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Affordable Wedding Photographer In London



Focus – Wedding Photographer in London 

Wedding photography is a beautiful and important part of a wedding to capture a beautiful day. Every person wants a good photograph in their wedding, to make it memorable. And London is a sparkling city with modern people and no doubt they have the best wedding photographers in London. Wedding photography is too costly and many people can not afford it. So, Affordable wedding photography in London is also important.

Wedding photography is a specialty of photographers to click photos more creatively, that mainly focuses on events and activities in weddings. It includes a couple of photography for a pre-wedding shoot, such as engagement, and rituals. 

What Type of Technology Photographers Used to Capture Photographs:

Nowadays many technologies come to click the good photographs, such as digital cameras like DSLR, SLR, and others. These cameras have more features to click photo creative. They have a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.

Today, most photographers use digital SLR cameras to capture photos creatively as digital convenience It provides detecting lighting mistakes and allows creative approaches immediately. 

Technology has been developed with the use of remote triggers and flashlights. Wedding photographers are able to travel light and use it as a different lightning effect.

Types of Approaches of Photographers Use:

You can easily find on the internet that there are two approaches for the wedding photography, first traditional and second photojournalist. 

  1. Traditional Style of Wedding Photography:

Traditional wedding photography gives classical poses and good interaction with photographers during the ceremony.

  1. Photojournalist Wedding Photography:

 Photojournalist wedding photography is a style of photoshoot with reporting style and more focused candid image with less photographer interaction. It is a typical image shot using light or camera flash.

The other approaches of wedding photography are:

  1. Fashionable Photography:

It is the third style of wedding photography based on fashion. This photography combines candid images of the event day. This photography is more innovative and dramatically processing photos.

  1. Contemporary Photography:

Fourth photography is style, this is not traditional photography. The contemporary style of wedding photography in London is used to capture the story and atmosphere of the wedding so that viewers give appreciation to what the wedding is like rather than a series of poses of never predetermined. 

Types of Photoshoot  in Wedding:

There are uncountable poses for wedding photography in London but there are mainly these four poses, they are more popular and give an elegant look to your wedding.

  1. Couple Pose: In this pose, only the bride and groom are there. And photographers shoot photos of brides and grooms with different styles like standing poses, love poses, romantic poses, sitting poses etc. In this pose looks love and romance between bride and groom.
  1. Funky Groom Pose: In this pose, the photographer shoots only the groom and groom side, male family members, in a funky and enjoyable look. And it’s like a last bachelor pose with friends. This pose is a pre-wedding shoot. 
  1. Quirky Pose: In this pose, photographers shoot images of the bride and her friends and sister’s photos. They click enjoyable, funny, emotional moments. This moment is always remembered. Something is very emotional behind this pose because it may be the last funny thing between the bride and their friend, because after the wedding maybe it is impossible to meet every friend and click photos in a funky and funny style.
  1. Poses on Rituals: Ritual poses means the photographer captures every ritual and every participant in rituals. They capture both the family groom and bride. This is a very interesting part of a wedding. Because both families interact with each other and complete all rituals with enjoy.

Who Plays an Important Role in Wedding:

In wedding, decoration plays an important role. Weddings which come only once in a life. So, everyone wants them to look beautiful, Gorgeous, and elegant and always want their beautiful day to always be remembered. They remember to hire the photographer, but they forgot to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planner is who makes your wedding always memorable. 

Photographers capture photos after the wedding planner decides what should be decorated on the backside of the bride and groom and all arrangements of rituals. Without a wedding planner may be your photographer’s capture perfectly. In weddings not only the backside of the bride and groom even the whole wedding venue are captured in your wedding album. When you open your wedding, album remember that time. So, when you hire a photographer that time you also hire a wedding planner.

How can you find a good Wedding Photographer in London:

Too many people are confused about how to hire the affordable and best photographer? This question is acceptable, a fair answer is a good photographer has quality. They know many poses and techniques to shoot photographs. They know many ideas to create an adorable and elegant wedding. They know which light is good for a photoshoot and which area is perfect. The photographer is perfect for photoshop, editing. They know everything about wedding photoshoots.

