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Air Freight From China To USA/US- Complete Guide



Shipping or transportation has been one of the key elements of imports/exports in the global world. China, being one of the significant hubs of exports has clients from different parts of the world. The USA, with no exception, stands strong in the list of Chinese clients. Despite having political turmoil between both the countries, the exports and imports don’t seem to become still. Hence, what you need to keep your business functional is the right mode of shipping. 

Now, coming to the modes of shipping, China is popular for offering sea as well as air freight from China to USA/US. Numerous freight forwarding companies in China offer you a multitude of services to support the shipping of your goods. In this article, you are going to know about the key elements of shipping from China to USA/US by air. 

It’s totally understood that many people are skeptical about shipping their goods from Air cargo, China, thanks to the hyped risks and flaws. But the situation isn’t that dubious as it seems. In order to clear all your doubts and make you fully informed, this article will highlight the practical aspects of air freight from China to USA/US. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!!!  

China Air Freight In Comparison To Sea Freight

Before starting with key aspects of air shipping from China to USA/US, let’s take a look at why air cargo is better than sea freight. The foremost reason why Air freight forwarder from China to USA is highly considered is because of its short duration. All the businessmen or companies, who want to get the delivery of goods within a short period must consider air freight.

In sea freight, the duration could be a month, however, it varies from destination to destination. The actual duration of getting the goods finally delivered could extend due to administrational activities. However, when it comes to air freight, the duration will be within 5 to 10 days. Though air freight is quite time-saving, yet only 5% of shipments are sent through the air. Isn’t it surprising? In comparison to sea shipment, air shipment is a bit expensive, but it has its own benefits too. Take a look, 

  1. China air freight is the most reliable form of transportation as there are no risks of getting delayed. 
  2. Access to land-locked locations can be supported through air shipping from China to USA/US. 
  3. Airfreight is certainly beneficial for high-value shipments as they offer the utmost safety. 
  4. You have the option to save costs on the packaging, insurance, and warehousing.   
  5. Air cargo shipments can be easily tracked with constant information.  
  6. Air Cargo From China to USA/US

If you are willing to get your goods transferred through air freight from China to USA/US, then choosing the right freight forwarding company is a good choice. A right freight forwarder will help you carry out the entire process seamlessly. China air freight also supports you to keep a track of your goods in real-time. Now, let’s examine the process of freight forwarding through the air. 

1. Time Duration For Shipping From China to USA by Air

The standard time for sending shipments from China to the USA requires around 8 to 10 days. Now, you must be thinking that what takes 10 days for a flight. Well, the answer is the complicated procedure of documentation and other formalities, which mostly your Air freight forwarder from China to USA will take care of. 

Mostly the duration extends due to bulk shipment, which requires time to get a slot with courier services on the plane. The air cargo, China has to be first sent to the facility, where they are packed or combined with other shipments for the final transfer. Considering the US laws, the formalities are certainly more complex. 

2. Laws & Duties to Adhere 

In order to ship goods from China to the USA, one has to see through international laws, the country’s national laws, regulations of the carrier’s organization i.e. airline. Along with these, one has to pay attention to the restricted goods guidelines and individual goods regulations. Considering air cargo from China to the USA/US, there are more restrictions on goods. List of goods that cannot be sent through air cargo, China is, 

  1. Gaseous Products including lamp bulbs
  2. Flammable things including Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and perfumes
  3. Corrosive Items and toxic products like batteries
  4. Magnetic items like speakers
  5. Chemical Products

These were a few items to be mentioned. There are more products on the list about which you can discuss with your air freight forwarder. 

3. Major Airports for Air Cargo, China

In order to reduce the cost of air cargo, you need to know which is the most suitable airport to transfer goods. The smallest distance will allow you to save maximum money. Here are some of the busiest airports in China

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport
  2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  3. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  4. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  5. Hong Kong International Airport
  6. Xian Xianyang International Airport
  7. Kunming Changshui International Airport
  8. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Take a look at some of the most popular airports for shipping from China to USA/US by air. 

