A Room by Room Guide for Decluttering Your House

A Room by Room Guide for Decluttering Your House

As we get busy with our day-to-day lives, we sometimes omit our cleaning duties for our homes. Over time, this ends up leading to a lot of clutter in rooms throughout your home. While it may feel insurmountable right now, you can easily start to declutter your home with the right strategy by your side.

Before we get started with our cleaning tips for each specific room of your home, we want to discuss the container idea. Grab some sizable containers. You’re going to need a few of them as they will help you to sort the clutter in each room. You’ll want to have a container for trash, stuff you need to put away, things you need to fix, and objects you want to donate. When you attack any room, these containers will help you to speed up the process.

The Living Room

Probably one of the most difficult rooms to keep clutter-free in your home is your living room. With most of your family members spending a great deal of time in there, it’s no wonder why. One thing that many people lack in their living room is storage space. For this reason, they tend to leave objects on tables, couches, or even window sills.

Do yourself a favor and consider designating some permanent storage spaces. This will help to keep items in their place and out of the way. These can be bookcases, ottoman containers, and even chests that double as a table. Once you have established storage spaces, you can declutter your living room with ease. Simply fold blankets, put pillows back in their place, and put books back on their shelf. Take a look at your electronics and assess what items you use. If there are old gaming stations or charging cords that you no longer use, donate them.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep clutter-free just because it receives a high level of daily traffic. One great tip is to start by assessing where the most clutter is at. Are your spices spewed all over the counter? Are your utensils laying out? By taking the time to assess where the clutter is, you can come up with ways to prevent clutter there in the future. For example, installing a container to hold your cooking utensils or a spice rack to keep your bottles of spices off of the counter are some innovative ways to protect against future clutter.

The Bathroom

To start things off easily, consider sorting out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of outdated items and items that you simply don’t use. Try moving the items that you use most to eye level so that they’re easier to access each day. Move onto your cabinets and drawers. Put items that you’re not keeping into your pre-sorted containers.

The Bedroom
A great tip here is to start decluttering your bedroom by making your bed. Since your bed is likely the biggest object in the room, it will feel like you made a lot of progress. Once your bed is made, it’s time to sort through your nightstands. These tend to clutter items. If you don’t already have a bowl or basket to collect loose objects, consider installing one now. This will help to keep your nightstand less cluttered in the future. Move onto your dresser tops and get them sorted out. Lastly, you’ll want to move to your drawers and closet. Get rid of clothing that you don’t use and put it in your donation container.

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