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Academics and value of study



Nobody could deny the significance of finding new facets of the knowledge, and there’s not any concept of saturation within this. Every day humanity is finding the new elements of life, it’s just possible through the usage of intellect, and by moving deep into any area. In the history of period, it could be viewed those countries who’ve taken this job seriously, an increased son considerably. No matter the area of lifestyle, it’s considered a vital element. By the health care field through technology, covering the archaeological area of research to boost the people and business management, this is a very important part of life. Developed and developing nations, are investing in high number of the budgets in this respect, this will assist in creating new technologies and indigenization. As it stated there’s been an area for improvement, thus there’s always been a brand new horizons to explore.

Technique of creating case study solution

In various areas of planet, researched has been transported out broadly. Normally the method utilized by engineering and science would be to take the special issue faced by the market, following indicating or developing the alternative it can be printed in several research journals which are accessible for the general public. This is true connected with technologies, science, engineering, and math where they’re several special theories or formulas existing to assist in finding the solution. Unlike this, in life and social sciences, this isn’t the situation. Because the majority of the research are associated with human behaviours and feelings, there are no definite laws to forecast these variants. In this circumstance, a certain is taken under account, different facets connected with that are being researched and assessed and after doing this a thorough report about the matter is introduced.

Limitation of time during research

Largely this manner of research has been used by the company college pupils. A number of the pupils do work in the daytime while greater schooling part-time. As it has been the basic area of the level, an individual can’t bypass this to receive a degree. Pupils don’t have time to provide a decent output in their study, causing a massive burden on them. This has come to be a debatable situation for these pupils. As every problem includes the solution, this really is far out to the one, and that’s to purchase a case study help. There are a whole lot of individuals, companies that are doing this job. The pupils don’t need to worry a whole lot about this anymore. Since the individuals do research within their own part time along with tasks, they don’t have sufficient time to focus on this. This item has generated a large relief to students that are carrying the part time research.

Uniqueness of content which has been generated is vital nonetheless, it is troublesome for pupils to perform. Since plagiarism is among the major check variables while assessing or introducing in certain seminar so that it cannot be compromised. Fortunately, there’s a siltation of the difficulty; the majority of the providers have lots of professionals who have expertise within their domain. They’re quite well conscious of the changing rules and characteristics. They’ve in-depth expertise, so generating the first and new content for virtually any area of research isn’t a being deal for them. Whenever pupils purchase case research, it is being guaranteed that the top of this item is delivered, someone doesn’t need to be worried about this issue. As the service suppliers do it professionally, each of the criteria and parameters have been fulfilled by them. To receive the very best result at minimum time, and decent quality it’s extremely great to avail of the option.

The generosity of thoughts

Another difficulty faced from the pupils is absence of thought, scattered ideas without a obvious objective. The consequence of the study is determined by the way the powerful the issue statement is, even if it’s vague or uncertain, this is not worthy to operate on it. To ease students in this respect, these expert authors also supply various notions fitting their interests. Since these authors are up-to-date, outfitted with modern understanding, and continuing research in the stated area, so that they have a great deal of suggestions to present to their clients. In a nutshell, you just need to need to let them know about the obscure or uncertain notion, the entire job has been done to purchase case research , is becoming a great deal easier, not just this ceremony quality also increased very much. This is the perfect case study solution for people who are fighting with their tasks, do not have a lot of time to think of the thoughts, and then operate on it.

After-sales services

The same as any other company, after-sales services and client satisfaction issues a good deal in this subject also. Virtually professional authors and businesses offer you free after-sales services that might include editing, adding, or deleting the material. Occasionally there’s a demand for those modifications required by managers, so to do by own, this can be done by the author who initially wrote it. To create a fantastic working relationship with clients it is thought to be a very important part to provide after-sales services.

As generating fresh content on any subject, or performing research isn’t a simple endeavour, an individual may think is all about it costs a good deal, but that no true. A number of the businesses and people are doing this job at very inexpensive prices, it’s guaranteed that cash ought to be spent. As the amount of men and women that are doing this job is increasing in order that the speed declines. It’s being guaranteed by the service suppliers that hard-earned cash of this client ought to be invested wisely, and there isn’t any additional burden on his pocket. Ordinarily the after-sales services are supplied free of charge, so far there aren’t so many alternations required from the initial content.