  1. Memphis International Airport
  2. Louisville International Airport
  3. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
  4. O’Hare International Airport.

The ports mentioned above are certainly the most lucrative choices for sending shipments from China to the USA. These airports are highly popular and a hub for exports and imports.  

4. When to Get Air Freight Services? 

The shipments that require urgent delivery must take a hand of shipping from China to USA/US by air. Although, one can also consider that shipment between 300 to 500 kgs is suitable for air freight. These shipments mist have a higher price of the unit. The accurate time of air cargo from China to USA/US will depend upon shipping space, local delivery time in the US, and the timings of the flight. 

 The time of delivery is usually flexible in air cargo as compared to sea freight. This is because air cargo comes with options for non-stop transfer and charter services. The air freight forwarder from China to USA supports shipping in these categories.  

  1. Economic Air Cargo: The price will be economic and is apt for goods with durability. The goods sent over here are non-dangerous, not oversized, and have no requirements of temperature control.
  2. Standard Air Cargo: The price is quite reasonable and as compared to economic air cargo, the time duration is short. 
  3. Emergency Air Cargo: These are the speed-oriented category for people interested in urgent deliveries of perishable goods. 

5. How To Air Cargo from China to USA/US

In order to support China air freight to USA, you are required to adhere to certain regulations. Here are some things you need to take care of. 

  1. As mentioned above, you need to check the list of prohibited goods which are restricted in the USA. If you do not check this list, then you might suffer major constraints by the US custom service.
  2. You need to check the licenses of the import and export required for the shipping of goods. Also, if you are transacting special products through shipping from China to USA/US by air, then you have to apply for special licenses.
  3.  The China air freight must be cleared from all the customs in the USA. The process of clearing customs will involve cargo inspection through custom officers and payment of import duties after the approval of the customs officer.  

Various air freight forwarder from China to USA follow a simplified process in which they first get the goods delivered to the airport. After that, they carry out export clearance for finally getting the goods loaded on the airplane for reaching the destination. 

After reaching the destination, the goods will be unloaded at the airport. Another custom formalities take place at this stage. Once the custom formalities get completed, the goods can be delivered to the consignee’s address, and the payment of custom fee and VAT takes place. 


Airfreight is one of the best options for people willing to send their goods securely. Though it has an impact on ecology, you cannot deny it is risk-free. It’s better to choose a transportation mode according to the type of goods you want to send and your requirements in terms of urgency. Air cargo from China to USA/US is certainly beneficial for perishable goods as it takes a lot of time if sent from the sea. 

The importers or exporters dealing in high-value goods in less quantity or volume must choose air freight. Also, for remote locations, Air cargo China is a very secure and viable option. Even though the cost would be a little more, one can reap the benefits, which are also worthy. Air freight from China to USA/US will be a good option if taken from a reliable freight forwarding company. 

The best way to get your products safely delivered is by choosing the right air freight forwarder from China to USA. The freight forwarding company will guide you with the entire process and support compliance with all the necessary laws and regulations, so your shipping process becomes effortless. It will help you focus on your business rather than getting stressed about the consequences and implications of air shipping from China to USA/US.  

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How Nepalese become Gorkha?





History of Gorkhas

The term Gorkha or Gurkha is usually referred to as soldiers of Nepalese origins who served in the legendary British Brigade of Gurkhas over many generations. There are also other regiments designated as Gurkha and still serve in the Indian Army as of 1991. For more than 175 years, from the early 1990s, Nepal has served as recruits for British Gurkha regiments and Indians.

In Singapore and Brunei retired British Gurkhas have also served in specially raised security units. The term Gurkha or Gorkha has no distinct ethnic connection but they are derived from the name of the old kingdom of Gorkha (Gurkha), the territory which roughly encompassed the present-day district of Gorkha. Gorkha is a district in Nepal which is in the mountains famous for Manaslu Circuit trek, 100-130 kilometers west of Kathmandu. In the eighteen century, the soldiers from the kingdom of Gorkha established an international reputation for their martial qualities and successful invasions of Tibet.

