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A New Age of Egyptian Tourism begins with The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization



Since the dawn of Time, Egypt has held a special place in the mind of every traveler who wishes to discover the immortal wonder and beauty that makes Egypt the greatest travel destination in the world. We here at Space Coast Daily recommend and trust the company Egypt Tour which is the best travel agency in Egypt and trusted by many travel resources to book your Egypt vacation with them which has won the praise of all its clients as their dreams came true for everyone who desires to discover the miracles that survived more than 4500 years located across the historical and cultural cities of Egypt like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan plus the raw exotic beauty of the red sea shores within the coastal city resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheik. Egypt has set a new goal in 2021 to offer its guests the most incredible ways to fully explore all the elements that makes Egypt truly unique.

The Impact of the Egyptian Tourism

A New Age of Egyptian Tourism is about to take place in 2021 offer a whole lineup of incredible wonders that will make the vacation of each traveler to Egypt a one to remember. Tourism in Egypt is a vein to Life to millions of Egyptians who make their living providing the most comfortable and incredible means to traveler from all over the world to enjoy as it represents more than 11% of the total GDP and hires 12% of Egypt’s Workforce who serves about 14.7 million visitor a year and provide a revenue of 11.4% as recorded in 2018 that represents 3.931B USD which increased to 4.194B USD in 2019. Due to the Pandemic that occurred to the world in 2020, the tourism sector was hit the hardest but Egypt was different. The government was able to take the necessary measures to the control the situation and prepare for the future to Come. Everyone working in the Egyptian tourism sector has used the year 2020 to create and showcase new treasures & wonders and offer the world a new chance in 2021 to enjoy the allure and grandeur of Egypt in the most spectacular manner.

The opening of The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization represents a new future in the tourism sector and an ever brighter possibility for everyone looking for a place to spend their holiday.

What is The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is portal leading to all the ancient treasures that makes Egypt a true historical miracle. It is a cultural beacon that’s acts as the first museum in the Arab world and the Middle East to focus on the ancient Egyptian Civilization only that spanned across more than 5000 years. It is located in the ancient city of El Fustat in old Cairo which was the first capital of Egypt that overlooks Ain El seera Lake. The museum is set to be an archaeological miracle that showcase 50,000 artifacts across the timeline of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization from Pre-historical, to Pharaonic, to Archaic, to Greco-Roman, to Medieval, to Coptic, to Islamic, and finally modern & contemporary times such as the birth Plate from the New Kingdom era (1570 – 1050 BC), the breastfeeding statue, A golden sarcophagus  statues of King Amenemhat III in the shape of the Sphinx, a Greco-Roman era statue of the deity Nilus, a red granite statue of the ancient Egyptian scholar, about fifty niches from the Islamic age, and many small statues & amulets made of blue vines and many more. The museum is set to hold a special room known as the hall of mummies filled with 22 royal mummies out of which are 17 royal coffins that dated back to the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties, 18 of the mummies are for kings, while the other 4 mummies are Queens. Some of the mummies belong to King Ramses II, King Seti I, King Tuthmosis III, King Seqenenre Tao, plus the great Queen Hatshepsut, and the wife of King Ahmose I, Queen Ahmose Nefertari, and Queen Meritamen, the wife of King Amenhotep I.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is highly equipped with the most advance instruments and specialists in archaeological restoration, heritage preservation, museum sciences, human strains, and excavations to fully for the treasures within the museum. The NMEC has a number of exhibition halls, auditorium, antiquities restoration centers, educational & research center and entertainment hubs that include restaurants, cafeterias, lecture conferences, film screenings, cultural events & activities and 14 archaeological stores and a number of workshops bazaars to sell antique replicas.

The Museum is opened from Saturday to Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and In Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM & 6 PM to 9 PM.  The Price of the Tickets foreigners is 200 LE for usual visitors and 100 LE for students and the price of the hall of the mummies will be separate. 

The Once in a Lifetime Event the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade

The Golden Parade of the pharaoh’s was an incredible event that took place in Cairo on the 3rd of April on 2021 at sunset where the 22 mummies where transported from the Egyptian Museum in the tahrir square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat. The mega event has streamed LIVE on the national Egyptian channels and the official Youtube channel of The Egyptian Tourism Ministry. It is considered to be the largest promotion for Egypt’s tourism worldwide. With a trip to Egypt everyone will be able to understand that the legendary history and rich Culture of Egypt has always been the source of Inspiration for all of humanity and that the Pharaoh’s cruse is nothing more than an urban legends that no connection to reality.


