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Are you searching for the features and advantages of Huawei FIDO? Want to explore all helpful information related to Huawei FIDO? Probably yes. That’s something which has made you reach here, and you have landed in the right place. Stay attached to us to learn everything you need to know about Huawei FIDO.

What is Huawei FIDO?

Huawei FIDO being a key to both security and convenience, provides your app with FIDO2 based on WebAuthn standard. The system offers Android Java APIs for apps and browsers and makes it possible for the users to complete authentication through roaming authenticators (such as NFC, USB, and Bluetooth authenticators) or platform authenticators (such as fingerprint and 3D face authenticator).

Furthermore, FIDO also provides a robust biometric authentication for your app, including fingerprint authentication and 3D facial authentication. It also makes it possible for your app to provide secure and easy-to-use password-free authentication for the users, along with ensuring reliable authentication results.

Service Features of Huawei FIDO

Here are some of the service features of Huawei FIDO

  • It provides WebAuthn-based APIs to implement the FIDO2 client.
  • The service features roaming authenticators such as NFC, USB, and Bluetooth authenticators.
  • It supports platform authenticators, including fingerprint and 3D face authenticators.
  • It takes the system integrity check as a prerequisite for using FIDO2 authentication, which ensures more and secure authentication.

Functions of Huawei FIDO

Following are the main functions of Huawei FIDO.

· Local Biometric Authentication

This function enhances your trustworthiness using system integrity checks and critical verification. It uses 3D face recognition to improve accuracy.

· Online Identity Verification

This function identifies online users with passwordless login and payments. The solution is professionally integrated into the existing account infrastructure.

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Advantages of Huawei FIDO

Here is a list of advantages associated with Huawei FIDO.

· Trustworthiness

The system is trustworthy as it safeguards authentication with system integrity check, enhanced 3D face recognition, and key verification. The features enhance the trustworthiness of Huawei FIDO.

· Convenience

The system is extremely convenient as it facilitates password security by taking advantage of biometric features or authenticators.

· Mature Solution

Huawei FIDO offers full ecosystem specifications and applications which can be easily integrated into already existing account infrastructure.

· Privacy Protection

The system is entirely safe and secure. It verifies and stores user privacy data locally instead of keeping it in the cloud. This feature enhances the privacy of your data.

· User Policy

  • The user can employ FIDO2 to check whether a user is valid for your app in sign-in and payment situations.

Similarly, you can use BioAuthn to check either the current user of a device is the device owner or not. If the FIDO capabilities are not applicable, you can employ BioAuthn capabilities to implement fingerprint and face-based sign in.

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