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Android App Development: Is It a Worthy Choice for Businesses?

When it comes to app development, many developers prefer to go for android application development. Not only is it less complex than iOS, but it also has a much broader market than iOS users. You would see many android phones around you instead of iOS phones. 

Even many businesses and enterprises prefer having an android app in comparison with an iOS app. And the reasons are pretty obvious for this choice. It is a bit less costly and has a much greater reach in comparison with iOS. 

Moreover, there are many advantages that an android app offers to many businesses. 

It is extremely simple to utilize and includes a library of code snippets to expedite the development and the design phase. Also, you can employ mobile app developers to delegate the creation phase so that you can concentrate on other critical elements of the project. 

Furthermore, it is much more hassle-free to develop and deploy an android app than an iOS app. Nevertheless, you might still be wondering if you should go for android app development or not? Is it beneficial for your business in the short and the long term?

All of these questions would be popping up in your mind. And rightfully so, as app development is a costly process. So, you would want to make the right decision to yield fruitful results for your business. 

To help you out, we have listed a few of the benefits that you can gain from building a robust and user-friendly app for your business. By the end of this article, you would have complete knowledge about the benefits of having an android app. These benefits will help you make a decisive choice for your business regarding app development. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. The App Approval Procedure Is Simple and Easy

When it comes to getting approval for your app, it can be a little difficult and hectic for an iOS app. The company is extremely picky and selective in choosing what apps to publish on their store. While Google and Apple adopt identical standards, they take a different strategy for quality assurance.

Approval of the on Apple can be a time-consuming operation. Apple’s method is very rigid, and you will also have to deal with glitches, UI discrepancies, and the likelihood of the app crashing. Also, the app will be evaluated based on its utility instead of its design or some other aspect. Furthermore, developers will also have to allocate a lot of time and money to get their app up and running on iOS.

However, with the Google review framework open, you can release the app as long as you adhere to the quality guidelines and policies. Also, you won’t have to have to deal with many of the problems with Google that you face with iOS. Moreover, they will provide you with feedback to help you use the feedback to improve your product.

2. Has Much Easier Programming Languages as Compared to iOS

If we compare the programming languages of iOS with Android, you will see it is much easier to work on Android. The iOS development is much more complex as it not an open-source platform like Google. Since Google is an open-source platform, it is much easier for beginners to begin developing Android apps. 

Android app development incorporates Java and Kotlin. They are the most commonly found frameworks when it comes to app development. Java is suitable for application in big data and fintech businesses for application growth.

Kotlin is also common, and its programming style is very identical to that of Java. This framework incorporates the sophistication of Java while making the development and the design process much quicker and more powerful.

Anyone who is proficient and has a firm grip over Java would be able to work in Kotlin. Since both are open-source languages, they are simple to use and are why many beginners opt for app development in Android. However, with time, many of the developers can get command in developing iOS and Android applications. 

3. A lot of Research and Learning Material is Available

In terms of the learning material available, Android has the upper hand over here as well. Google offers guides for trying to offer suggestions and links to the technology solutions for Android apps. There is a massive range of data and information available on the web that can be accessed easily. Thus, it is easier for beginners to use their expertise with Google to create the easiest applications.

4. There Is Less Hardware Dependency 

When developing Android apps, hardware is a minor worrying concern for developers. There are several free Android development resources accessible that developers can easily download from any operating system. 

Also, you can use a Mac or virtual machine to create an iOS application which is not the case for the development of the Android application. The development and production are mainly carried out on Java, which is the essential programming language for cross-platform application development.

Time To Upgrade

In this digitalization era, where everything is rapidly changing, having an app for your business is necessary. It is not just about large-scale business; small and medium enterprises also need to have a presence on people’s phones. And for that, your business needs to have a user-friendly and engaging mobile app. 

In a highly competitive market, the only way to gain a competitive edge is by having a robust mobile app. It can help you stand out from the crowd and shine. And it is not just that you build an app and leave it. The app should have each and everything done correctly in it. 

The UX/UI, colors, design, etc., should be done correctly. By doing so, you would be giving a unique experience to the customer. As a result, it would increase customer loyalty and want to return to avail your services. It could be the pathway towards elevating your business and transform it. Therefore, you need to emphasize it and execute it properly. 

Regardless of that, you need to ensure that you find the best development team for android application development services. With the help of this development team, you bring your idea to life. And for that, you need to do some research and invest time in it. But to make things easy for you, you can go for the services of Cubix.  Cubix has helped many businesses reach the pinnacle of success with their top-notch services. They understand your requirements and needs first and then develop a plan for you accordingly. With some of the most talented and skilled developers, they can deliver you an app just the way you envisioned it. Feel free to contact them or visit their website to learn more about them.

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