Aeronautic Propeller Market- Global Asia Pacific countries, Strategy, Benefits, Demand, Forecast to 2027

The global aeronautic propeller market is segmented by number of blades type into two, three, four, five and more than five; by propeller type into fixed pitch propeller, ground adjustable, pitch propeller, two position propeller, constant speed propeller, full feathering propeller, reversing propeller, beta control propeller and controllable pitch propeller; by material type into wood, metal & composite material, stainless steel and aluminum; by configuration type into pusher configuration and tractor configuration.

Aeronautic propellers are used to convert mechanical energy into propulsive force which helps the aircrafts to fight the air currents and fly. Aeronautic propellers consist of two or more blades which are connected to the hub. These blades are in airfoil shape. When engine revolves the blades of aeronautic propeller system, blades produce a lift which is also known as thrust. This thrust helps the aircraft to accelerate. The propeller blades are twisted as to cut the air instead of just pushing against it.

In terms of regional platform, Asia Pacific countries such as China and India accounted for the fastest growing market of global aeronautic propeller in terms of revenue in 2017 due to the increasing industrialization. Increase in aeronautics industries in China & India and growth in number of joint ventures with international companies also expected to contribute in the growth of aeronautic propeller market. The increased use of aeronautics propulsion system in defense sector is expected to positively impact the aeronautic propeller market to grow over the forecasted period.

North America is expected to hold the largest market for aeronautic propeller due to the growing research and development activities for refining the design of the blades used in the aeronautics propeller system. U.S. is both a prominent consumer and manufacturer of aeronautic propeller and this factor is also projected to push the aeronautic propeller market in North America region over the forecasted period.

Rising Demand for Controllable Pitch Propeller

Controllable pitch propeller is expected to grow with the highest CAGR during the forecasted period. These propellers are used for heavy load such as cargo, tanker and bulk carrier. These propellers contain movable components which provide good control over maneuvering of an aircraft especially when there is a variation in climatic conditions and inconsistency in aircraft loads.

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Other benefits controllable pitch propeller offers are better maneuverability, high propulsion efficiency, less wear & tear of blades and provide better performance over the other propeller types. These features of controllable pitch propeller are expected to contribute in the growth of aeronautics propeller market globally.

The increasing cost for the raw materials for the manufacturing of aeronautic propellers act as the major restraint for the growth of the aeronautic propeller market. 

Wide Use of Aeronautic Propellers in Military

Different types of military aircraft are worked under terrible conditions during critical rescue operations or defense missions. Aeronautic propellers of military aircraft have a great tolerance against wear and tear. Aeronautic propellers used in military possess ultra-high performance and high durability. These wide uses of aeronautic propeller with advance features in military sector are expected to contribute in the growth of aeronautic propeller market globally.

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