The king’s warrior expanded the Gorkha Kingdom eastward across the Himalayas to Sikkim the whole group in the area came to be known as Gurkha soldiers. Legends say that Gurkha soldiers never drew their service-issued kukri without drawing blood, even if they had to draw their blood. Kukri is curved shaped Nepalese knives which represent the Gurkha soldiers. Although, the legend added immeasurably to Gurkhas’ reputation for toughness which is probably a tradition of a bygone era. Gurkhas are among the more memorable of modern military history as they surround the Gurkhas. In the mid-sixteenth century, the old Gorkha kingdom was established by Dravya Shah who was the founder of Shah Thakuri kings that has reigned in Nepal ever since two centuries.

Under the young and energetic king Prithivi Narayan Shah the Gorkha kingdom began a major expansion and conquered the Kathmandu valley and unified numerous petty kingdoms while consolidating his control over an area substantially as that of modern Nepal. Legendary King Prithici Narayan Shah ruled for 32 years from 1743 to 1775. In 1763 the two regular Gurkha regiments were designated as Sri Nath and Purano Gorakh, which were also the first two regular regiments. As the Gorkha rule was expanded the responsibility for establishing military strong points and for maintaining a local militia were given to district governors (bad hakim).

Gorkhas the Famous for Armys

In the eighteenth century, the military powers of the Nepalese soldiers became known from where the forces were known as Gorkha invaded Tibet. Neal itself is home to certain ethnic groups such as Limbu, Rai, Magar, Tamang, Sherpa, Gurung, Chhetri, Thakuri, and many more who won reputations as warrior tribes. The bulk of the kingdom’s soldiers up to the rank of captain were furnished by the Gurung, Magar, and Limbu. Higher ranks were used to be filled by the Thakuri, Chhetri, and Rai groups, As the officers came almost exclusively from families of the ruling elite.

It is a perplexing fact until the middle of the nineteenth century, armies were raised in need and disbanded when the need expired, which created a sizable reserve of highly trained veterans. However, the unemployment problem recurred. Only the higher castes were retained for military service between wars.

 By Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa the first steps towards the creation of a sizable permanent military were started. Bhimsen Thapa ruled in Nepal from 1804 to 1837 and raised the army strength from ten thousand to fifteen thousand persons. He has also built the arsenals, ordnance workshops, and cantonments and introduced the large parade ground constructed at Tundikhel in Kathmandu in the period of 1991.

Where does Gurkha come from?

Gurkhas are the brave soldiers traditionally recruited from the hill people of Nepal, right back in 8th century Hindu warrior Guru Gorakhnath has traced their roots. In 1814 the Gurkhas were first encountered when the British East India Company fought against them in the Anglo-Nepalese War. In 1815 the first Gurkha troops were recruited with military abilities and honorable tactics.

The relationship between Nepali Gurkhas and Britain was enabled in 1816 after the end of the Peace Treaty and Britain was able to recruit Nepali Gurkhas. The relationship with Nepal is the oldest ally of Asia.

Who are they?

Originally, Gurkhas soldiers from Nepal, named after the small district of Nepal Gorkha. There is much bravery of Gurkhas in history. In 1816, Gurkhas were recruited into the British Army and lasted for 200 years. As Gurkhas are good in their natural daily life they are known to be fearless in combat. They have remained renowned for their loyalty, professionalism, and bravery to this day.

Best of the Best

After representing the Gurkhas they have served with distinction throughout the world. Brave Gurkhas have earned an incredible 13 Victoria Crosses for acts of extreme valor, along with the countless other medals. Now Gurkha is famous for its name on the globe.


Gurkhas are the brave soldiers with brave regiments belonging to Nepal. With the brave heart and stunning performances, they have become and renowned as Gorkha’s. There is a famous slogan of Gurkhas, “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha”.

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9 Travel Tips From the Couple Who Have Been On The Road From Last 20 Years



Traveling is fun. But for most people, it is a tiresome job as well. Carrying around the items, booking hotels, and visiting places, things start to get boring, the repetitive task at the very least. However, in a recent interview with the couple that has been on the road for the last 20 years, have visited more than 50 countries, and are full-time parents, borrowing a thing or two from their book won’t affect much.

