Ancient cities around St. Petersburg. Koporskaya Fortress

On a steep hill, at the foot of which the wayward Koporka river flows, the ancient fortress of Koporya is located. The greatness and beauty of this stronghold attracts people who are not indifferent to the history of the Middle Ages. The harsh simplicity of the ancient stone masonry is mesmerizing. Impressive is the firm hand of the architect, who erected multi-ton fortress walls on the steep cliffs. The fortress is in a sad state, and the hands of the restorers almost never touched these walls.
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The architectural complex of this military pearl includes: fortress walls, towers, a bridge on six pillars, a gate complex, the Church of the Transfiguration, the family tomb of the Zinovievs.

South and North towers and a bridge at a height of seven meters The

perimeter of the walls follows the outlines of the rock, stretching from east to west, forming unequal sides of a triangle. You can approach the gate by a stone bridge over the moat. The gate tower is absent, and the curved entrance opening is located directly in the fortress wall. On both sides of the entrance, the North and South towers rise majestically. The gate was protected by a gersa, a wrought-iron grill that sank under its own weight. Further there was a drawbridge, arranged according to the principle of a rocker arm. When the enemy passed through the gates and gersu, the inner part of the drawbridge with the enemy lowered into the wolf’s pit, and the outer part rose, blocking the entrance.
There was once another entrance near the main entrance on the left side. Subsequently, it was laid, leaving only the window. The corridor, which stretches in the gate part of the fortress wall, is about 12m. Passages from the guard rooms went to him.

Chapel where the tomb is located

At the entrance to the fortress on the right side is the tomb of the Zinoviev family. One of the legends is associated with it. At night, the ghost of Dmitry Zinoviev appears, who loves to talk with belated tourists. In 1793. his father, Vasily Nikolaevich, acquired the local lands. After his father, Dmitry increases the area of ​​the estate, builds cattle and horse yards, installs mills on the river, fences off dams where fish are raised. A school, a library and a shelter have been built for peasant children. Dmitry invested a lot of mental strength in this region, and therefore does not leave.

From the North Tower on the right hand stretches a relatively intact wall to the Middle Tower.

The middle tower

There are four of them. All are built in one likeness. They have five tiers, a stone ceiling on the bottom, all of them are made of wood, which, of course, have not survived. There are also no board tents that crowned the towers.

A corner tower in the very corner of the bastion. Stone fortifications radiate from it like rays of an acute angle. This tower has suffered the most from time, weather and people.

Square tower from the inside. A sad and bewitching sight.

Like any self-respecting antiquity, it had underground passages or hiding places. The first cache, 13th century, was located on the South Wall, towards the river. Later, 16th century, on the North, towards the lake, which no longer exists. At the moment, the secret passages have been filled up.

The buried passages of the

Koporye lands became part of the Russian state in the 15th century. Prior to this event, Koporye belonged to the Novgorod Republic. But sometimes the Swedes ruled here

Stone Church of the Transfiguration

In the central part of the fortress you can see the ruins of the Church of the Transfiguration. After the fire in 1854, the church was not completely restored.
Rumor has it that not only the spirit of Dmitry wanders, but also the ghost of the Swedish king. He guards his carriage with gold and the crown and throne left in a hurry. At night, he makes a circle throughout the territory, descends to the bottom of the hill and quietly disappears.
The fortress in Koporye is surrounded by a mystical atmosphere. To reveal all the secrets, first you need to save these mysterious walls from destruction.

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