Aluminum Bottles: The Eco Solution to Plastic Water Bottles

The plastic problem has been an environmental controversy for decades now, and we’re only starting to prefer eco-friendly solutions to our packaging. Consumer trends show that we’re not willing to let go of single-use products, especially now with the pandemic making it more difficult to rely on communal utensils and tools. 

The solution to the plastic problem is using the alternative kitchen staple material we all know and love: Aluminum! We’ll take a look at Crystal Beverage bottled water products to see why aluminum is the latest innovation in solving the plastic bottle issue. 

What is an Aluminum Water Bottle?

You may be thinking that aluminum water bottles and tin cans used for sodas are one and the same, but they’re not. Tin and aluminum cans used for carbonated drinks often contain a thin film of plastic to prevent the acidic contents from corroding the can. These cans are not always recyclable, and the process to recycle them uses up a lot of water and energy.

Aluminum bottles, however, do not contain any plastic components – just pure, pieces of aluminum. Shaped like a bottle, aluminum bottles have caps that you can use to seal the bottle back, unlike soda cans that have single-use pop tabs. 

How is Aluminum Eco-friendly?

Aluminum is an underrated material for the most part, as the metal is surprisingly versatile in a plethora of use cases. Aluminum is a durable material, and can be used over and over again without leeching any hazardous chemicals into the water. 

Even as an aluminum bottle is dented and scratched, it can still hold water well. It is reusable, and the process to repurpose aluminum uses only 5% of the energy and water it takes to mine new materials. When thrown away, aluminum biodegrades in half the time it takes plastic to biodegrade, and goes back into the earth where it came from.

Does Aluminum-bottled Water Taste Great?

Do you own a metal reusable water bottle? If so, then you already know how aluminum-bottled water tastes! Aluminum does not leech any additives or chemicals into the water like plastic does, so you get the full taste and benefits of pure water.

The metallic taste you get from canned beverages are usually due to the acids in the drink interacting with the metal, but water does not contain any ingredients that will interact with the aluminum bottle. You only get pure, clean water with an aluminum bottle. 

What are the Benefits of Aluminum-bottled Water?

Besides being reusable, water that has been bottled in an aluminum bottle benefits our bodies as well as the environment. Due to its unique properties, aluminum is a great material to use for consumable goods like food and beverages. 

100% Recyclable

As far as recyclable materials go, aluminum is one of the most recycled materials. Around 75% of all aluminum ever mined is still in use today as beverage containers, aluminum foil, and more. Aluminum has the unique property that its components do not change or decrease in purity regardless of how many times it is recycled. 

Not all recycling plants accept aluminum cans or plastic bottles, but you can always find a local recycling facility that accepts pure aluminum, like the kind used to create aluminum bottles. Aluminum bottles are simply washed, dried, and melted to create a new aluminum bottle ready for use. The process is quick and straightforward, without needing to use caustic chemicals.

Pure Water

Since aluminum does not leech any harmful chemicals, you get the full taste of pure, unadulterated water. Electrolyte-infused water retains its added electrolytes in an aluminum bottle, and mineral spring water still has its sweet, crisp taste. 

Any type of water can be contained in an aluminum bottle with no problems. Sparkling water, with its gentle carbonation, can be safely stored in an aluminum bottle. Even with a customized label, the interior of the aluminum bottle remains unsullied. 

Keeps Nutrients In

Nutrients, like the dissolved minerals found in water, are retained when in an aluminum bottle. Aluminum bottles make it so that sunlight cannot pass through and disintegrate the nutrients in water. The water you get is the exact same water that was bottled – nutrients and all!

Can be Drank Hot or Cold

One of the main benefits of aluminum bottles is that the material is thermodynamic. Aluminum can be safely heated up for a quick glass of hot water, or kept in the cold refrigerator for a thirst-quenching cool beverage. 

Imagine having an instant bottle of hot water you can place your tea bag in, or a nice, cold drink of water after a workout. A plastic bottle can’t be heated to high temperatures, but aluminum bottles can contain liquids at any normal temperature.

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