Here are nine travel tips from the couple who have been on the road for the last 20 years.

  • Make Travel a Priority

As pointed out well by the couple, all of us have a wardrobe full of designer clothes which we do not repeat. A garage is full of toys that have now dust over it and a ton of unnecessary stuff that we don’t require anymore. Eliminate these as much as possible and make travel your biggest priority in the process. Travelling opens the world of opportunities, whether it is business or personal. It is better to invest in Thailand tourism than spending bills on a bunch of unnecessary items. So better keep saving for your next tour.

  • Invest More Time At Lesser Places

One of the biggest mistakes most couples or families do while traveling is to cover multiple locations in one go. Hopping on to the next location requires a lot of planning, applying for visas, and an incredible amount of both time and money that will render you hopeless in just a few weeks. Hence make sure to spend a week or two at a place, know the place inside out, and then venture out for a new adventure.

  • Because This Is Not Your Home

The ultimate aim of traveling is to roam across the bewildering streets, eat junk food, and experience life like never before. If you wish that everything were like your home, there is no point in traveling all around.

One has to adjust to the changes – whether it is the climate or the food or the people and learn to find joy in them. For instance, if you are in Thailand Packages, enjoy street food apart from the fancy hotels. It would make a lot more sense in the long run. Learn to accept new cultures and embrace a changing lifestyle.

  • Travel Needs Not To Stop With Kids

While many couples think that travel stops with kids, this is not the scenario at hand. The couple firmly believes that they have been successfully traveling for the last ten years. Things need not change until you wish to. No wonder it requires a great deal of effort and planning, but at the end of the day, it depends upon your planning. Traveling with kids is fun unless you don’t want it to be.

  • Chalk It Out Well

Now it’s time for some real action. You, along with your family, need to figure out what works best, and hence the following point is critical. Maybe someone in your family cannot withstand the heat, or is the rainy season getting on your nerves. The scenarios differ with each passing year, and hence make sure to calculate all the pros and cons before chalking out something that suits all your needs.

  • Talk To The Locals

The next biggest travel hack on the list is talking to the locals. The locals know better than any online guide will ever do, and your guide may not cover all the points or locations as your local guide will ever do. The family in the context provided us a great way to move across the best locations in the town. Just ask the receptionist or the bellboy for the top sites in the city for a tip. This works like wonder and hence is a must for your next trip to Thailand.

  • Speak in Their Tongue

Learning a local tongue can be a great asset all the time. Not every citizen speaks English, and hence there is no point in yelling at others. However, a small gesture like a smile or a wave could break down the barrier and allow you to spend time with the locals. The coupling guide takes a small book of phrases or a mobile application that speaks volumes and could prove to be a great aid in your journey.

  • Because The Best Things In Life Are Free

While this may sound absurd, it is indeed very true to traveling as well. Most often, we compare richness with happiness, but that is not always the case. You can still make small moments huge with the right vision. Some of the low budget plans could include cycling across the town or hiking the mountains, or just watching the sunset. Thailand tourism holds thousands of such minor activities that can work out in the long run and provide happiness.

  • Prefer Hostels over Overpriced Hotels

The last gem in the series is to stay at hostels than overpriced hotels. Hostels are simple, affordable, and just the right thing for individuals running on a shoestring budget. One can also check out the latest listings from Thailand tourism’s website to briefly discuss the same.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to traveling across the globe, it is no wonder an impossible task at first. However, with each trip, you gain some learnings that can help you in the next tour. Hence, keep traveling!

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Things to try on an Early Morning Desert Safari



Morning desert Safari ports are something’s that move the mind, and it’s even additional necessary once seeing the wonder and charm of the desert within the morning. There is one thing supernatural regarding dawn within the desert and it provides you wonderful. On your port tour, ne’er miss the chance to travel on a spectacular Morning desert Safari dubai that awaits you with all its energy and style.