The Egyptian Tourism is destined to enter a new era and provide all the culture and history seekers of the world with a heavenly chance to discover the heritage of this holy land. Egypt is living a golden era at the moment so every Tour to Egypt is set to become truly majestic and enchantingly memorable so enter the doors of The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) and make every moment of your life filled with absolute wonder and magic.

The source of this article was inspired from Space Coast Daily Website

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Forward your mail from Australia to all over the world



Hotsnail offers Australia’s lowest prices for mail forwarding and mail scanning in the industry.

We specialize in parcel forwarding and mail scanning more easily and economically for businesses of all sizes who want to maintain their presence in Australia. Hotsnail allows users to shop in Australia and forward their parcel worldwide, access mail just like email, or access snail mail anywhere in the world. Our services are reliable, secured, and spam-free, making us top rated mail service provider. Our organization is well equipped with facilities that help all your mail needs to be handled under one roof. We are trusted by millions of customers in the industry since 2009, this is why hundreds of thousands of members across over 200 countries and territories mail with us.

At hotsnail, we offer 24/7 mailing services from anywhere in the world to perfect our customers’ needs. We can as well provide your business with an online PO box and street address for receiving mail and deliveries in Australia. Hotsnail provides a comprehensive mail cloud for organizing snail electronically into your preferred customized folder. With the mail redirection option, hotsnail is great for travelers who may need to redirect their mails.


With rich quality services at hotsnail, we offer the lowest prices for mail forwarding and scanning in the industry. Our prices are based on weight category, features, and customization choices. Unlike other similar services, hotsnail has plans with no monthly fees. However, we have plans specifically for parcel forwarding with very low upfront costs, only pay for what you forward. With as low as $10, a minimum forward parcel fee, the most reliable and safe delivery is guaranteed.

You can opt for any product of your choice by selecting one of the services we have outlined at hotsnail to get a custom quote. Or reach us, we will help you build up a plan that fits your plan and budget.

How it Works

1. First, you will be required to sign up and get your new address. A unique user code and address will then be sent to you.

2. Send your mail directly to thet supplied address, order from Australian shops or redirect your mail with Australian post.

3. After steps 1 and 2 above, you can now manage mail online on your own. You will manage your mail with our state of the art online management system. You will then forward your letters or parcels globally.

Hotsnail processes your mail the way you want. You can opt for the automatic option as explored below.

1. Scanning everything: hotsnail will open your mail and scan all documents then upload them to our website. Once on the website, you will be able to read, sort, shred, and forward.

2. For selective scanning, hotnail will scan the envelope on your behalf. You will then choose whether you want us to open and scan or forward your item via our mail Management services website.

Overall, hotnail is a true face of digitalism in the mailing industry. Our reliability and safety features remain a choice for many. Join other millions of hotnail users today, and feel the amazing taste of our services at the lowest cost.

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Advantages of Private Label and Contract Manufacturing



Saving on your investments should be the first and foremost priority for your business when introducing a product in the market. Tons of money is spent researching and developing the product, setting up manufacturing units, hiring workers to manage such units. You can save all this money by hiring a company that takes care of all these activities at an effective price.


A company’s private label product is one in which a third party controls all its specs, but it is sold under the brand name of the company. These products are most prevalent in grooming and personal care products, pet food and accessories, food and beverage, and clothing.


Private label products are adaptable to change in consumer behavior in the market. When the retailers rely on suppliers to offer them products, then the changes required according to the market demand are slow. However, label manufacturers are more prompt in response to changes.

In the case of label products, the retailers have more control over overproduction. They can instruct the label manufacturers to make the products with specific features like color, packaging, etc.

Since retailers can instruct the private label manufacturers, they have control over the production fully. So, they can fix the production costs to increase their profit margin.

With private labeling, the retailers can have control over the branding of the products. Since it is important for the consumers to develop brand loyalty, the retailers pay extra attention to the packaging and quality of products. The labeled products can be customized according to the brand value of the product.


Usually, small businesses make use of contract manufacturing. It involves hiring a company and using their services to manufacture the products of the company. This saves the cost of the small business in setting up a factory or production unit. The hired company focuses on the production, packaging, and even delivery of the products in some cases, while the hiring company focuses on the marketing of the product.


Contract manufacturing is useful for saving production costs of the company. They need not raise huge capital to set up factory or production units. Also, some companies use contract manufacturing services in countries where wages are low.

Besides saving the cost of setting up production units, the company also saves hiring managers and workers for their production units. Also, they save time to focus on other aspects of the business like marketing and selling.