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Common Mistakes made by University Students



The most common mistakes made by university-going students and some of the most important actions that you should take in a bid to avoid such mistakes. 

Transitioning from high school to college life is one of the most challenging moments for most students. This is because most students are used to consulting their teachers and parents before making any decision. College is one of the most memorable and exciting times in an individual’s life. As a student, you may gain many benefits from attending college, such as advancing your skills, discovering new passions, and making new friends. College life could also positively impact your financial future by opening new opportunities that will allow you to advance your career or land your dream job. As you join college, you will have to learn new ways to manage your time, balance various activities, and tackle massive assignments. There are several mistakes made by college students, which can negatively impact students’ financial, academic, and social life. Identifying and correcting these mistakes may help ensure that some of the easily avoidable mistakes will not ruin your academic and college life in general. The following are some common mistakes made by college students. 

Not having a sufficient amount of sleep

One of the problems facing most college students is not getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Unfortunately, most students spend a better time playing games or attending parties and forget to have enough rest. It is essential to note that most students overwork themselves with packed course loads, part-time jobs and still struggle to spare time for their friends, families, and friends. Other students are fond of spending the whole night before an examination cramming, whereas they had too much time to prepare. College students should understand that lack of sufficient sleep couldnegatively impact their concentration and ability to recall information and various concepts. Unfortunately, sleep is underrated among college students because most of them treat rest as a luxury. You should have an adequate amount of sleep, not unless you want to underperform academically.

Skipping classes

The majority of college students prefer staying awake all night, either watching movies or attending parties with friends, which negatively impacts their concentration. The advancement of technology has positively impacted students’ learning experiences. Unlike in the past, students can easily exchange ideas, form virtual meetings with their lecturers, complete assignments using online academic resources, and attend online classes. On the contrary, technology can also negatively impact students` learning experience. For instance, most students fail to attend their classes because they assume they will understand all taught by reading the lecture notes. Unfortunately, poor class attendance will harm your college life. Suppose you develop the habit of missing classes every time the lecturer introduces a topic, assigns project groups, or announcing the dates for a quiz. In that case, the chances are high that it will negatively impact your performance. It is essential to note that some institutions have the minimum number of classes an individual must attend to sit for an examination. On the same note, some lecturers include the student’s attendance in the grading criteria, and hence, having a good class attendance could assist boost your average academic grade. 

Failing to seek assistance

There is no shame in not knowing something. Apparently, people go to school to learn, acquire new skills, and advance their knowledge. Unfortunately, most college students are afraid of seeking assistance because they believe it will expose their weaknesses. The sad irony of life is that people are always reluctant to seek help even when they have no solutions to their challenges or difficulties. Such people always end up suffering in silence. In college, every person minds their own business, and hence, no one will assist you if you do not ask for assistance. Most college students have difficulties in writing essays, research papers, and thesis statements. Therefore, seeking assistance from the right people and places could go a long way in assisting you in meeting your academic goals. 

Waiting till the last minute to work on assignments

Most students tend to tackle their assignments when the time is almost due. We are all aware of that feeling when you have so many assignments to handle, and on top of it, you have to study well for your examinations. As much as you want to accomplish all the tasks, there are high chances of getting overwhelmed. One way to ensure that you do not get overwhelmed with your work is by possessing time management skills. You will meet the set deadlines and attend to other activities outside the classroom by managing your time well. If you encounter any form of difficulty structuring your dissertation papers correctly, you can use this link to learn several tips.

Not behaving maturely

While in college, you should let go of your old high school behaviours. There are significant differences between high school and college. In high school, the teachers were interested in how a student has taken their assignments. Failing to submit a task would have a disastrous impact on your academic performance. The situation is almost the same in college, only that you will have to keep up with homework, assignments, and showing up in class. Performing all these activities will require you to have a certain degree of self-discipline, which most first-year students fail to develop. College life is filled with so many different experiences from those you experienced while in high school. Therefore, becoming an open-minded person will aid you in getting through most of the challenges in life.

Most students are likely to be swayed away by peer pressure and drug abuse. You should ensure that you always follow your dreams and don’t let anything distract you. There is no detriment in occasional indulgence. However, ensure that you are careful with the friends you surround yourself with and the events you attend. There is no right and wrong way of living in college. It would be best if you strived to get the most out of your college life by building meaningful friendships, travelling to new places, enjoying new experiences, and livingyour life to the maximum.