How to Select a Wedding Planner:

Every wedding planner has a catalog of their Sample of decorations. You can see their sample photograph of decorations and if you like his/her decoration. So, you hire that wedding planner. And otherwise, if you do not like their decorations you find some wedding venue decorations on the internet, and ask the wedding planner, you are able to do this type of decoration or not. 

I hope after this you will be satisfied with your photograph and arrangements.


Now we are at the end of our article, no doubt this article is very fruitful for you if you are looking for affordable wedding photographers in London. I cover all the topics related to wedding photographers in London such as all poses, the quality of a good photographer, technology with their specialty. And also explain the wedding planner, and why wedding planners play an important role in wedding photography. If you are going to hire a good photographer, so before that, it is recommended that you read this content.

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Minimal Eye Makeup Looks to Rock Everyday




Eye Makeup Looks

At the zenith of summer, when the temperatures are hot, days are long, and work schedule is jam-packed, the last thing you want to do is apply heavy or fussy eye makeup. Instead, every one of us wants eye look makeup that is minimal and memorable. A simple eye makeup look that makes your best features pop can be magnetizing enough to attract everybody’s attention. While bold eyes can work as a great confidence booster, on the other hand, winged eyeliner will enhance your beautiful eyes. Simple yet elegant, effortless, and manageable, you can achieve all these looks through our simple eye look makeup guide. 

(Image Source- Shutterstock)

To rouse you into brushing up your minimal eye makeup look and move on from just depending on your good kajal, here are 4 basic eye look makeup that will steal the show, for sure!

  1. Smoke it Up

Make it smokey with a black colour eye shadow stick. The black eye shadow will add definition to your eyes, giving you a natural and prim look. A perfect companion for every occasion, and one of the top choices of every makeup lover. Don’t be shy to pair this minimal eye makeup look with your formal outfits!

You can try brands like SERY Cosmetic’s FocusEye shadow stick to achieve this stunning look. 

  1. The Winged Magic

An eyeliner is perhaps one of the most essential parts of eye makeup. It subtly enhances your eyes. Define your eyes using kohl and eyeliner; the liner’s thin line will add precision to your overall look. Give a little wing to your eyeliner along the edges, and it will make your face appear neater and give major boss lady vibes. Let your eyes do the talking with intense black kajal. Using the multi-tasking kajal stick, you can experiment with different looks. One stroke of kajal will be sufficient for you to make a bold statement with confidence. 

  1. A Voluminous Affair

Amp up your eye makeup game with a dash of mascara. It will instantly add thickness, length, and a darker colour to the lashes. This will draw attention to the eyes and create definition. Add a dose of wakefulness to your eyes and lashes without being over the top. XpressLash Volumizing Mascara from SERY Cosmetics is a must-have in every makeup bag. Its super flexible formula will both lift and curl your lashes while giving an additional ultra-volumizing and lengthening effect to your lashes. Show off your lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. 

  1. The Glittery Galore 

If minimalism is what you are longing for, then wave goodbye to your bold and bright eye shadow shades to the bottom of your makeup bag and pave the way for sultry neutral and glittery colours like the SERY Cosmetics’ FocusEye Shadow Stick in the Glaze shade. Its weightless application is as light as air and offers incredible comfort to the eyes. Using the seamless blending formula, blend a small amount of golden eye shadow into your crease, and finish the eye makeup look with a thin stroke of black eyeliner. You can experiment with different eyeshadow colours, to enhance your minimal everyday look. 

Build-Up the Extra Oomph with Simplicity

Reliable beauty and cosmetics brand like SERY Cosmetics offers an extensive range of eye makeup products that perfectly fit your hectic everyday schedule. Gear up to create a limitless eye makeup look with some of the best products. You can achieve a unique eye makeup look every day with their portable, smooth and long-lasting range of eye makeup. 

So, make a wise choice and let your eyes be the show-stopper!

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Heritage Watches Are Designed to Last




Mechanical watches have always been regarded as nostalgic products. They are the famous survivor of a very long age that started when the earliest timepieces were made for monasteries. These are the Middle Age’s timeless watches that came to a sweet end when the quartz watches were introduced in the 1960s.

