Are inflatable stand-up paddle boards any good?

ISUP were at one stage branded as pool toys and are not usable. It can no longer be from the truth. Most boards perform exceptionally well and are made to be very durable. ISUPs are made from lightweight and solid materials and are very easy to carry.


An ISUP remains in many ways further challenging than a hardboard. That is true on any river, especially in SUP boarding or any lightweight water, including rocks. These paddle boards will come back from the stone again and will perceive some cracks and dents from the continued misuse of the hardboard.

They are significantly more affordable to fix if this rip does not occur at the limit if the board is punctured. It takes one PVC patch and a few drops of glue, which most manufacturers provide in the iSUP package. However, it is doubtful that you will pierce a board among multiple PVC layers with regular use.

Many military-grade companies apply various layers like PVC, and when inflated, it delivers those boards extraordinarily rigid and durable. People are using them on the lake, and before that, they are driving jeeps and trucks on their boards. Initially, the military built this solid structure to quickly deploy personnel and vehicles from the sea over land. These were planned to pierce and tear.


Inflatable SUP boards often come with a way to transport and store them, often with the help of a backpack. They hold the chain, fins, paddles, and pumps on top of the board. If you transport multiple boards or have your hands full, you can pull the board behind you because there are wheels in many bags.

Or you have less space, and maybe you live in an apartment. An ISUP is suitable for you if you don’t have room to keep 15 ′ hardboard. It will fit in a 3-foot long bag, that fifteen-footboard. Another thing, you can check them in a few car trunks, which makes an inflatable board great. They will easily fit in a closet when you come home, and you will not have to buy any expensive special equipment. You can’t do this with a hardboard.

Paddleboard can be challenging to reach in the area, and two more adventurous options are inflatable boards to reach more remote places. The last thing to be mentioned here is that this list can go on forever. It takes you into less crowded waters and away from the crowds.


You will observe a minimal difference between inflatable and hardboard if you are not considering a SUP race or a professional paddle boarder. Now when there is a variation in production, compare a hardboard with an inflatable. However, the distinction is not as practical as you strength imagine. An ISUP package still gives you an enjoyable day at the lake, gaining momentum and being well driven.

Many issues on the hardboard have the same features. There are thin and long pointed nose touring boards that give you great speed and speed. Wide to provide you with a stage to level and has panels all around with round noses. It depends on your preferences as there are no others and there are some rockers.

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