An Extensive Guide On The Best Swimming Pool Skimmer Types

Here’s What You Need To Know When Looking For The Right Type Of Swimming Pool Skimmer

Pool upkeep can be a challenging feat, whether your backyard summer haven is in-ground or above-ground. However, debris, pests, leaves, and other filth will not only make your swimming pool unsightly when left floating around. These contaminants will also impact your pool’s water balance, ravage its chemicals, leave hideous spots on the surface, and make the water unsafe for everyone.

Fortunately, you can make the daunting job a lot more manageable by arming yourself with the right tools. This is where pool skimmers come in, which is a crucial tool for a perfect water surface and a big part of your general pool upkeep. The solution here is to invest in the most reliable pool skimmer suitable to the type of pool you have and your cleaning necessities.

This comprehensive guide covers what a skimmer is, its various types, and why your pool needs one. Knowing all of these will guarantee that your pool will stay clean, safe, and healthy all the time.

So let’s go right ahead and dive in!

Quick Overview Of What A Pool Skimmer Is

Every swimming pool type comes with a vital set of cleaning system components. These run cumulatively so that your pool gets the appropriate cleaning it deserves. One of these parts is a pool skimmer. Basically, it is a device designed to eliminate algae, trash, and debris from your pool before they even get a chance to settle at the bottom. Hence, it is your pool’s first line of defense.

A swimming pool skimmer works by pulling water and floating debris from the surface of your pool into a weir when the pump is operating. The debris will then go through the pivoting flap and into the collection basket. The process will continue as long as your pool pump is on. Once you turn it off, the weir will return to its initial position. This will ensure that all debris accumulated in the basket will not re-enter your pool. Afterward, you have to empty the basket so that the unit’s filtering ability is always at its best.

Importance Of Pool Skimmers

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, pool skimmers are a vital pool feature. That’s because they support the plumbing system of your pool and keep the trash at bay.

Some of their most notable benefits are the following:

  • Since you have a dependable plumbing system, your pool water will keep circulating, preventing stagnation and algae buildup.
  • The lifespan of the filtration system will be much longer.
  • It helps avert costly parts replacement.
  • Your pool filter system will run more efficiently, helping you save on your monthly electric bill.

What Pool Type Do You Have?

Pool type is the first thing to think about when you’re on the market for the most suitable pool skimmer for you. Afterward, you have to decide which among the basic types of pool skimmers below you need.

Swimming pools come in the following types:

Above-ground pool

You normally attach an above-ground pool skimmer with screws and bolts. Likewise, it has a safety cover. Additionally, how the cleaning tool works with your pool and its pump is different in comparison to an in-ground pool skimmer.

In-ground pool

The majority of in-ground pool skimmers available on the market today are installed on the concrete section of the pool sides. Often, you can find them under the water level. When the water goes through your skimmer into the pump for circulation, it is filtered, eliminating all sorts of dirt and debris.

Main Types Of Swimming Pool Skimmers

Manual pool skimmer

Simply put, manual skimmers are fine meshes that you connect to a skimmer pole. You don’t need electricity to run this type. You just have to maneuver it across the water using your muscles.

It’s the cheapest, but it’s not the appropriate skimmer to use for filtration purposes. It only works well at gathering large floating bits of dirt.

Automatic pool skimmer

Automatic pool skimmers are attached to your pool’s filter pump inlet. It has a hose where water is sucked in. Once the water goes through it, small paddles or propellers maneuver the device across your pool’s surface. Most of these skimmers move randomly to prevent them from getting stuck in one place. Nevertheless, some will often require re-deployment.

Self-contained pool skimmer

This pool skimmer type is quite new on the market. Self-contained skimmers have built-in solar panels. Hence, they get their ability to function and filter small to large particles from the sun. Their biggest downside is their price. Nevertheless, solar pool skimmers can considerably decrease the power usage of your pool as it enables you to run its pump for as much as 65% less.

Essential Pool Skimmer Features To Consider

After understanding the kinds of pool skimmers you can purchase, here are basic features you must consider:

Ease of installation

Before getting your hands on the auto pool skimmer you’re eyeing, it is highly advisable to examine its installation process. Some models are a little more complicated to install than others. This is a feature you must consider if you’re like most people who like simple and uncomplicated products.


As with all products, pool skimmers are not created equal. That’s why it is important to check the equipment is crafted from top-notch materials. Also, reading product reviews online from actual users can help you make a sound decision.

Your budget

For many pool owners, price is an obvious factor to contemplate when searching for the best pool skimmer. The last thing you want is to buy a pool cleaning tool that will hurt your pockets. Nevertheless, make sure that the quality of the skimmer is not compromised.

Extra Tips To Keep In Mind

  • You may find self-propelling skimmers a bit rough for your pool due to their jerking movement. In the long run, this will cause more wear and tear, which leads to costly repairs.
  • Units that you can connect to your filter system cycle more water. Hence, they can make your pool cleaner, clearer, and safer.
  • Opt for a device that works effectively without requiring additional accessories.
  • Make sure your pool skimmer is UV-resistant. There are numerous units out there made from low-quality materials that wear easily under the heat of the sun.
  • Choose a product that comes with a good warranty. Doing so will ensure that you can replace the item or get a refund if it does not function as advertised.
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