It’s no doubt that watches are more like miniature pieces of art that boast a combination of practical functionality, the latest advancement in metal technology, and traditional technique. Over the years, these factors have progressively backed up electronics and watches’ production with utmost precision. Watch design and production is a product of changes and trends. The heritage watches were once complete vintage but have found their way back to the limelight. It’s a fact that they are dominating the global space in terms of fashion and watches. The reason for this may not be too far-fetched. These watches are timeless indeed, and they are designed to last forever.

Why Heritage Watches are a Perfect Choice for You

For men and women of fashion, the whole ensemble is not complete without the proper accessories. There are no better accessories for the wrist than the watch. No doubt, there are different brands and designs of watches, but heritage watches are in a class of their own. When you talk about vintage aesthetics, refined watch complications, and unique color options, heritage watches come right into the picture. So are you looking to introduce the vintage neo-dandy style to your collection again? A heritage watch is an excellent choice. Here are some unique features of the watch that makes it the perfect choice for you.

Chronograph Design

Heritage watches come with the latest chronograph design featuring a domed-looking colored dial with dark rhodium-coated numerals in Arabic and dots for indexes. The timepiece has been designed to provide exceptional visibility with its luminescent hands for the hours and minutes and the contrasting steel baton second’s hand. You’ll find the heritage timepiece with its 42mm stainless steel case and polished satin-finishes. It also features a domed sapphire glass-like box and a distinctive embossing on the back case. Other unique features that make heritage watches include the dial, movement, crown, and case. 

Options of Heritage Watches to Explore


If you’re looking for heritage watches designed to last, the Montblanc Heritage range is a good choice. It comes with the Pulsograph and a stunning chronograph with a salmon-colored dial and steel case. It features a pulsometer scale, which dates back to when doctors travel to take the pulse of their patients, counting. This is not the only nostalgic element incorporated in the heritage watch. It also comes with a display window that shows the mono-pusher chronograph caliber. Montblanc heritage watches are limited edition with only 100 pieces available for sale.

Carl F. Bucherer

With an added feature of an annual calendar, the Heritage BiCompax Annual from Carl F. Bucherer is a practical and attractive timepiece. Featuring a 41mm size, it looks as authentic as the 3mm of the original vintage watch. It features a silver-pink dial and rectangular pushers. The annual calendar has also been fused discreetly with the dial design. It also features a distinctive rotor and a movement with perfect precision. You’ll find two limited editions of this brand of heritage watches, with one coming in gold and champagne/pink dial while the other is in steel with dark subdials.


Heritage watches have come to stay. Apart from these two brands, you can also find other brands that offer heritage watches to men and women of fashion. 

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How to rock a crop top



It’s not a unique challenge. So many of us have stared at them on a mannequin or on the girl at the park and been envious, wishing we could wear them that well. Crop tops are oh-so-cute, but you’re wondering if you can pull it off.  

Here’s the good news:

Anyone can wear crop tops. There are ways for anybody with any body type to wear a crop top and wear it well. If you find the right top, it gives you confidence and an opportunity to show some skin without feeling too exposed. 

They’re flirty but not too forward and will always provide very youthful energy to anyone wearing them, no matter the age. They’re ideal for a wide array of occasions, from festivals to the club, hiking, or at a football game; the style options are endless to mix and match as you please. 

Locate your natural waistline

A crop top typically should fall roughly at your natural waistline, but some people feel more comfortable with a bit longer tops that fall around their midriff. If you are concerned with how it may look, you can always pair it with a pair of high-waisted shorts, pants, or a skirt to give you more of an hourglass, leg-lengthening effect. Particularly when paired with a high waisted pleated skirt and heels. 

The Fit

Your natural waistline is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. Most shorter crop tops will stop right at your natural waist if they fit correctly. Depending on your level of comfort showing skin, that may determine which crop top you choose. As a general rule, though, it’s a good idea to try on as many as possible to get a feel for what you like best or what you feel most confident wearing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes it helps to feel more comfortable when you spend some time wearing them at home. However, the classic cut, like this one, is a solid choice to start with. Plain white crop tops are a great essential item for your wardrobe and can be used to showcase a favorite statement item like a patterned jacket or brightly colored pants.