Contract manufacturing makes it easy for companies to introduce their products inside the country and even lets them take the ambitious leap of expanding in neighboring countries.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing. In this type of manufacturing, the products are fully invented and designed by a company, but the manufacturing of the product is handled by some other company that bears a license for manufacturing that product. OEM provides a high level of uniqueness to a product that differentiates it from the rest of its products.

ODM stands for Original Design manufacturing. They are also called private labeling. In this type of manufacturing, the product’s company does not need to spend any money on inventing the design of the product or set up production units. They can just choose from the list of designs in the catalog of the company they hire and leave all the production-related work to the hired company.

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Addiction is Going to be the Second Pandemic




In a recent interview, Nick Conn of Help4Addiction voiced his thoughts on the massive leap in addiction advice service use in the UK.

Nick Conn has been clean for twelve years. As a former police officer, he was under constant pressure to perform. With long hours and the constant threat of danger, he eventually wound up addicted to cocaine. 12 years ago, he made a choice: get off drugs, get out the job, and make a radical change to his life by going through the rehab process.

Now an addict in recovery and 12 years clean, Nick has dedicated his life to helping others to do the same. Conn sits at the head of Help4Addiction, which is a nationwide addiction advisory and paid private rehab selection service. They offer help to both private and NHS patients that seek to quit using drink or drugs… and Nick shoulders a large part of the burden on his own.

Family Man and Carer

Recently having fathered his second child, Nick is now in a position where he can look back on his life and be a little proud of himself. He speaks to dozens of addicts every day, not just through his site but through his own private Instagram account – @dadinrecovery. Even as he was giving a recent Telegraph interview, Conn was private messaging with a 41-year-old father of two, in a similar position to himself. This father was a small business owner that had been closed during the pandemic. The resulting stress had seen the man turn to ketamine… an addiction that will only ever spiral downwards.

Nevertheless, and despite the dozens of messages waiting for him on IG each day, Nick tries to help every single one of them. Some of them don’t really want the help, some are just inquiring, and some people approach him to see how they can help a spouse or loved one. Whatever they reach out to him for, Nick is the kind of guy that will always do them a good turn, if he can.

In recent weeks, Nick was contacted by a 39-year-old man who had been laid off. His wife had called him a loser for drinking all day and not supporting his family. When things escalated, his wife had turned him out, effectively making him homeless with nowhere to turn. Within a 48-hour period, Nick had found him a two-year residential rehab stint by way of his connections in the industry… it’s not what you know, but who!

Free Help for Addicts

Nick’s organisation can help those in private healthcare find the right rehab clinic for them, or it can offer advice and limited support to those who are waiting to go through rehab on the NHS. However, Nick Conn knows that not all of us can afford to pay, or to wait. To this end, he offers a series of free web talks with industry professionals over on YouTube. He also runs a podcast which you can get to over on Spotify.

If you are in recovery from addiction, you can engage the HALT technique to manage those triggers. Think:

H – are you hungry? Eat something and see if you still feel like turning to drugs or alcohol.

A – are you angry? Anger triggers the same hormones to release as those that cause us to use. Are you angry? Taking a brisk walk in the cool air could solve your urge to use drugs.

L – are you lonely? Some of us go back to using because it feels nostalgic. It is something you did when you were younger, fitter, and had more friends.

T – are you tired? By far the biggest trigger of all is tiredness. Even an hour less sleep than normal can leave you feeling grumpy. Grumpiness escalates into anger and so on.

Use the HALT trick to modify your behaviour and self-manage your addiction recovery, to prevent a relapse.

For everything else? Reach out to Help4Addiction and start getting the support you need, today.

Website link =

Instagram link =

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How to Become a Medical Biller & Coder




Medical Biller

One of the fastest-growing industries for job-seekers is healthcare. You can still work in the thriving healthcare industry even if you’ve no interest in patients’ care. That can be either in the billing or coding.  The billing and coding is a highly coveted function in the healthcare industry.

 Careers in the healthcare occupations continue to expand as the healthcare sector continues to grow. The U.S Bureau report on labor shows that the demand for secretaries like billing and coding specialists is on a continuous rise, with a prospect of 22% between the years 2016-2026.

This article is supposed to give you guidelines and answer questions on the medical billing and coding career.

Medical billing and coding

The billing and coding professionals help other healthcare industry professionals obtain records and receive payments for the services rendered. They assign codes for every medical procedure and diagnosis. The codes are then added to the patients’ health records, and the information is forwarded to the insurance companies for claims processing.

