Androw Narouz: A Story of Forex, Artificial Intelligence, and Success

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Androw Narouz is a 21-year-old entrepreneur, Social Influencer, and Financial Trader with the drive and resiliency to transform an industry and inspire us all. His zeal and passion for Forex (foreign exchange trading) have led him to success that he never imagined. By never losing sight of his personal desire to help other people achieve their goals, Androw transitioned from college student to an expert on artificial intelligence (AI) in the Forex industry. Androw shares his story to inspire others and support them in achieving their own success. 

One of Androw’s most challenging experiences was related to his college days in Pennsylvania, but coursework was not the issue. Like so many other college students, he accumulated large student debt. Androw quickly realized that, if he chose a traditional route of employment to pay off his debt, student loans could easily account for the majority of his paychecks for at least 10 years. He was not satisfied with his outlook of working hard simply to pay off student debt with little left for himself. There had to be a better way.  

A Lesson in Resiliency

When Androw started learning about Forex, it changed his life forever. Forex, often called FX trading, is not a new concept. In fact, people have been doing it for hundreds of years. However, the process was only made available to retail customers in the 1980s. But even after almost 4 decades, most people don’t understand how Forex works and how they can benefit from it.

Forex is simply exchanging one currency for another. Think of it in terms of traveling to another country, when you visit the booth at the airport to exchange your money for the local currency. At the window, they tell you how much your money is worth that day as compared with local currency. Essentially, the Forex market seeks to trade currency at just the right time to make a profit based on the current exchange rate.

Androw learned about the earnings potential with Forex, and history was made. He turned a $2,000 investment into $80,000, paid off his student loan debt, and was hungry for more. Therefore, he started a company to help other people be successful in the Forex market. He got a partner to take care of the marketing so that he could focus on educating the community about Forex and sending trading signals (notifications of trade opportunities that are expected to yield a profit).

Unfortunately, his business partner decided to steal Androw’s money that he had accumulated via Forex – about $30,000 disappeared in an instant. Androw was locked out of the Forex trade community and blocked from social media. The business partner decided to flee to Costa Rica, leaving Androw with only $100 to his name. 

This was a hard way to learn a life lesson, but it propelled Androw’s realization that the Forex industry as a whole lacked legitimacy. The market consisted of scam artists who never provided services, “experts” who simply conveyed publicly available information with no understanding of how the market worked, a few professional and supportive services that actually helped people but disappeared when they collected their money, and everything in-between. Until the industry was revamped, Androw would have a difficult time convincing people that Forex was a viable option.

So, Androw decided to revolutionize the industry.

Forging the Future of Forex – Artificial intelligence

Androw worked hard to launch Forex Blade LLC, an experienced industry leader that offers unique products to its loyal members. Forex Blade LLC was established in 2018. The first product that was launched was the automated expert advisor (EA) that is both consistent and trustworthy. Rather than relying on unethical individuals to generate trading signals, Androw’s members connect their Forex accounts to the EA that automatically generates trading signals based on current market patterns.

The EA received rave reviews from customers regarding its simplicity, accuracy, and effectiveness. As the positive reviews poured in, Androw saw an opportunity to take it a step forward. Simpler. More efficient. Artificial intelligence.

Members can now access Forex Blade’s artificial intelligence system via multi-account management (MAM) service. This gives members access to a revolutionary platform that advances the capabilities of the EA. By removing guesswork and human error from the trading process, the system focuses on strategic methodologies and initiates prudent trades that result in profits.

Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence is not about robots taking over our jobs. As it increases in popularity, AI has been recognized as the science that allows computers to use advanced logic to make decisions by following the processes that a person would follow to make those same decisions. In this case, Forex Blade LLC’s artificial intelligence considers exchange rates and other important factors to predict the perfect time to make trades based on the preset member preferences, and it executes those trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on behalf of the members based on logic and trusted data (rather than emotions and inexperience).

Androw’s members provide five-star feedback on the service. Artificial intelligence leads members to strong earnings on their investments with little to no work involved. More importantly, Forex Blade LLC’s members trust its processes and share that trust with others.

Simply put, Androw has changed the game. 

What’s next?

Complacency has never been a goal for Androw Narouz. He continues to improve the services available to Forex Blade LLC’s growing number of members by leveraging the expertise of some of the best programmers in the world of artificial intelligence to enhance the member experience. In the meantime, Androw has never abandoned his focus on helping other people, as he has recently launched Forex Blade University to educate people about the Forex industry and artificial intelligence.

The world will be watching as this young man transforms the Forex industry and uses artificial intelligence to create new pathways to success for traders and learners in 2020.

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