Determine the occasion 

For a festival, for example, you should take into consideration how warm it will be. If you tend to sweat, you might find that a more loose-fitting top is more comfortable and won’t show sweat like a cling fitting top might—something like this. If you want a cling-fitting top anyway, it’s a good call to wear a dark one. Burgundy, navy, or black are always a solid choice, but any dark color won’t be as likely to show sweat. However, if you’re going to be in a breezy/chilly environment like a movie theatre, beach, or restaurant, it might be a good idea to pair it with a cute cardigan or pick one with long sleeves. They make sweater ones too. I’ve found that the loose-knit batwing sweaters are extraordinarily versatile, and you can wear them pretty much all year long. 

Layering is your friend

If you choose a classic style top with a tight fit, it makes it infinitely easier to layer a cardigan and a scarf, or a jean or moto jacket. You can also layer a camisole or thermal undershirt underneath a sweater crop top during the winter, and it keeps the same cute hourglass silhouette while keeping you very warm when paired with a skirt and fleece-lined leggings, and ankle booties. 

The most important part is not only doing what you feel comfortable with but to challenge yourself. Sometimes when we go outside of our natural comfort zones, we learn to love ourselves as we are more, and our confidence in ourselves improves.

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How to Wear Sclera Contact Lenses for Halloween



Halloween, a very famous American holiday, dates back to very ancient times. The rituals that people follow associated with this holiday date ago to the ancient festival of the Samhain. It is almost mandatory to come up with a creepy yet unique costume at this holiday, and perfect makeup looks along with that. While children extort treats from adults while threatening them to carry out mischiefs, adults, in turn, leave no stones unturned in scaring them to their wits. People decorate their houses with spooky decorations such as spider webs, fake blood, skeletal bones, witches, and ghosts statues. Children also love carrying out funny pranks on their friends and family. Halloween’s best thing is its parties where you can show off your creativity and look as glamorous and spooky as you want to.

There are countless unique and blood-curdling Halloween costumes that you can create with mini black sclera or mini red sclera lenses. As these lenses cover your entire eye, making it look bleak and empty, they can be incorporated in several Halloween costumes that require your eyes to look spooky. Mini red sclera lenses can also be used to recreate fiction horror characters such as Pennywise or Anabelle. 17mm mini sclera contact lenses can be used to create spine-chilling vampire and werewolf looks. These lenses are the best accessory to go with your Halloween costume and make it look a little bit extra!

Tips for inserting and removing your Halloween contacts

Even though contacts may seem daunting, they are actually very easy to use as long as you follow all the instructions. Before putting contacts in, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to remove bacteria and germs from transferring to the lenses. This way the lenses can last for a long time before you have to replace them with new ones. Every time you use them, rinse them with lens solution because it makes them stick better to the eye. After inserting, blink a couple of times to adjust the lens over your cornea. The same method goes for removing the lenses. Wash your hands and make sure they are very clean before you take them out. Place them in their container and store at a relatively colder place.

sclera lenses for your Halloween costumes

sclera contact lenses come in handy for many people who suffer from eye infections and diseases or even an irregular shaped cornea during Halloween. Such people are usually told that they can never wear contact lenses which can be sad to hear at holidays like Halloween when everyone is dressing up spookily and doing their best to look chilling. With the innovation in contact lenses, you do not need to depend on contact lenses for your costume to look amazing. Opt for sclera lenses such as mini black sclera or mini red sclera for a horrifying Halloween makeup look.

sclera contact lenses accentuate your eyes and your makeup look, giving you a much scarier look overall. If you have chosen for a vampire look, use mini black sclera or mini red sclera lenses to give your eyes a soulless and empty face. You can also go for white sclera lenses for a sugar skeleton or a skull look. For getting a realistic witch look, you can opt for a mini red sclera lens. Werewolves and animalistic looks can be achieved with yellow, green and orange sclera lenses, giving your eyes a gleaming look.

What makes sclera lenses better than normal contact lenses?

Since normal contact lenses do not work for a lot of people due to several reasons, eye doctors usually recommend sclera lenses to them.

sclera contact lenses not only provide comfort to people suffering from any eye infection or disease but also help them look however they want.

The space between the lens and the cornea is filled with artificial tears, amazing for people who face eye irritation while wearing contact lenses.

They are bigger and cover the entire cornea hiding any signs of infections.