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10 Relevant Tips for First-Year Students



First-Year Students

It is always difficult to be a first-year student at any university. So, we asked around some experienced students, and they shared some great survival tips for you.

1. Do Some Research

In the first days, find out the maximum amount of information about the college and the location of classrooms, departments, library, dean’s office, etc. It will help you navigate quickly and be less nervous during the initial period of being in college for the first time in your life.

2. Know Your Schedule at All Times

On the first day, and even better the day before, it is your responsibility to determine the schedule. According to experienced students, a schedule is crucial. Knowing where to look for the most up-to-date schedule and learning to learn it quickly will extremely benefit you. You’ll soon see that other students will start to reach out to you for help.

3. Gather Information About Your Teachers

After reading the schedule, you should learn something about teachers. It is extremely important: know at least the name and subject taught by a particular teacher. It is a critical minimum that every student must fulfill (even though many don’t even do this).

Still, it is even better to know as much as possible about teachers (their academic and professional achievements, hobbies, likes/dislikes, quirks in work, and general attitude to students). The teacher’s personality will open up to you and only become more interesting. Of course, ultimately, such information will help to find a suitable approach for each of your professors.

4. Make Useful Acquaintances

People are a resource and a great one at that. Teachers will give you knowledge. And what about the people who will share your experience of student life? Your classmates can be an essential source for both emotional and intellectual support during college, as well as possibly become unreplaceable friends later on in life. Therefore, it is necessary to use this environment as much as possible: make friends with other students.

5. Learn to Learn

If you haven’t done so yet – this skill is essential. The purpose of the university is to teach you to work with information: find it, research its trustworthiness, and assimilate it. No college will give you some pool of limited knowledge. Instead, it will show you that there is no limit to knowledge and that the main thing is to develop yourself on your own constantly! Teachers are only moderators, guiding you in the right direction.

6. Set Your Priorities Right

At any university, there are major subjects, and there are subjects for general development. Since you came to the university – you want to get a certain specialty. Therefore, determine for yourself the importance of each subject and accordingly distribute your attention to them.

7. Ask All the Questions, All of Them

The main goal of any student is to learn. How is this goal achieved? By asking questions, and it doesn’t matter if you’re wondering about some topic in your mind or you’re in a classroom directly asking a tutor. If you do not know something – ask. Forget about embarrassment, shyness, etc. It’s not shameful not to know something. It’s a shame not to want to learn.

8. Get Help When You Need It

Being a student can be overwhelming at times, with numerous deadlines approaching all at once. If you’re feeling like anxiety about studying gets to you, then don’t be afraid to use a literature review service or other similar platforms. It might not seem like a big deal, but taking a breather once in a while can significantly improve your mental balance.

9. Make the Most Out of Student-Focused Benefits Straight Away

Your student card is one truly magical document. These are discounts on long-distance and public transport, “Student Days” in cafes, cinemas, and entertainment centers, among many other benefits. And if you do not have enough benefits of the student card issued to you by the dean’s office of your university specifically – google about the benefits of ISIC (International Student Identity Card) and be amazed at how much stuff you can get for free or at a significant discount.

10. Lastly, Always Be Proactive

Always and everywhere, try to be the first one to tackle new challenges – this is a great worldview to live with even after college. Still, be active at lectures, seminars, as this will incredibly improve your possibilities at college, both academic, professional, and personal. Actively participate in the university’s student life initiatives, and you’re sure to have a great time.

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8 Top Leadership Aspects for Business Students to Know



8 Top Leadership Aspects for Business Students

Being a leader and a good one at that is extremely hard. However, what’s even more hard is learning to be a leader, which is basically what most business students are trying to do. Being a leader isn’t a gift from above. It is just another skill that requires continuous work and effort to develop.

Of course, some people have this ability from early childhood, being able to start and organize little play sessions, while others need to work hard during their adulthood to become dependent leaders. No matter your case, you will still benefit from learning about the most important aspects of being a dependable leader.

1. Knowing Psychology and Applying It Is a Big Plus

Firstly, knowing psychology is invaluable, allowing you to find the only right approach to each employee. Thanks to psychology, you can determine the priorities of each. Someone needs a material reward, someone – only recognition, while others need something entirely different. This knowledge will empower you as a leader.

