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A SIMPLE guide to hair using instruments

There are many instruments that we use in our daily life. Same like these, Women use some hair accessories that are helpful in the well looking of hair and personality ultimately. But, these instruments can vary with the personality and type of hair. E.g you can check there is flat iron or wholesale flat irons which are further subdivided into classes Cold air flat iron and cold air curler private label ceramic flat irons.

In the past, before Sephoras and Ultras were ubiquitous, finding the best hair dryer was as simple as going to the drugstore, choosing based on price and/or cuteness (scorching one in a color other than black was a big deal).

Hair-dryers have evolved considerably over the years, and while basic models still exist, the pricier (or, as we like to call them, “investment”) models now have extra bells and whistles that can enhance your blowout experience – provided you take the time to select the features that matter most to you. Our goal is to make this seem less complicated. Here’s a cheat sheet of some common blow-dryer characteristics and which to focus on based on your blowout requirements.


High-wattage motors deliver more wind power and won’t expose your hair to excessive heat while cutting down styling time. Kristin Ess, a celebrity hairstylist who’s all about the optimal temperature-to-wind ratio in dryers (the $146 Elchim 2001 is her ultimate favorite) says a weak motor can result in more heat and less wind, which can result in toasting your hair. The wattage of the bulb should be between 1800 and 2000. Additionally, high-wattage dryers last longer than smaller, motorized counterparts.

Ionic, Tourmaline

The ions of water are positively charged, but the ions of ionic dryers are negatively charged. This is why ionic dryers produce a better effect than other dryers at breaking up and dispersing water droplets, preventing them from soaking into the hair and causing frizz, and accelerating the drying process. Celebrity hairstylist Peter Butler, who glams models for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, says the ionic feature closes the cuticle and removes moisture from the hair, leaving it smooth and polished. The tourmaline inside tourmaline dryers creates even more negative ions in the air. A tourmaline dryer costs more than an ionic dryer but throws even more negative ions into the air.


While you wait, keep in mind that ionic hair products can be a drawback if your hair is flat and/or oily, or if your hairstyle is not sleek. In situations when I need volume, lift, and movement, I reach for my non-ionic products (he, too, swears by Elchim, which is not ionic). We are careful not to overdry our hair, ruining its texture and volume. Non-ionic ensures we won’t overdry.” That’s why one of the coolest dryers we’ve seen, the $300 Harry Josh Pro Dryer, lets you toggle between ionic and non-ionic modes based on your hairstyle.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared

These buzzwords describe dryers that distribute heat as gently and evenly as possible. To make a dryer’s heating elements and other internal parts more gentle and consistent in temperature, porcelain and ceramic can be used to coat (or replace) them. Additionally, they emit negative ions that speed drying and smooth frizz. The term infrared refers to a dryer that uses longer wavelengths of energy to penetrate the hair and dry it from the inside out.


In the same way that ceramic distributes heat evenly, titanium keeps the temperature constant. The drying time is sped up with this dryer since it produces very hot air, making it not recommended for damage-prone hair. Besides being lighter-weight than ceramic, titanium is also great if you have heavy hair that makes blowouts a challenge.


What is alightweight professional hairdryer? For anyone who has long hair and will be brushing a lot, this is a crucial factor to remember. The motors and solid components of professional-grade dryers can sometimes be bulky, and if your arm goes numb halfway through your blowout, then you won’t finish it (and you can never have half a bad hair day). To avoid wearing out your arms while blowing out your hair, Butler recommends choosing a lighter model. In order to find a lighter dryer, Drybar founder Alli Webb, who designed the Buttercup dryer to relieve her stylists’ biceps, suggests looking for one that weighs around one pound (a tip: Amazon lists weights for dryers, unlike many retailers).

Bonus Features to Buy Into

The cold button helps lock in your style and enhance shine by sealing the cuticle.

Adjustable heat: 

For fine hair that dries easily, lower heat can do the trick without damaging it as much.

For curly hair to remain smooth and intact, a diffuser is a necessity, while a concentrator nozzle is ideal for straightening and de-frizzing.


Hair-dryers are an exception, but a pricey purchase in the beauty industry is one you can justify. In order to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, experts agree that pricier dryers are vital. The same rate goes in forCold air hair curler in most cases.

Buying cheaper dryers under the assumption that they will replace them later is a mistake that people tend to make. Hair pros agree that pricier dryers are necessary for maintaining healthy hair. Upgrading into a higher price bracket can seriously pay off over time. In general, a dryer that costs over $100 should last five to ten years, while a dryer that costs $30 will likely burn out after two years. Moreover, who can measure the value of fewer sores and less frizz?

Last but not least

This article is compiled to keep in view the accessories used in the women’s hair maintenance and purely we describe the Dry hairdryer, but still, you have any question regarding this you can drop the comment.

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