and future growth of technological demand from an economic or security perspective. 

High precision optics are critical because of their use in sophisticated applications. The growing use of optics does not seem to be going anywhere soon, and if anything, the potential for more growth is prevalent right now. 

Demand brings on innovation, and as medical needs and security issues grow, the demand for precision optics will continue. Check out our other articles for more information and lifestyle tips! 

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Expanding Your Child’s Education Through Life Skills



Do not underestimate your child’s abilities. Your child can learn a lot of life skills that will contribute to a well-rounded education like math skills, taking challenging online test like impossible quiz and weekly quiz. At the end of the day, the lessons he/she will learn now will bring him/her to great success very soon. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your child will gain many opportunities to grow as a student and person.

Give Them Their Own Bank Account

Your middle school child is old enough to have and to manage their own bank account. Start them off with a small amount of money that they are able to invest, and give them the opportunity to save and take charge of their own finances. Encourage them to deposit their own money from that point on, and remind them to keep track of how much interest they earn. It will certainly be a learning experience for them that will start them off on the road to future savings.

Volunteering Opportunities

No one is too young to volunteer. Everyone has an ability, and every ability can be used for the purpose of helping others. Volunteering exposes your child to a variety of situations and many different people.

Whether your child plays piano in a senior care home or walks dogs at a local pet shop, volunteering will help them decide what they may want to do later in life. It also gives your child a sense of responsibility and reminds them that their presence is important in the world, along with teaching the life skills of being on time and being dependable.

Home Business

Your child doesn’t have to have a large home business in order to learn valuable skills through it. Even a simple paper route gives your child the opportunity to put their education into real-life practice. Delivering papers on time, collecting money from the customers on the route, and counting the total of money earned is a great education for any child in lessons of math, people skills and responsibility. These skills apply to any job in your child’s future.


Gardening is a great way to further your child’s education. Gardening will teach your child basic science principles such as growing food from seed and how to do it in the most efficient way. It also gives your child an education in where our food comes from, and what we need to do in order to create a world with a hospitable environment toward healthy food production.

Basic Household Duties

There are basic household duties that every child should know. Keeping their room tidy, doing their own laundry and making a simple meal are some skills that will serve your child well in life. Give your child the opportunity to learn these skills when they are young, so that they do not have a constant struggle in these areas as an adult.

Your child’s middle school years are a time where their world is expanding rapidly. There is always more that they can learn, however. Give your child these opportunities and see them continue to grow to become a responsible child who will someday become a responsible adult.

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The Ethical Struggles in “The Three-Body Problem” Novel




The Chinese fiction novelThe Three-Body Problem has become a hit right after its first publication. It is a trilogy containing The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest and Death’s End. Because of the books’ attractive and imaginative plots,its writer Liu Cixin won many awards and even became the first Asian writer to win the Hugo-Award. After fighting over the right to film the novel for a long time, it is going to be adapted into an original series by Netfilx. The popularity of this novel is so amazing that makes us feel bewildered. Why is it so popular? From the characters, we can find out the reason immediately.

In the first novel of this trilogy, Ye Wenjie who was born in a highly-educated family plays a key role in it. She is trapped in a precarious situation during China’s Cultural Revolution. Ye was at first an innocent student who gradually becomes a callous and cruel researcher determined to betray the whole human race. Her ethical transformation is nothing short of impressive and we cannot deny this novel’s attraction. In the book, we can see that she was hesitant to make a decision at first and then her ethical struggle faded away as time passed by. Here are two stages that may account for her attitude transformation.

Stage One: Faith is Lost in the Turmoil

Due to the inflicting period in China’s Cultural Revolution, Ye Wenjie was forced to work in the rural area after her father was tortured to death. One day she was forced to sign her name on a document, which was used to frame other people for the wrongdoing. However, when Ye turned down the request, the cadre Cheng changed her gentle voice into a furious action and poured a bucket of cold water onto Ye. At that time, Ye gradually lost her faith in benevolent humanity. She didn’t know what to believe and whom she should believe in. She was totally at a loss.

Stage Two: Loyalty to Herself but Betrayal to the Whole World

            When she worked for the government agency called the Red Coast Base Ye found out a way to transmit messages to the outer space. Instinctively, she sent a message to the outside world and happened to receive the signal from the distant planet of Trisolaris. Her colleague noticed her intention and was about to snitch on her. Then she set up a trap and killed both the colleague and her husband. She achieved her goal and did not feel guilty about it at all. But what Ye did was a total betrayal to the whole world.

