All you need to know about winning a Green card in the US

For anyone with a working visa in the United States, a green card would be a dream! A visiting visa comes with a deadline, and, as the name says, it’s just a permit for a visit to the land of liberty. But with a green card, also called the residence card, you are free of all restrictions you face as a non-citizen of the US. The green card lottery, which comes under the DV program by the country, offers 55,000 immigrant visas per year. The chance of Australians winning this lottery is 4.07%, which is pretty high. 

In the past couple of years, the number of applicants has dipped significantly, and still, there are chances of every one in 45 applicants winning this lottery. Those wondering if the lottery is worth a shot, are you overlooking the benefits of holding a green card? Winning the green card lottery paves the way among thousands of immigrant applications to have a green card that will flip your life!

All-time benefits of winning a green card

With hindrances to move between states or switch between jobs, there are plenty of such intricacies one might face as a working population in the US. Bidding farewell o restrictions, here is how a green card can be serviceable,

1. No more travel restraints

Once you get a green card, you officially become a resident of the country, which means you get all the rights and powers as every other citizen does. A green card holder has zero travel restrictions between the states without being questioned. Not just that, you can also move in and out of the US so much easier now. Be it travel for tourism or work, no more obscure and queuing procedures.

2. See the opportunities surge!

Remember, with a green card, you find an identity in the land of opportunities. The US dominates the world’s economy, and when you own a green card, you can switch between jobs. And also, get rid of workplaces to which you no longer feel connected. With a green card, your transport is easy. So, now you get access to possibilities, which you never knew before. As the US market has exploding rats of expansion, it’s pretty easy to land on a profitable position. 

3. Find areas with a lower cost of living

Most of the US states have meagre real estate costs, making the cost of living minimally too! But if you lived in the US without a green card, perhaps, you never knew such a fact. If you want to make a profit out of your pay, it is mindful to own a green card. Further, you can also renew your green card once in ten years to make a low-cost living forever! 

4. Sponsor your family for visas

If you hold a green card and remain held up at work, it can turn arduous to visit your family in your native country. In such cases, with your green card, you can sponsor a visiting visa for your spouse and family so that they can come to pay a visit, hassle-free. 

5. Save some bucks on fees

With a green card, you can also sponsor your family to have a green card and permanently shift to the US. In such cases, your kids benefit from it, as they can get educated at local tuition. In simple words, you get to pay less for their school and college fees without compromising the standards. 

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