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These days people all over the world are trying to improve their lives by migration processes. A big part of them thinks that they can deal with the procedure on their own. However, from the very first step they lack the main principle of the successful immigration – knowledge.

Immigration company named Public Investments Solutions will you through all the processes, and explain how to choose the most convenient way of acquiring EU passport.

Procedures of obtaining EU ID-card

There is a variety of different immigration programs, that people choose for their relocation to European Union. Their choice depends on their personal goals and the country of relocation.

Wealthy expats often choose the investment procedure because they are interested in doing business, contributing in real estate or just a quick process of obtaining an EU ID-card. Of course, the Maltese citizenship can be obtained within 12 months, but the donation will be non-refundable. A lot of other countries support the investment program, and the requirements for the applicants are different (prove the regular income, have no criminal record, run business for a particular period of time, etc). Public Investments Solutions is able to provide the customers with the relevant information about certain investment programs, and will help you to choose the most convenient one.

If someone has the territorial affiliation, or the proof of his/her ethnicity, the repatriation can be the best option. The pros of the procedure are:

  • The time of registration is about a year;
  • You will avoid the exam, and will need just pass the oath-taking ceremony;

Moreover, if you do not have the proof of your ethnicity or territorial affiliation, the knowledgeable lawyers of Public Investments Solutions can help you to search for it in the governmental repositories.

Naturalization can be provided if someone relocates to the country to work, on the basis of family reunion, etc. Nevertheless, the main thing you should know is that registration requires a lot of time. Moreover, you will need to pass the exam on knowledge of the country’s history, culture, and language. The whole process is famous for its long processing time.

There are a lot of documents, that can allow people to live in the country or even get passport in the future. For example, European Qualifications Passport for Refugees, Blue Card, etc.

Why should everyone consider of lawyers’ support?

The lawyers of Public Investments Solutions are able to provide you with the full support in registering of needed documents, including:

  • Searching for the documents in the repositories;
  • Translating and notarizing the papers;
  • Submitting it to the authorized body;
  • Keeping an eye on the whole procedure;
  • Assistance in the registration of internal documents of the country of relocation.

If you are considering relocation, it is necessary to ask for the experts’ help. That kind of move will increase the chances of obtaining EU passport because the experts of know how to deal with all the nuances correctly and smoothly. In comparison with others, you will be involved in registration just partly (because almost all the work will be handled by the lawyers).

If you want to make sure and see the difference between the registration with the company and on your own, check the reviews of the immigrants on the trusted websites. reviews from the clients

On a stage of planning your immigration way, you will definitely need the consultation of a professional lawyers. A lot of reviews on marketplaces show us the real picture of immigration process, and it includes the great number of issues if you deal with all the procedures on your own. Reviews of note the quick solution of unexpected issues and preparation of cases of individuals in the shortest possible time.

Compilation of reviews:


Is Public Investments Solutions worth immigrants’ attention?

The immigration can be handled smoothly and without large efforts, if you contact the lawyers. According to the reviews on, the company is full of the most popular consultants all around the world, and its trust core just confirms that fact.

If you want to pick the most convenient program of acquiring EU passport, do not hesitate to call Public Investments Solutions. Leave request on the official website, and the experts will consult you in the nearest time.




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