All about the Case Interview – Types of case interview formats!

What are the types of case interview formats?

The case interviews take a very similar format but it does not mean that they will describe all your life’s experiences and knowledge. The time management of the case interview is various consultancies where they are used.

One of the best things in a case interview in this situation is not only the mental and sociological tests included but the interviewers can ask out of topics questions also. So, you will have to keep ready for any type of questions and tests that can be asked due to your case interviews. 

There are different types of formats of the case interview. The format of the case interview depends on the firm that you are interviewing with. It also depends on the specific round. You should keep in mind that you have to try the same thinking process applies to all interview types, regardless of formats. 

Here are some of the case interview formats that you may also suffer from.

The interviewer-Led case interview format

It is a highly structured format so we have to keep it in the first place. In this format the interviewer controls and tests the focus, sequence, tempo, and other abilities of the problem-solving process of the candidate. This format may be consisting of many phases. 

You will to ready to answer all of the questions asked by the interviewer one by one. Some problem solving, analytical, and leadership skills will be tested due to this type of case interview format. 

Candidate-Led Case interview format

In this case interview format, the candidate can be asked to drive the case from start to finish. You may be asked many types of open questions about yourself and your abilities. 

The objective of this type of case interview is to test the priorities, thinking’s, and decisions about how a candidate can handle the entire beginning to end problems and he/she will get rid of them. The thing is to test how the candidate will deal with the problems from start to finish. 

Group case interview format

In this type of case interview, the interviewer will test the candidate’s team-leading and role in a team to work with others. In this type of format of the case interview, you will be asked a simple question about how you will lead the team in various types of adverse situations. 

You will be tested about how you can perform better and be the best in your team? And if you are leading the team then how you can test the abilities of all members? You may be asked for different types of conditions that would have to suffer a team member and team leader. 

The written Case interview format

In written case format the interviewer tests the candidates writing and other computer-working things that are also essential for a candidate. It is a data management and other analysis components test in which the interviewer may test your planning and using of the data to grow the company.

Presentation only case interview format

After the written case of the format, you also may be tested about your presenting skills. In this type of case interview format, you may be asked that how you will satisfy a client with your performing data. And what are the analysis from your data to grow the significant product or company? 

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