For Ye, this was justifiable because she wanted to carry out her new plan-that is to let other more civilized aliens to take charge of the whole human race. But for most of us, her deed is unforgivable ethically and morally. Using the most advanced techniques to take revenge on the whole world is unbelievable and immoral. However, on the other hand, we also feel pity for Ye’s experience. At last, we will find ourselves in a dilemma. The novel is fascinating as it touches upon many controversial topics and characters. The reader will find a true self in this novel and enjoy the sparks of thought during reading!

Author: Jiang Mingway


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Why Is Web Development Important?




Why Is Web Development Important?

Web development in simpler terms is the work that is put in the building of a website, these websites are developed by web developers who do all the setting and coding till a web page is set and ready for use. A website can vary from simple web pages to very complex web pages. web development Sydney entails all the tasks taken in developing a website and these are; server side scripting, clients side scripting, server, and network configuration, security configuration, and content management systems.

Basic terms to know in web development

There are various keywords used in website development that every client looking for this service of web development should be well conversant with, these names are terms like.

  • Web page
  •  Hyperlinks
  • Search engine
  • Ip address 
  •  Domain
  • Website hosting

All these are the key terms you will hear being mentioned as your website is being developed.

Web page: this is an electronic page in a website that is developed and configured with the content as the client’s objectives and specifications.

 Website hyperlinks:  a hyperlink is actually a link that is bold and it directs you to a keyword. The hyperlinked word is usually in bold so when you move your cursor on top it directs you to another page that has more information on what you are searching for on a website

Search engine: a locator looking for a certain web page uses the keywords and phrases on the internet tool which then directs the user to the page they are looking for. Search engines are examples like Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, and bingo.

IP address:  this is an address that identifies every device with the location it serving at, every location has a specific numerical address that every device around that location assumes.

Domain: in simpler terms, this is the identification of your property on the internet, for a website every one of them has its special domain name which is different from all the others. A client owning a website is the sole rightful owner of the domain name of the website and no one else can claim it. Your domain is the address other people will use to visit your web page using a uniform resource locator ( URL) which carries the domain name.

Web hosting:  This is done by a hosting provider who enables the details coded in the web pages to be visible to clients when they visit your page through the domain name, a web provider gives you the services of making the website accessible to everyone looking for your page on the internet, this hosting is purchased after the registration of a domain. Both the domain and the hosting are paid for but they are different, for a domain it is usually purchased annually while for web hosting one can pay for it at different intervals that is, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

How are websites created?

Many web developers find it fun in developing websites; there is fun creating or developing something and running it on the internet and seeing all the feeds go live. As a web developer, you need to decide on what type o website you are going to design for your client, you can use the various  types such as the ; 

content management system ( CMS), allows a web developer to create, upload, edit the content that is displayed on the website this is most efficient with blog websites. This kind of website does not really need the knowledge of coding.

Text editor: text editor is used by web developers who have great knowledge in coding, it is a program that allows designers to key in their codes to come up with a web site, the web developers use different languages that are well understood by the software they use, some of this languages are; HTML, HTTP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, RUBY among many others, text editor websites are more preferred by many developers because they are more efficient and they don’t buffer a lot.  There are several text editors that various web developers use and these are;

  • Sublime:  This is very simple to use  for it is simple and fast to use many beginners  love to start with it as they advance in the field of web development
  • Notepad++:  This is for windows users only, it is simple to use and has some very cool features which the web developers can play with to create some amazing features. It is clean and friendly to use it has a feature called syntax highlighting and syntax folding  and auto-completion features which web designers  find fun to use
  • Atom: This is compatible with all selections of browsers and it is available for apple mac books, windows users, and Linux. It has great features like line numbering, multiple panes, auto-completion and it can support many files at once.
  • Brackets: This was created by adobe it is light and it is very powerful with very great features,  its editing and color coding skills are what make it unique it gives a very polished end product that is efficient and works with great speed.

Types of web development

There are various types of web developers and this is;

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full-stack development
  • Website development
  • Desktop development
  • Mobile development
  • Game development
  • Embedded development
  • Security development.

Front-end development

This developer’s work on the user interface side of the websites software’s and programs, this is the main face of a website and it consists of the following aspects;

  • The layout of the website
  •  Visuals
  • Navigation panel
  • Graphics of the web page

Back-end development

This entails what the users don’t see when they open a website, this is simply the behind scenes of a website, the developers here work on the servers, programs, and the software running the website. The developer ensures the security codes are running properly and the database for the website is well set as well as the operating system.

Full-stack developments

This works on both the front and back-end sides of a web page, it consists of different technologies inform of a stack that run different functions on a website.

Website developments

This entails the actual development of a website from its initial stage to the end product that is ready to go live for the users. This comprises the front, back- end sides of the website and as well the stack development.

In conclusion, website development has led to the growth of many businesses due to creation of websites which act as catalogs for most business where client from all over the world can visit and contact businesses directly.

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