A Guide To Refinishing The Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors have become the most desired floor. It is because the hardwood floors are breathtakingly easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, these floors are less likely to get damaged as compared to the other types.

Despite being hardy, if the hardwood floors are not cleaned and maintained properly they wear down as well. Hire hardwood floor refinishing charlotte nc. However, fortunately, the worn-down hardwood floor is simple and easy to refinish. Here’s a brief guide to refinishing the worn-down hardwood floor;

  • Remove the shoe base mould
  • Fix the creaks and squeaks
  • Apply drum sander
  • Sweep and vacuum
  • Apply floor buffer
  • Dust the floor
  • Stain the floor
  • Apply wood finish
  • Sand the floor

Gear up by removing the shoe base moulding

Whether your floor is overly or slightly damaged, you should always start by removing the shoe base moulding. Glove up and take a pry bar to pull the shoe base moulding out. Remember! be gentle otherwise you will end up damaging the floor even more.

Search and fix the creaks and squeaks

Now that the shoe base moulding is successfully removed, it’s time to examine the hardwood floor more keenly. If there are creaks and squeaks, you have to fix them immediately. To fix the creaks and squeaks, you would need a wood putty, 8d finishing nail, a hammer, and a sliding blade. Fill the holes with wood putty and hammer down all the nails.

Let drum sander do its magic

Once the wood putty is dry, use a drum sander to remove all the scratches and stains. This process is a bit tricky, you might even have to hire equipment or two for the job. However, it is mandatory to get rid of scratches and stains.

Sweep and vacuum

Now take the broom and a dustpan. Sweep to get rid of dirt and debris imprinting the bad image. After sweeping the hardwood floor, vacuum it to perfection.

Go over with the floor buffer

The drum sander usually leaves a minor unevenness that must be removed. Go over the newly swept and vacuumed floor with the floor buffer. The floor buff will remove the unevenness and the remaining scratches.

Dust the floor

The recent treatments would make the hardwood floor dusty. Take a clean cloth and wipe off the dust. You can vacuum as well to make it appear finer and cleaner.

Stain the floor

Since the hardwood floor is clean, it’s high time to stain it to perfection. Use the interior wood stain and apply it using the foam applicator. Make sure the application is even, wipe off the impressions with the rag.

Apply wood finish

Congratulations as you are almost done. After staining the floor, your next step is to go over the quality oil-based polyurethane wood finish with an applicator. It can only be applied when the stain is completely dry. Once the wood finish is applied, let it dry.

Sand the floor

Now that the wood finish is dry, sand the floor. You can choose to sand the floor once. However, repeating the process thrice is recommended. Your job is done, take a step back and admire the beauty.

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