2. People Often Forget the Importance of Rhetoric

Speak competently, clearly, concisely, clearly articulating your thoughts. No person should mockingly correct you. The business sphere is very people-oriented, and you commonly cannot account for the things that will occur and problems that will arise. So being able to improvise and adapt to any communicative situation, showing extreme confidence is essential for successful businesspeople.

3. After Speaking Out, Always Listen Carefully to Feedback

It is even more important than talking. Listen with genuine interest, analyzing and asking questions. After a person is asked to speak and makes it clear that their opinion is important, there is a much better chance that they will hear you in return.

4. Remember, There’s No “I” in “Team”

Planning meetings are a must for a team. During them, people should periodically repeat the name of the company, saying “we” and restating the importance of the team being a close-knit family. You can order T-shirts with the company logo and attend various activities together as a team. Your subordinates must feel an organic part of the whole, a necessary part of the company.

5. Being Precise Is Critical

Even if doing it for yourself, formulate the stages of business development in the near future as accurately as possible and convey the ideas to subordinates. All this should be done in the form: task – deadline. For example, increase sales by 0.1% in a week. But not at all “improve our business processes someday in the future.”

For example, students often must summarize big texts into small papers filled with facts. When getting a professional summary writer to craft such a paper, you know the expert will be as specific and straight-to-the-point as possible, so business students should set this as an example for themselves.

6. Stay Human – Don’t Distance Yourself From Your Subordinates

If the usual faithful and devoted secretary has been walking with tears in their eyes for three days now and is continually making small mistakes, it doesn’t make sense to shout. Instead, you as a leader should care about their personal situation too and try to find out what’s going on. Such attention and understanding are remembered and will be appreciated for a long time. This way, you really will be reiterating that all your team members are not simple cogs in a big mechanism, but real people that the firm cares about.

7. Consistency and Being Just Is a Must

Always keep your promises, whether it is a salary increase or permission for an additional day off. It is basic trust-building, and the subordinates will eventually believe your words and your actions. Also, picking favorites or having different treatments for various people also must not be done. All of this will result in team members feeling safe with the team dynamics, only boosting their work efficiency.

8. Losing Your Temper Is Always Bad

Do not shout, do not be rude, respect yourself and your colleagues. It is unnecessary to scare people by getting fired ten times – on the 11th time, no one will believe you. Additionally, do you really need to feel all that stress and ruin your mood too? Definitely not, so handle your subordinates as the adults they are – they are free to choose anything they want, so, by screaming, you’re only making yourself look unprofessional and as if you have an attitude problem.

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Things that lead the children towards a bright future



Skillshare two months free

Parents always ponder and search for what is in the best interest of their children.  They always wanted to make them happy and to raise them as competent, self-regulatory, and confident beings.

Parents might just spoil or shall I say pamper their children by giving them their favorite meals that could be a pizza or by allowing them to play a little bit more with some Lego 10280 games. But, their main concern for their child’s wellbeing stands there.


Education is considered as the flag barrier to a brighter future. Education is considered the most appropriate factor to enhance the child’s knowledge and intelligence in this fast-paced world. The global interactions and competitions have made education an even more important factor to gain knowledge.

Education sadly does not assure the confirmation of any career development. Children might get highly educated and do not happen to get jobs especially in highly saturated markets and developing countries.


I say to assure the bright future of your child always seek the hidden talent of your child and then polish the talent into certain skills. Like if your child is good with computers appreciate your child to learn specific skills of their likings. Learning side skills with the traditional orthodox educational measures is the best way to make your child’s future even brighter.

Nutritional factors:

What anyone eats affects their life patterns and decision-making. Food is the most essential aspect to make your child grow with energy to get the punches of life. Parents make sure that their children eat fresh and nutritional foods which are good in their mental development and help them to stay away from any devastating illnesses. For instance, scientist claims that almonds can increase the brain functionality and make the memory even steadier.


The undivided attention is what makes your child even more confident in what he does. The children need attention and appreciation for their little achievements. Encouraging your child makes them learn with more motivation to gain knowledge and to adapt as per the environmental settings.

Invest the time and energy:

Nothing comes free in life. The parents have to invest their energy in the child’s mental development. They have to keep the eagle eye to make sure the good progress of their children. Motivate your children to achieve more in their respective life.  The time they spend with their child not only becomes the learning lesson of children but parents also learn the life lesson. So parents need to spend some quality time with their children and encourage them to do what they are best at.