These lenses are specially designed to allow oxygen through them for a better and comfortable experience.

sclera Lenses and Halloween Costumes

sclera lenses are so popular among the masses that even big makeup artists use them to add realistic and spine-chilling attributes to their horror movie characters. In turn, these characters become subjects for taking inspiration on holidays such as Halloween and events such as horror dress-up parties. There are many horror characters that you can take inspiration from this year at Halloween and scare everyone to their wits.

Creepy Skeleton Makeup

            For recreating a creepy skeleton look, all you need is black and white body paints to colour your face and add details to it. After painting a skull, add your mini black sclera lenses for a more deathly stare. You can be as creative and funny as you like and even paint your neck, which will make your entire costume come to life. A blonde wig and some red roses in your hair will pull the whole look together.

The Maleficent Look

Maleficent, one of the most famous movie characters, can be done quite easily with the most basic makeup skills and some mini black sclera lenses. Contouring your face with very dark and definite lines can give your cheeks and jaw a shape similar to her’s. Adding black sclera lenses seals the deals with this costume.

Pennywise Look

Pennywise is one of the most spine chilling horror movie characters to ever exist. Not only is this look super creepy but is very easy to achieve as well. For this reason, people love creating Pennywise looks. Adding coloured sclera lenses such as mini red sclera can introduce a more evil and chilly touch to your outfit.

Vampire Look

With the help of the full eye 22mm black sclera lenses you can easily recreate Vampire characters from your favorite TV show such as The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. The things you will need are a bomb outfit, some fake long and sharp teeth, fake latex blood and full eye 22mm black sclera lenses.

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The Trendiest Shoes for Women this Seas




Shoes are… something of an obsession among some of us. Honestly, you cannot have too many. Like, ever. You need a pair for every outfit, a pair in every color, a pair in every style. Boots, sneakers, heels, all of them; a lot of us simply need multiple pairs. We need variety.

Any reason to buy a new pair of shoes is a good one, and one of the best reasons is the changing of seasons. As we finish up winter and head into spring, let’s take a look at the trendiest shoes for women this season.

Low Heel Booties

If you think about it, the low heel bootie meets at the crux of multiple different styles. A shoe that’s shorter than a boot, but higher than a sneaker, less of a heel than some of those pumps you wear, but definitely more of a heel than just flats. This marriage of the best parts of all shoes makes the low heel bootie arguably the best shoe.

Though they have been in style for many seasons and for many years, this versatile shoe keeps up with current trends and is capable of changing with the seasons. This is why they are, in fact, still in style this season.

For more on-trend versions of this classic shoe, look for low heel booties in leather or snakeskin (or vegan versions of these) and fun colors. Pale shades like light grey and even white are a great way to transition your booties from winter to spring.

Plus, you can wear these low heel booties with a wide variety of this season’s trendiest outfits; they look good with rompers, cocktail dresses, and fun pants.

Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw, partner. Believe it or not, these Western classics are projected to be very much in this season. They have the perfect mix of a comfortable classic, but with an eccentric, bold flair. They say “I’m down to look fashionable, but also I’m chill about it.” The right pair of boots looks laid-back but still fashion-conscious.

To rock these new stand-out favorites, try them in a classic tan suede or black leather, for a nod to the old Western days. Or, to spice things up a bit, try a fun, bright pattern, for a look that’s sure to make a statement at any gathering. 

These boots can easily be the focal point of a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, or a more subtle addition to a flowy mini or midi dress.

Mary Janes

These old school staples are no longer just for schoolgirls. These adorable simple shoes are making their way onto the grown-up scene. This season, try out the cute, preppy simplicity of this throwback to your days back in grade school.

You can wear the same shiny, black, patent leather Mary Janes of yesteryear, or revamp them in white leather, or even a light color in suede. Designers are making these with kitten heels, flat soles, or the newly popular lug sole, so you can play with height, too.

Now, what to wear these Mary Janes with? Well, you could really lean into the classic schoolgirl vibe with a pinafore dress or even a plaid skirt. You can also play up the classic preppy vibe of these by pairing them with nice-fitting, tailored slacks, and a high-quality sweater.

Invest for Quality

No matter which of these new trendy styles you try out this season, keep in mind that your shoes face a whole lot of wear and tear on the day-to-day. If you’re in the market for a new pair to add to your wardrobe, it’s better to invest in a nice quality pair of shoes that can carry you through all of your adventures for a longer time.

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