A New Way to Combat Hair Loss!

Your hair is indeed a striking indicator of your physical wellbeing. If your hair is lively and nutritious, it indicates that your system is generating sufficient minerals and vitamins to keep it in top shape. Damaged, dull, and unmanageable hair could suggest that you have to make dietary or haircare changes to improve your health and wellbeing.

Your hair’s health is essential for both physical and mental aspects and must be prioritized. Maintaining strong, beautiful hair is feasible with correct support and repair every day. Additionally, your self-esteem will be much enhanced, allowing you to enjoy a fuller life.

Fortunately,  Hair and skin Ashwood has treatments to aid you in achieving the hair you desire. With the appropriate treatments and procedures, you, too, can confidently flex your hair!

Ways to Restore your Strong and Healthy Hair

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP hair loss therapy is a cutting-edge procedure for treating hair loss that does not require surgical procedures, toxins, or medicine. It can assist in halting or even preventing hair loss. Professionals will collect PRP and employ the growth agents in it to activate the increase of hair strands. They will then infuse platelet-rich plasma onto your head using a microneedle to stimulate hair follicle regeneration.

Numerous hair-related issues like hereditary hair reduction or thinning, stress-induced hair deterioration, and alopecia can all be helped with our PRP hair loss therapy. It’s a smooth and speedy operation that will take as fast as within an hour!

What happens in this treatment?

During the PRP hair restoration process, you need to get your blood drawn, which will serve as a sample. A centrifuge is used to separate the multiple elements of the blood. Using an incredibly small needle and micro-needling, professionals will begin to infuse the platelet-rich plasma into your scalp.

The microscopic injections are carefully placed by your specialists into balding regions or locations where hair loss is prevalent. These injections will send signals to the follicles’ roots, which will stimulate growth. This treatment utilizes a method termed micro-needling, which could assist in the increase of hair follicles by increasing blood circulation on your scalp.


Your scalp could feel uncomfortable after the treatment in some rare instances, but most individuals do not suffer any symptoms. You can instantly resume your normal routine. Simply avoid shampooing your hair or engaging in heavy activities for at least 12 hours following the procedure.

To attain the best outcomes, sessions should be repeated every 2-3 weeks for a maximum of 12 sessions. Depending on your scalp’s condition, your doctors may recommend a follow-up therapy after three months.

Who can use this treatment?

  • The PRP Hair loss treatment is available for both men and women as long as you pass the criteria as a candidate for this treatment.
  • This is offered to anyone who wants a natural treatment without any harmful side effects.
  • Men or women who are suffering from diseases like alopecia
  • Anyone with hereditary hair loss can also apply for this treatment

Does this treatment still work if you are completely bald?

People with minimal to moderate balding are usually the best candidates for this treatment. It could only function if your scalp still has functioning hair follicles which are still alive since it promotes natural hair growth. If you are entirely or nearly hairless, you typically have dormant to no hair follicles.

Will I experience some side effects?

Any cosmetic treatment has the potential for side effects. Nonetheless, the chances of this PRP hair loss therapy causing unpleasant responses are relatively minimal. There could be some discomfort or bruising, but this is uncommon.

Are the results immediately seen?

As immediate as three months, most patients will experience hair restoration. In most cases,  it takes about a  year to detect a noticeable difference in your hair’s general volume and condition.

How long will the treatment effects last?

The effects of PRP Hair loss treatment can last for approximately four to six months. Some touch-up sessions are necessary once every three to six months. It is guaranteed that these effects are effective and long-lasting as long as you follow the proper aftercare!


Hair isn’t just a reflection of one’s public persona. It can also influence your self-perception. Having healthy hair shows how you take care of yourself physically and mentally. If you want to achieve this, call us now or check out our websites so we can give you the best treatments that your hair deserves!

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