Here you’ll see that they’re lost in Wonderland, which is formed of a huge ocean of golden shiny sand and big dunes. Everything here feels terribly acceptable. If you would like to pay your journey in an exceedingly quiet and quiet place aloof from the hustle and bustle of the town, you ought to not miss the Morning Desert safari.


We have created bespoken packages for all our customers. We tend to prefer to style our packages keeping in mind the wants of the purchasers. For people who don’t prefer to travel on desert safari at midnight, they’ll opt for a morning desert safari expedition. There is a unit solely such a big amount of vital things that may never miss the chance to go to this wonderful a part of natural beauty. Make sure to go to this mysterious gem in peninsula and that we provide you with the chance to style this individuation of the Dubai Desert.

Dawn within the desert is spectacular, and particularly the wonder of the desert sunrise read cannot be demarcated in precise words. Once you depart from the glamorous aspect of city, you’ll have the chance to expertise the exciting great thing about this space in associate degree epic and refreshing manner. Pickup service is provided to any or all guests and your journey to the most effective work of nature begins.

You will shortly notice that traveling through empty roads at constant time, however at constant time, traveling within the picturesque desert is invigorating.
Many nice and exciting outside activities square measure obtainable to all or any guests,  that is of dominant importance. In extra biking, you’ll be able to additionally relish artiodactyl rides, quad biking, hot air balloons, and more. Planning to Bedouin-inspired camps provides you the chance to find out superb Arabic culture and traditions.

The clear pulse of the jungle

Ever miss an opportunity to expertise the mighty urban center desert jungle. I’m positive it’s quite simply memory. Not solely can you be visiting and wandering around such a fine looking place, however you may even be far from your traditional life and find an opportunity to induce to understand yourself higher altogether elements of the town.

Things to try on a Morning Desert Safari

The Morning desert expedition any (isn’t any) but a choice to entertain its guests. You may not be bored for one second of your journey that will be one in every of the simplest and most diverting belongings you will do here.

Under the rising sun, the soft lightweight rays from the previous night and also the cool sand provide you with a decent likelihood to fancy associate degree exciting quad biking on a desert hunting expedition. Experiencing the beauties of the desert whereas enjoying quad biking could be a nice choice. It may be fun and sporting at identical time to urge the most level of enjoyment and excitement, attempt learning quad biking tricks and make out on your own.

Doing nothing and standing within the middle of the desert, observance the spectacular and spectacular read of the desert can provide you with most joy and happiness. You get enough opportunities to capture the beauties of the desert on your camera. However capturing the charm and amazing great thing about the desert in images could be a terribly difficult task. It’s extremely difficult.

how will a desert ship travel? One in every of the most options of the morning desert campaign is that the artiodactyl ride for guests World Health Organization will relish a desert ride. A radio-controlled ride of the celebrated desert ships is offered to find out the way to find habitats.

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Do you want to get to Sri Lanka for a tour? We are here to take you.



Going on a tour of a different country with friends or family is a great experience. A lot of people are going to terms of other countries every day. Most people don’t go because they can’t find a too good company or agency to take them in a tour and can’t go.

There are a lot of tour companies available to take you in a tour. But most of the tour companies are not better. But you should choose the best company for you. If the tour company is not better, you will not get a better experience while traveling. If you are going on Sri Lanka tours, you will need your tourist tour company for proper guide.

It always takes a little bit of extra money to get better service. If you want to get better service, you must invest a little bit differently. You should choose the best Sri Lanka tour packages if you’re going to get a better and reliable experience. For selecting the best tour package, you must choose the best company. But do you know how to choose a better company?

Choosing a better tour company is very difficult. But if you can follow some instructions, it will be easier for you.

1. Renowned and Better Company

The tour company you are going to choose must be renowned and better. Most people must use it. If the company is not famous and better, you will not get better service. So, the company must be renowned and better. Otherwise, you will not get a reliable experience while going in the tour.

2. Best Tour Packages

The company you are going to choose must provide the best tour packages. If the tour packages are not better, you will not get a reliable experience. There might be different things in the same place. Like there might be a hill, temple, jungle, and cultural items in one place, and you like an adventure. So, it would help if you chose the adventurous tour package. The adventurous tour package must be available in the tour packages of the company. Not just this package, the other kind of tour packages must be available in the company. There must be packages for at least five days. Because you will be quickly and correctly visit any place within five days. 

