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Anna Semenovich – biography

Anna Semenovich was born on March 1, 1980 in Moscow, in the family of the director of the fur atelier Grigory Timofeevich and economist Tatyana Dmitrievna Semenovich. Anya has a younger brother, Kirill (1986).

From the age of three, the future star began to engage in figure skating, as well as dance and music. Due to constant sports trips and competitions, the future singer changed five schools. After receiving her secondary education, Anya entered the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. She studied with coaches Elena Chaikovskaya, Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov.

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Anna Semenovich: “I changed five schools, and it was always very difficult for me to find a common language with my classmates. Children are very cruel creatures. At that time I already flew abroad and could afford a lot – imported bags, outfits. In general, I was the object of envy. “
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During her career in figure skating, Anna performed in pairs with Maxim Kachanov, Vladimir Fedorov, Roman Kostomarov and Denis Samokhin.

Semenovich took part in various sports competitions, including the championships of Russia, Europe and the world. She lived in the USA for several years, where she trained. However, due to a meniscus injury, Anya had to leave figure skating.

Anna Semenovich: “My injured knee hurt a lot, I skated on injections for six months, hiding my tears from the coaches. I understood that I would not achieve anything with such an injury. Of course, when I quit sports at the age of 20, for the first six months I was in shock, because, apart from him, I had nothing in my life. “
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At the age of 21, Anya returned to Russia and decided to make music. With the participation of Daniil Mishin, she created the Charlie’s Angels group. In 2001, as part of it, Semenovich released the video “Unintentional Murder”.

After a while, Anna was invited to television, where she first became the host of sports programs on Channel 3 and on the 7TV channel, and then worked on the STS channel in the Morning and Night programs.

Anna Semenovich: “Fate brought me together with people who offered to comment on figure skating on television. Then I got into a small program, where the girls from the “Brilliant” group came, and their producer saw me. All this was knitted together, as if fate was leading me. “
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In 2003, Semenovich for the program “Adrenaline Party” (channel “STS”) interviewed the soloists of the group “Brilliant”, after which the producers of the collective Andrei Grozny and Andrei Shlykov offered her a job in a group.

Since 2003, Anna has become a soloist of the “Brilliant”. As part of the group, she recorded albums: “Orange Paradise” (2003), “Eastern Tales” (2006), as well as singles: “Orange Song” (2003), “New Year’s Song” (2004), “My Brother Paratrooper” (2005) , “Oriental Tales” (2005), “Palms in pairs” (2005), “Suddenly rains fell” (2005), “Agent 007” (2006), “Tili-dough” (2006).

She starred in the videos: “Orange Song” (2003), “New Year’s Song” (2004), “My brother paratrooper” (2005), “Eastern Tales” (2005), “Palms in pairs” (2005), “Agent 007” ( 2006).

In 2006, Semenovich took part in the project “Channel One” “Stars on Ice” in tandem with Vyacheslav Razbegaev.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, the star took part in three seasons of Channel One’s Ice Age project – in pairs with actor Alexei Makarov, musician Alexei Kortnev (who was replaced by athlete Pavel Kolobkov after an injury) and actor Vadim Kolganov.

Since 2008, Anna began her solo career. She recorded the album “Rumors” (2008) and singles: “To the Sea” (2008), “Tyrolean Song” (2008), “My God” (2009), “Not Madonna” (2009), “Deceived People” (2011) …

Anna Semenovich: “When I left, the group did not develop very much, the songs were written the same, the costumes were the same, only in different colors … I understood that I was taking a great risk. How many cases were there when the girls, having left the team, simply disappeared. But, probably, the character hardened by sports made itself felt again. I am actively building my solo career. “
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Released clips: “War and Peace” (together with Timati, 2008), “On the Sea” (together with Arash, 2008), “Tyrolean Song” (2008 ), “My God” (2009), “Not Madonna” (2009), “Deceived People” (2011), “July Summer” (2012), “Love Under the Clouds” (2012) and “Taxi” (2013).

Anna Semenovich starred in films, TV series and music shows: “Night Watch” (2004), “Bachelors” (2004), “Club” (2004), “Daddy of All Trades” (2006), “All So Sudden” (2007 ), “The Irony of Fate. Continuation “(2007),” Kung Fu Panda “(2007),” Hitler Kaput! ” (2008), “The Taming of the Shrew” (2009), “Golden Key” (2010), “Limousine” (2010), “The Happiness Club” (2011), “Real Boys” (2011), “Rzhevsky against Napoleon” (2012 ), “Big laugh!” (2012), “The Polar Flight, or Everything Will Be Different” (2012), “Little Red Riding Hood” (2012).

In 2010, the artist began to host the “Young Lady and Culinary” culinary program together with Mikhail Plotnikov on the TV Center channel.

In 2010-2011, Anna took part in the reality show “Wife for Rent” on the MUZ channel.

In 2014, Anna Semenovich became the host of the new show “Mashina” on the “Peretz” channel, whose participants must withstand all the bullying of the hosts.


▪ International Master of Sports in Figure Skating and Ice Dancing


▪ 3rd place at the NHK Trophy Grand Prix of figure skating (1995)
▪ 1st place at the international figure skating tournament “Finlandia Trophy” (1996, 1997)
▪ 1st place at the international figure skating tournament “Skate America” ​​(1997)
▪ Bronze medal at the Russian Figure Skating Championship (1997)
▪ Silver Medal at the Russian Figure Skating Championship (2000)

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