Giving the child pizza, Lego games or plays of sorts always deviate the strict parenting. At the end of the day, parents don’t want their child to not have their own will and perspective. Listening to them and giving them the confidence to play around might also positively affect their learning, creativity and empower them to do something on their own.


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Top 5 Benefits of Pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing is a booming industry, and its growth in the past few years has been amazing. And if you have completed your graduation and are looking for a good post-graduation course, then this blog is completely for you. 

With the increase in digitalization across all the sectors of the business, the demand for professional digital marketers has increased tremendously in the industry. And most companies are looking for MBA in digital marketing graduates. 

Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing, and some of the best colleges offering this course in India. 

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So let’s get started with understanding what exactly digital marketing means. 

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing?

An MBA in Digital Marketing is a postgraduate professional course that trains students in all the disciplines of digital marketing. It is a 2-year typical program.  

Certain subjects that are included in an MBA in Digital Marketing are Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, SEM, etc. To know more, you can read the complete MBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus here. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing. 

Top 5 Benefits of Doing MBA in Digital Marketing

1. The Demand For Digital Marketers is Very High in the Industry

Digital Marketing is an evolving industry, and the level of growth that has been seen in this industry in the past few years has been great. It has completely changed the way marketing was done before. 

And by looking at the growth of digital marketing, the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing drastically. Almost every sector has started operating digitally, which has led to an increase in the demand for experienced professionals in almost all the industries, whether it be an IT sector, or marketing agencies, pharmaceutical sector, etc. 

Hence, if you pursue an MBA in this particular field, then it will definitely help you in getting a better job with a handsome amount of salary. 

2. MBA in Digital Marketing is Very Cost-Effective 

For pursuing an MBA in digital marketing, you don’t require a huge amount of investment as compared to any other post-graduation course. MBA in digital marketing is very cost-effective, reasonable, as well as in demand. 

It will give more value to your resume and you’ll be eligible for applying for various managerial positions in an organization. And having an MBA in digital marketing will also give you an advantage over various other candidates applying for the same position. 

3. It Will Enhance Your Knowledge  

By pursuing an MBA in digital marketing you’ll be able to get an in-depth understanding of all the core topics of digital marketing. You will learn about all the aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and many more. 

You will get a chance to do internships with various renowned companies which will help you to understand the working environment of the industry and increase your practical experience. 

4. You Will Get a Better Salary 

As the scope of digital marketing is increasing drastically throughout the globe, the demand for MBA graduates in digital marketing is also increasing. And the number of digital marketing professionals with a postgraduate degree in this field is very low. 

As a result, the companies are willing to pay a good amount of salary for hiring digital marketing experts and professionals. And an average salary of a digital marketing expert is around INR 6 to INR 8 Lakhs per annum. 

5. Helps You in Increasing Practical Knowledge & Experience

If you choose to do an MBA in digital marketing, then along with the theoretical knowledge you’ll be able to enhance your practical skills as well. You will get a chance to do an internship with various renowned companies, which will help you in gaining hands-on experience. 

And having practical experience will ultimately help you to get a better job placement. Because nowadays many companies give preference to candidates with some practical experiences while hiring.

Hence, if you are a graduate looking for a postgraduate course, then we strongly recommend you pursue this MBA in Digital Marketing program and give a kick-start to your digital marketing career. 

Now you might have got an idea of what are the advantages and benefits of pursuing an MBA in digital marketing and starting your career in this field. 

Now you may be wondering, which is the best college that offers MBA in digital marketing? So, to reduce your stress, we have compiled a list of the top 10 colleges that offer an MBA in digital marketing. Let’s have a look at it. 

Top 10 Colleges for Pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing

  • IIDE – India Institute of Digital Marketing (Awarded as “Best Digital Marketing Institute”, by the World Education Congress & Awards, 2021)
  • IIKM, Business School, Chennai
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  • JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
  • Graphic Era University, Uttrakhand
  • Integral University, Lucknow
  • Centurion University of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • Rayat Bahra University, Punjab
  • RVS Institute of Management Studies and Research, Tamil Nadu
  • RIMT University, Punjab

These are some of the best colleges in India that offer a postgraduate degree, i.e. an MBA in Digital Marketing. We hope this blog has helped you to decide whether to pursue your post-graduation in digital marketing or not. 

Let us know your views and thoughts in the comments section given below. 

Author’s Bio

Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.

He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.

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