Are Criminal Incidents Growing In The United States: Here Is What The Data Reveals


Are you worried about the rise in criminal cases in America? If yes, then you must know the core reasons for the rise in criminal cases in America. You must think from all the perspectives to stop the happening of criminal cases in America.  The cases of violent crimes in America in 2019 was 1.2 million.  

There are many core reasons for the increase in America’s crime rates for the past few years. You must consider some crucial facts here to understand the growth of the crime rate in the country. We all have the habit of viewing the results, but we do not dare stop the causes.      

Reasons For The Rise Of Criminal Cases In America

There are multiple reasons for the rise of criminal cases in America for the past few years. You must consider some of the crucial facts in the light of this matter to handle your case in the right direction.  

1. Poverty

Economic inequality is one of the prime causes of the rise in crime in America. Certain groups of people present in America are living below the poverty line in the country. It instigates the people to commit crimes and get the things that they do not have. Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end.  

The theft, burglary, and other crimes in the country are increasing due to this fact. The more you can think proactively in this case, the better you can sort out these problems. You must not make wrong choices from your end. Criminal Defense Attorney Kansas City MO, can help you to achieve your goals.

2. Peer Pressure & Family Life  

Peer pressure and family life are among the prime reasons for the rise in America’s crime. In such scenarios, your criminal defense attorneys can help you to get rid of this situation. You need to think about matters from all the dimensions. The upbringing of a child makes the difference whether they will act nicely or show criminal behavior.

It is the base of human nature and the character that you must consider from your end. Proper education facilities are limited here. Criminal activities more provoke them to run their livelihood.

3. Consumption of Drugs

The intake of drugs and other addictive things is more in some parts of the country. It makes the rate of criminal activities higher in the country. It instigates the scope of crimes, and they are filled with bad habits all the time.

An addicted person is not in their senses in most cases, so they think that whatever they are doing is correct and there is no harm in it. It breaks the balance of society in the long run and increases the country’s crime rates significantly. You must consider facts before you jump to any sort of conclusion.

4. Pandemic & Lockdown

The year 2020 is the marked year for the growing rates of crimes in America. The Crime rate has increased a lot in the country. The incidents of domestic violence have increased a lot. The reason for this is a growing rate of lost jobs. Internal quarrel among the family members and the earning members have to work from home.

These scenarios have triggered the crime rates in America to a great extent over the past few years in the country. Many countries of the world and America have faced the same problems during the lockdown sessions.  

5. Politics

The dirty political riots, a difference of opinion, and unethical practices in the country have triggered America’s crime rates for the past few years. Many governmental and non-governmental facts are responsible for the rise of crime in the country in the past few years.  

You must consider some of the most crucial incidents where the country’s law and order were at stake, and people cannot make suitable arrangements for their livelihood. These types of scenarios must be stopped.


Hence, if you want to reduce the crime rate in America, you first have to kill the crime reasons rather than kill the criminal. Suppose the government can make the arrangements from their end to destroy the reasons for the crime. Then automatically, the crime rates in the country will reduce.

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