Andromo Has Just Launched App Builder 3.0, Here's What's New

Andromo Has Just Launched App Builder 3.0, Here’s What’s New

You might already know that for developing an app you should be familiar with languages such as Kotlin and java. Android development is surely not an easy task however there is a way to make the process much easier. 

With andromo, anybody can develop an android app without any coding. Yes, you read that right! You can build an app even if you don’t know the A B C of coding. Moreover with the addition and improvements in the latest version of the andromo making app has become so much easier and better.

Before we get into the changes that you will find in its new version first let us discuss some basic features of the andromo app maker.

Features Of Andromo 

The app maker has tons of features that are very useful in developing an app. Here are some of the features of andromo:

  • Andromo gives you the opportunity to display your location. This will help your users to know the location of your business.
  • With andromo, you can easily insert PDF files in your android application. However, you should keep in mind that such pdfs will open externally.
  • You can easily display YouTube videos in your app with the help of the YouTube activity option given.
  • You can also create an audio player in the android application with the help of an audio activity.
  • Andromo also gives the option to insert the photo in the gallery section. You can resize and adjust the layout of the photo as well.

Now that we know some of the key features of andromo we will move on to the changes that you will find in its android version v3.0.4/187. 

Andromo has recently released its new version. Wondering how the new version is different from the old one? In the next section of this piece, we are going to mention some key changes that you are going to find in the latest version of andromo.

Changes In The Latest Version Of Andromo

Andromo App Maker for Android version v3.0.4/187 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Custom Link: In the latest version the app maker has made it possible to open an activity using a link that is given in the Custom Page, website, HTML, About activity or archive. This can be easily done by using a unique URL format: andromo://<<internal-activity-identifier>>
  • Audio Issues Fixed: There was a problem in the older version of the app maker wherein the app couldn’t open in case of single audio activity and if the dashboard type was set up to “none”. The new version has solved this problem. In the latest version, the audio controls apply to the current list even though another activity’s track is playing or loading. 
  • New Audio Features: In the latest version you will find “paused” and “current” track indicators also in the audio lists. You will find a different and a better look at audio notification as well as the status bar.
  • Additional Features: In the latest version of andromo you will also find additional features which will help you to airBop notification messages- enable notification light as well as app preference, enable default notification messages as well as app preference. You will also find the app icon in the notification window if the device is on android version 4.1 or about.
  • PayPal Not Needed: Users can now pay for an andromo subscription without any PayPal account. One can pay for their subscription using a credit card alone.
  • URL Validation Issues Fixed: In the older version, there was a problem wherein Facebook URL validation caused problems sometimes on the website. This problem is now resolved in the latest version of the app. A new feature has been added- v3 screenshots 

These were some of the features that you will find in the latest version of andromo.

Final verdict

With every upgrade, Andromo is only getting better. Andromo is without any doubt one of the best app builders that you can find. Its user experience makes it unique and different from its competitors. 

Now anyone can create a top-notch app for their business even if they are not aware of coding. This app builder has made the complex process of building an app easy and simple without compromising with the design and working of the app that users will make.

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