An Effeminate Movement: Emporio Armani Watches For Empowered Women

Emporio Armani is a part of the Armani Group of companies founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. Several history lessons later, the brand has gained global popularity and success by tirelessly producing high-quality clothing and accessories for the younger generation. Today, Armani products’ target market has expanded beyond the youth and into the whole spectrum of society.

A comprehensive collection of watches that Emporio Armani offers is manufactured at the heart of watchmaking paradise, Switzerland, where their engineers employ only the finest techniques to ensure the highest quality. An Emporio Armani is a great dress watch for empowered women worldwide looking to spice up their next attire, and here are some of our recommended choices.

Floral Motif Quartz White Dial

Our first entry is the Floral Motif Quartz with a white dial, and this is certainly given a design concept aimed towards younger women. Most of the Emporio Armani ladies watches have unique aesthetics about them, but the Floral Motif on this one is a laid-back yet chic design that appeals to females in their early twenties and thirties.

The hands have a rose gold finish, and pair that with the gold-tone stainless steel case and body, it makes for one elegant yet straightforward wristwatch that can be worn daily. The holidays are coming up, and if you’re still undecided on what to give a lady on Christmas eve, the Floral Motif Quartz in a white dial is a perfect gift to give.

Chiara Quartz Multicolor Dial

A very classy and sophisticated fashion watch that pairs well with light-colored outfits is the Chiara Quartz with a multicolor dial. Emporio Armani tends to lean towards seamless color combinations with their women’s watches, and the Chiara Quartz is a perfect example of that. The watch design is a perfect blend of rose gold and stainless steel silver material that exudes an aura of nobility.

At just around 28mm in diameter, the Chiara Quartz is brilliant for slimmer hands to take advantage of its sparkling beauty. The indexes are graciously finished in rose gold with a geometric design to add to that minimal yet artistic harmony. A water-resistance of 50 meters is also a great feature making the watch safe from most common indoor water accidents.

Classic Stainless Steel Dial

Recommending one of Emporio Armani’s general merchandise watches that don’t belong to any collection seems like an offbeat choice, especially for a handpicked list like this. Still, this watch doesn’t have to stand out to be an excellent choice for potential buyers. With a silver finish on stainless steel, the Classic design makes this an ideal ladies’ watch for those that don’t need all the complications.

The diameter is approximately 26mm making this watch one of the smallest options on this list. However, the flowing and rounded design of the strap going into the case gives the illusion that the watch is bigger than it looks, so it may be ideal for wearing it alone without other accessories.

Gianni T-Bar Quartz Crystal Rose Gold Dial

A perfect symmetry of silver, off-whites, and rose gold is miraculously showcased in the Gianni T-Bar. This watch is one of the rare creations from Emporio Armani that gives a feeling of something with a higher price tag. There’s no doubt that any budding young lady wearing this timepiece will attract onlookers wanting to start a conversation about the piece of art she’s wearing.

A crystal-set index is used for the chronological elements. With the 32mm diameter, it accentuates the body of the Gianni T-Bar quite elegantly without standing out too much. You can’t find a more well-balanced watch at 32mm than the Gianni T-Bar as it stands right in the middle, not too big and not too small.

Quartz Crystal Blue Dial

Leaning towards the dark and mysterious look is the craftsmanship ideology behind the Quartz Crystal Blue Dial from Emporio Armani. Taking a look at this watch, you would mistake it for a masculine timepiece; however, an even closer inspection will reveal the effeminate features it has. It starts with the finish and ends with the surprisingly intermediate size despite its looks.

The Quartz Crystal Blue Dial has a diameter of 32mm, and because of its intermediate sizing, the watch is ideal for any wrist size. You can find that taking this watch to literally any setting will find you admirers, and even the simplest of outfits can be elevated by wearing an Emporio Armani classic.

Classic Mother Of Pearl Stainless Steel

The Mother Of Pearl in stainless steel finished in gold gives every bit of personality that a royalty person would exude. This watch is one of those rare pieces that can’t be seen at your regular weekend party but appreciated at high-class events such as weddings and corporate gatherings. Only a handful of fashion designer watches pull off this feat at such a competitive price point.


Emporio Armani is an excellent fashion brand that aims to empower women and the younger generation about the beauty of individuality and sophistication at significantly lower prices than luxury brands. You don’t need to spend a pretty penny to look fabulous; you just need to know where to look.

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