3. Best Services

The most important thing is the best service. If you don’t get the best services, you will not convey the tour’s experience entirely. There must be better ways to go, better vehicles for getting a reliable traveling experience, better hotels for staying at night, better food for eating, enough water for drinking, and others. If you don’t get all the services, you will not get a better experience. So, ensure all these services.

4. Best Value

It would help if you compared the prices of the tour packages with the company you will choose. You will be able to get the same service at different prices from different companies. But you should select a company providing the best service at an affordable price.

5. User Reviews

It is the most important thing. You should what the users have said about the group that you are going to choose in their opinion. If they have given a positive statement about their experience, you can select that company.

You should notice if the company is providing all these services or not. If a tour company does not offer all these services, don’t choose that company because you will not get a reliable experience while going in a company tour. So, try to follow all these instructions if you can.

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Why You Will Love Living In Nashville




Why You Will Love Living In Nashville

When one thinks of Nashville, they probably think of it as a hub for country music, delicious southern food, and just generally a place to have a good ole time, southern style. While all of this is true, there is so much more to consider why you will love living in Nashville. If you are seriously thinking about relocating to the Music City, we’ve got a couple of reasons why you will absolutely love it. Read on below to learn why you should pack your things and make Nashville your homestead.

It’s The Music Capital of the World

Although most people think of country music when they think of Nashville, there are also other genres getting their start from the city. This means that when you’re wanting to experience some live music, you won’t just be limited to country music. In fact, if you walk down the busy streets of Nashville, you’ll most likely hear different types of live music pouring out of different bars and venues into the street, hoping to draw you in. With different types of music, means you can also find music to enjoy as a family. Nashville also has various venues such as Ryman Auditorium, Cheekwood Centennial Park, and the famous Grand Ole Opry. With the different types of music and venues in Nashville, you and your family will find something to enjoy, regardless of your music preferences.

Classic Southern Meets Modern Advantages

Although Nashville has been around for quite some time and has its culture and traditions steeped deep in the south, it still is growing with the times, especially in real estate. Although one may think of homes in Nashville being structured in the victorian or even farmhouse style, think again. You can find many other styles of homes that are more modern such as a Craftsman, Contemporary, and many more. Concerning the downtown city of Nashville itself, you will also see classic southern meets modern in business as well. An older and beloved barbeque joint may sit side-by-side with a hip gastropub and other businesses that love harmoniously next to each other but offer old comfort or new and interesting experiences.

Fantastic Food

Speaking of country music and southern comfort, Nashville is also known for its many different types of restaurants. It seems there always some new restaurant or coffee shop popping up, whether it be a continuation of southern favorites, takes on international cuisines, or new foodie trends that are sweeping the world by storm. Nashville is also known for its farmer markets, too, so if you’re craving some fresh produce, you have access to them as well. With the variety of places to eat and try out, just like with music, Nashville has something for everyone, regardless of their taste.

Greenery and Scenery

In addition to all the wonderful music, food, and different types of homes, Nashville also boasts some amazing green spaces and scenery to go along with it. If you want to still have nature at your doorstep, Nashville has numerous greenways such as Shelby Park, Randor Lake, Cumberland River, Browns Creek, and many, many more. Some of these parks and hiking trails also have food truck days where you can enjoy a picnic in the park before or after a hike or a stroll. Concerning scenery, there are plenty of sights to choose from such as Vanderbilt University, which has hundreds of different plant species and is also considered a national arboretum or if you’re after history and music, you can check out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Regardless of what you’re after for nature and sights, Nashville has it all.

Make The Move to Nashville

With so much music to listen to, food to eat, and sights to see, Nashville has it all. As a newly minted local, you’ll be able to enjoy any one of these Nashville offerings at your leisure and may even find some hidden city gems on your own. What are you waiting for? Nashville is calling and you should come and call it home.

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