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ACA to ensure airport security & gripping egregious onboard conduct

The importance for the airport industry to be able to run their operations efficiently and with utmost diligence, has become even more crucial during the post-COVID recovery phase, so as to kick start growth, minimize operational costs and furnish a safe and secure customer experience.

The increasing challenges faced by the civil aviation industry in terms of safety, pose a huge risk to the commuters day in and day out. The critical task of ensuring public safety at airports, can be enhanced manifold with the deployment of Advanced Crime Analytics or Crime Pattern Analysis in context of airport security.

 With airports relying heavily on digital technology for administering their day-to-day operations, they have become increasingly prone to data breaches and attacks. Some of such instances where in airport’s data was compromised, exposing thousands of passengers to potential risks includes the unprecedented cyber-attack at the Cathay Pacific, Honk Kong airline, putting nearly 9.4 million people at an unforeseen risk. A wide range of data was leaked in a security breach at the airline, including personal information like travel history, passport numbers, ID card numbers, etc. 

Another sophisticated breach was carried out at British airways, where hackers were able to access around 380,000 passengers’ personal and financial data including names and credit card details such as CVV codes, expiry dates, and card numbers amongst others. 

In order to prevent such situations, airports can deploy Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA), a powerful investigative analytics solution. It proves out to be very resourceful in investigations to prevent and solve crime faster by rapidly revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data. 

The solution leverages digital technology connecting data pointers to identify pattern of crimes. This allows various law enforcement agencies to take precautionary actions based on derived patterns and keeping tabs on suspect profiles on a regular basis, preventing criminal incidents. Algorithms applied to CCTV real-time feeds also enable operators to identify multiple threats, such as suspicious activities and packages, risky or violent conduct, arson, weapons etc.Companies like Spatialitics, Hexagon SI, PredPol, SAS, Veritone, Visallo, Wynyard Group, facilitate extensive situational awareness through Advanced Crime Analytics.

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