Are Expensive Cream Chargers Brands Worth Buying? What Are The Differences?

Whether if it’s expensive or cheap cream chargers (nangs), both worth buying since there is not much difference between expensive or cheap at all because there are still good cream chargers that are cheap and it also offers what the expensive ones can do. However, there are some instances that it’s worth buying an expensive cream charger because you can ensure that you’re buying a quality one that will allow you to do your task without a hassle. Let’s take a look at the most noticeable difference between the expensive and cheap cream charger in terms of its durability, design, and safety.

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Most of the expensive cream chargers are made up of stainless steel casing that can fit all the pressure whippers, so you can assure that they are extremely durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, other cream chargers are easily becoming rusty if not cared even once, so it is worth it to buy an expensive cream charger because of the sturdy material that is used in their construction, meaning you won’t have a problem in terms of its durability for at least five years. For the capping system of the charger, it ensures that the gas will not leak and it also guarantees you that the life span of the cartridge is long enough to serve you well.


Most of the used steel in cream chargers despite its price. But the noticeable difference in the charger materials between the expensive and cheap is that the expensive cream charger is made up of high-grade reusable stainless steel. Although some cheap ones are recyclable too, however, it might be low-grade stainless only compared to the expensive ones. Also, empty cartridges can be recycled. What’s also great is that you can clean each charger with a cleaning agent numerous times without it being affected.

Each charger contains 8g of the very best quality medical grade nitrous oxides, and that they are made out of 100% steel which will be recyclable.

Design/ Compatibility

In terms of design and compatibility, it is obvious that expensive cream charger is better than cheap ones since the company that made that expensive cream charger has the budget to put a good design to their products, unlike those cheap cream chargers that just looks like plain and simple.

While on the compatibility, it doesn’t matter that much since even cheap ones are designed to be universally compatible like the expensive cream chargers. These topping chargers work with any cream whipper brand on the market, and one charger per pint will suffice. Also, the cream charger has multiple size packages.


Numerous people complain about the taste of the cheap cream charger products compared to the expensive one. Some people said that those cheap ones taste metallic. They even complain cheap ones have faulty odors. While they find that the expensive cream charger’s flavor is good and clean once you taste the topping, and it doesn’t make your topping have any odor.


Like I have said earlier, it doesn’t matter that much whether if you purchase an expensive whipper cream charger or not because most of the features expensive ones, the cheap ones also have the same features. But if you want to be safe, I encourage you to buy an expensive cream charger because expensive ones can assure you that the gas that they are using is safe compared to the cheap ones.

As we all know, the gas that was used in cream chargers is Nitrous Oxide or also known as the laughing gas, it is an inert gas, and is considered a safe food additive. So just to be safe buy those expensive ones if you can so you can guarantee that the steel cylinder of the charger is contained with a real Nitrous Oxide and not another gas that might harm you. Remember to not inhale the laughing gas because can influence you in various manners, and likewise with numerous medications, the impacts rely upon the individual taking them and the amount of the medication is utilized.

But still, even you’re purchasing an expensive cream charger and you’re going to make whipped cream or toppings just make sure that you eat your whipped cream quickly because nitrous oxide will start to react with the oxygen within the room and your cream will return to liquid form within 20-30 minutes. The other consideration is that cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers are used together. If you have a poor quality dispenser then you will also run into trouble.

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