Reasons why should one opt for ACTP pathway for accreditation?

Accredited Coach Training Program, commonly, abbreviated as ACTP is one of the pathways for obtaining a coaching credential accredited by the world-class, no-profit coaching accreditor, International Coach Federation (ICF). ACTP accreditation program helps in standardising coaching activities. The coaching program under this pathway is designed to provide genuine accredited certificates to people who want to teach and practice coaching professionally. This globally recognised coach training program helps in developing professional coaching practitioners. This accreditation program helps in specific coach training globally. ACTP is one of the major pathways of ICF monitored coach accreditation program. ACTP is the most sought-after coach training program because of its credibility and start to finish training approach.

ACTP is an all-inclusive training program completed with designated teaching hours, class discussions, end-program evaluation and method coaching practices under the guidance of experienced mentor coaches. The program trainers are ICF Credential holders, either, at ACC, PCC or MCC level. ACTP accreditation program complies with all the ICF’s code of ethics, its core coaching competencies and produces competent coaches by the end of the program. The course has a term-end evaluation system which helps in analysing the competency of aspiring professional self-coach practitioners. The mentors of these programs also give valuable feedback to the aspirants which help them in honing their coaching skills better.

The ACTP coach training program aims to create a coaching skill among the aspirant coaches to enable them to practice professionally as coaches. With the help of this training amateur coaches can gain good in-depth knowledge on their coaching skills. ACTP helps in grooming the coaches to become good professionals. The process of ACTP accreditation helps trainee coaches to learn formal and established coaching techniques while leaving behind informal coaching practices. It improves the social awareness of the coaches and helps them connect better with the emotional side of their coaches. By undertaking this pathway, the coaching program trainees understand coaching competencies and learn to apply all the coaching techniques in their own professional as well as personal lives.  This in turn helps the coaches to guide their clients in a professional manner. ACTP helps all informal coaches to become competent coaches who can professionally coach their clients and help them reach their untapped potential.

The ICF certified ACTP program trains basic coaches to coach in all spheres of life. Coaches can choose to apply their learning as executive coaches, leader coaches and even as team coaches. This world class program is highly beneficial for becoming an ICF certified accredited professional coach for practicing, either, as an individual practitioner coach or as a coach in any reputed corporate institution.

ACTP is an all-round course which helps the trainees to get their ICF certified ACC or PCC credentials. This discussion and practise-based training program can be attended from any part of the world. Programs could be conducted online or face to face depending on the organization and the need. This is an authentic certified professional coach training program suitable for team leaders, managers and teaching professionals or anyone who professionally desires to practice as a Coach. ACTP online program is the best ICF certified pathway for accreditation as through this program one can become a full-fledged licensed coach. Many satisfactory coaching career options open up after the completion of this qualification program.

The ICF certified ACTP program is a transparent program. The various institutes providing this course, either online or as real-time classroom, should give a detailed explanation about the course offered. As, the coach training institutes follow the core competencies defined by International Coach Federation, the programs are designed to be delivered in a systematic manner with integrated tutorial hours and learning activities. The classes are conducted with dedicated hours of live-training, in which, the ACC/ PCC/ MCC faculty coaches interact with the student coaches, mentor the aspirants, give them wholistic feedback, observe their progress and also conduct coach practice sessions with them. ACTP training program which are conducted online technology are beneficial to the apprentice coaches as they can complete the course from the comforts of their homes. Learners from any corner of the world can complete this course and get accredited as a Professional Coach.

This coaching program has a start-to-finish approach which provides wholistic knowledge as well as experiential learning. As the trainee coaches are assessed and evaluated through an end-term examination, they become eligible for applying for ICF credentials through ACTP pathway. This course serves various coaching aspirations. It is equally beneficial for new coaches or service providers wishing to expand their coaching services. It is also an option for organisations looking to polish the expertise of their existing coaches.

ICF recognised ACTP training is a globally recognised coach training program. ICF accreditation gives a course pursuer genuine credibility in order to become a certified professional coach or mentor. Due to the well renowned accreditation of ICF, the credentials of a ACTP graduate coach are considered valuable and his/her market value too increases exponentially. There are many online coaching centres, which provide ACTP courses, one should investigate thoroughly before choosing a coach training institute that serves one’s purpose the best.

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