Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments Can Make You Look Youthful Once Again

What is the best way to restore your mojo? Anti-aging treatment in Mumbai can be a real boon. There are many different techniques and treatments available, including Monotherapy, chemical peels, thread lifts, and Botox injections. You can also find the right doctor to treat your unique needs. Read on to discover more about these popular procedures. And be sure to make an appointment, so you can be confident that you are choosing the right treatment.


Have problem areas that need to be improved? Why not consider Meso-therapy as an anti-aging treatment in Mumbai? This procedure is performed by Dr Niketa Sonavane at Ambrosia Aesthetics in Mumbai and uses advanced techniques to help patients achieve the results they desire. Before the procedure, you may want to take a day to prepare your skin. You should avoid taking aspirin for a few days, since it may increase your risk of bleeding or bruising.

The procedure uses small needles to inject a solution containing a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients. The injections are usually painless and last anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. A monotherapy session can provide results as early as a single session. The treatment can also be used to address skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging neck and chin due to fat accumulation.

Chemical peels

Before the treatment, you should avoid using skincare products that contain retinoid, as well as oral antiviral medicines. During the healing process, it is important to use moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least a few weeks before having a chemical peel. Your skin may swell, so avoid using tanning beds. Sunscreen is also important to protect your skin after chemical peel treatment.

Thread lift

Oftentimes, Thread lift is considered the best wrinkle treatment in Mumbai, and it can help you reverse the signs of wrinkling and aging skin. The procedure usually takes about an hour and requires no downtime. Although thread lift complications are rare, some may occur, including a small pucker at the entrance of the suture or the thread protruding from the skin. If this occurs, the excess thread can be removed and the skin massaged. The procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia to minimize possible side effects.

Most thread lift side effects will fade quickly after the procedure, and most patients can go back to work right after the procedure. However, some people will experience mild swelling and bruising. This is not considered a serious side effect of thread lift, and bruising may occur. There is also a small chance of infection, which can take weeks or even months to resolve. Some people may experience numbness or tenderness after the procedure, and some sutures will show above the skin, allowing a small asymmetry.

Botox injections

If you are tired of looking your age and are looking for an anti-aging treatment, Botox injections in Mumbai may be the best choice for you. These injectable work by temporarily paralyzing the muscles of the face and neck. The injections are very safe and cause little or no downtime. The only side effect of Botox injections is the appearance of small bumps and bruises. But these symptoms disappear within 15 minutes. In addition to the treatment of anti-aging, Botox injections can also be used for other medical conditions.

In Mumbai, Dr. Niketa Sonavane is the foremost Botox expert. She is an expert in facial aesthetics and provides training to other physicians in the city. She is known for her personalized care and focuses on improving her patients’ facial features. Apart from Botox injections, she offers natural treatments as well. She understands her patients’ concerns and provides customized treatment based on their needs and expectations


There are a number of anti-aging treatments available in Mumbai, but electro-stimulation is one of the most popular. The treatment involves passing low levels of electric current through the face, and toning the facial muscles. It is a relatively new practice, with only a few centers in India practicing the technique. The key is to choose the right clinic for the procedure to restore your mojo. Ambrosia Aesthetics in Mumbai offer a range of anti-aging treatments that will give you a more youthful-looking face.

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