The specialists work in all healthcare facilities, from medical facilities to rehabilitation centers; health offices to medical departments.

All this happens in an office environment. Many of these billing and coding officers work on a full-time basis. Part-time opportunities are also available depending on the employer. And the dress code depends on the setting and the employer’s dress code. 

You may be required to wear the same scrubs as other medical officers or just the traditional office outfit in some places.

Annual Salary Payment

BLS report on the payment of medical secretaries shows that their median annual wage is $35,000, but that will vary depending on several factors. Mainly, your location and the office you work in are the determinants of how much pay you get. Medical secretaries working in the development and scientific research fields earn the highest median annual salary while those in state governments lead this category.

Being certified as a professional coder from the AAPC could land you a high paying job, especially when paired with additional experience. AAPC salary survey’s report shows that those with more than thirteen years of experience receive an annual salary of up to $54,000.

Medical biller and coder path

Formal training is the first step toward becoming a medical biller or coder. Some people opt for on-the-job experience, which is an option but the best way is to go for specialized education. There are a few education options you can pursue on your path to becoming a biller and coder.

A diploma or a certificate program is the shortest route, and both courses can be completed in less than a year.  You can also pursue a degree program path that will help you qualify for stricter job requirements. For an associate degree, you go for general education classes, including billing/coding and healthcare coursework. These will, on average, take less than two years.

Choosing a medical coding program

Before you begin a coding and billing program, you’ve to take time and evaluate the options at hand to determine the one that fits you. You can try searching online for related jobs to see what qualifications employers are looking for.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred course, you can select campus-based training or pursue online education programs. The online program’s convenience has made it so attractive to many of those who want to pursue medical billing and coding.

The path you take to becoming a medical coder will determine how long you take to complete the course. Again the duration will depend on the program that you choose; degree, diploma, or certificate.  Before you enroll in any of these, you need to do enough research on the job market, see what fits you, and one that will earn you a good annual Salary even as you pursue other life goals.

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The Nurses CARE Act Aims at Easing the Shortage of Nurses in Long-Term Care Facilities




McKnight’s Senior Living, discusses the impact of bipartisan legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives. The legislation aims at improving the pipeline of workers for senior living and care operators, by increasing their hiring flexibility and creating new pathways for long-term employment opportunities in senior living and care. 

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Fred Keller [R-PA-12] and was introduced on 15 January 2021. It is currently within the House of Representatives Ways and Means; and Energy and Commerce committees. Keller and co-sponsor, Rep. Susan Wild [D-PA-7], discussed the bill, known as the Nurses CARE Act in a virtual conference held in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Health Care Association. 

Long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, often suffer from staffing shortages. The bill strives to solve this problem by allowing temporary nurses to keep their certification after the pandemic-related emergency declaration is over. In this way, long-term care facilities will be able to maintain healthy staff levels. 

Last fall, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, signed into law a bill that was designed to ease supply shortages in the staffing of long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania, while also creating a permanent pathway for employment in the industry. The bill, Senate Bill 1268, was sponsored by Sen. Judy Ward (R-Hollidaysburg), who chairs the state Senate’s Aging and Youth Committee. She is a former nurse and so understands the challenges of the industry. The bill placed temporary nurses hired during the pandemic, on the state’s Certified Nurse Aide Registry. This made them eligible for long-term employment in long-term care facilities. 

Since then, the bill has resulted in nearly 3,000 Pennsylvanians completing the nurses’ training program, with hundreds being hired by long-term care facilities. The bill has been a life-saver for patients in long-term care facilities. It’s clear that shortages of workers in long-term care facilities can only result in suboptimal healthcare provision. 

The Nurses CARE Act seeks to ward off the threat of critical shortages by giving states the ability to use on-the-job experience in lieu of courses undertaken for certification. 

This is also a worthy reward for the many people who heard the call to assist their communities and offered their services to long-term care facilities, such as adult day care centers. These people have learnt a lot during the greatest pandemic of recent times.

The Nurse CARE Act shows the importance of on-the-job experience, while also asking nurses to undertake the necessary competency courses that every nurse needs. The competency courses can be done online, and are up to the same standards as the courses offered to nurses as part of normal training. It has the benefit of being flexible enough that it will serve as a pathway for future nurses who start off in the industry with on-the-job experience. 

Senate Bill 1268 required temporary nurses to undergo a training course lasting eight hours, as well as getting 80 hours of on-the-job experience at a long-term care facility. Pennsylvania has provided a wonderful model for the rest of the country to follow. A model which will do a lot to ease the shortages in long-term care facilities.

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