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The cosmetic industry in India, with the introduction of cold pressed oil, successfully managed to educate and spread awareness amongst the people regarding the current necessity to switch to organic. The majority of the industries in India today are choosing to go organic in order to support local produce and reduce harmful processes that are utilized in order to produce goods. And the cosmetic industry is finally building up to this by encouraging the use of organic cold pressed oil in place of other packaged oils.

These pre-packed processed oils, as part of make-up and skincare products, do not guarantee effective results and also come with the risk of potential side effects that can further worsen the skin health if not careful. On the other hand, the only potential drawback of cold pressed oil if any is its limited or restricted shelf life. This is only because they are all-natural and cannot be preserved by adding additional ingredients. But, this one potential drawback should not stop you from choosing natural over-processed goods.

What Is A cold pressed oil And How Is It Better?

Cold pressed oil has, in recent years, become one of the most trending and in-demand oils because of its multiple uses. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, a base product before make-up, an alternative for face serums, night lotion to prevent cracked feet, etc. The most interesting aspect of cold pressed oil is the way it is created. They are the most organic form of oil available in India and around the world today. They are also most beneficial in their natural state which is a direct extraction from the seeds of the organic products. In simple layman language, the entire process of producing cold pressed oil is by extracting the oil by pressing hard on this seat until they excrete their oils. This extracted oil is then collected and sold for different purposes. As the process of extraction does not require a lot of heat treatment or additional mixing of different ingredients, it naturally becomes 10 times better than other available bottled oils in the market.

Your body does a lot for you, it is time to return the favor by choosing organic cold pressed oils.

Benefits Of Using cold pressed oils

The use of cold pressed oil is not limited to skin enhancement alone. It is multi-talented and can benefit your hair, your nails, your scars, etc. The common benefits of cold pressed oil are mentioned below and each benefit contributes to a healthy body, inside out. Let us begin with its various benefits for the skin.

It provides the skin with appropriate moisturization all year round, it has different anti-aging properties within itself that control the production of healthy cells in the skin, it can be used as an effective make-up remover because of its high nourishment content, etc.

Moving on to the hair and scalp health, cold pressed oils contribute to a healthy scalp that in turn promotes healthy hair growth. Other added benefits of using cold pressed oils include instant treatment for the dry and flaky scalp, an effective reduction in hair fall, promotes the growth of new healthier hair follicles, treatment of split ends and rough ends, etc. Regular use of these oils is also beneficial for nail growth as it has cuticle conditioning properties, lightening of acne marks and scars, reducing dark circles and fine lines, etc.

However, the most attractive quality of these oils is their therapeutic nature. The fact that they are extracted from natural ingredients is an added advantage as it retains its natural form and scent. These scents are the closest to nature and so have a soothing effect on them. One drop of lavender oil, for example, can reduce the stress levels to a great extent.

What Are The Different Types Of Therapeutic cold pressed oils?

The customers are spoilt with choice because of the numerous different types of oils available in the market today. Produced from natural seeds, plants, flowers, etc news., these oils have become such a major trend in India that the cosmetic industry is flooded with potential start-ups who want to pitch in the business ideas for cold pressed oil production.

  •     Almond oil
  •     Avocado oil
  •     Argan oil
  •     Lavender oil
  •   Walnut oil  
  •   Moringa oil
  •   Castor oil
  •    Grape seed oil
  •   Flaxseed oil
  •    Coconut oil
  •    Olive oil

  Jojoba oilCold pressed oils are the hidden heroes in the skincare industry today that has witnessed a sudden surge in demand because of the increased awareness in the market. But, be very careful about where you purchase these oils from as there are potential replicas of the same in the market at a lower price that might be harmful. These oils have definitely taken the cosmetic industry to newer heights but also have other benefits in relation to food preparation as well. Adding these oils while preparing your food can really benefit your body greatly as they contain healthy fats, different vitamins like vitamin E, etc. You can find out more about the different therapeutic cold pressed oils available in the Indian market on

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