A Guide To Help You Opt For The Most Convenient Vision Correction Methods

Not having a clear vision is the most common problem in our generation. While over-exposure to screens is one of the primary reasons that stress the eyes, the way we live and eat plays a significant role.  

Today, the most common eyesight problem related to screening time is myopia or far-sightedness. Apart from this, there are refractive errors in the eyes. 

Since not everybody likes to carry spectacles, people use glasses or contact lenses for vision correction and sometimes, as a permanent solution, opt for Laser Eye Surgery. While choosing the method of vision correction, certain things need to be considered.  Here’s a list that’ll help you choose the one which is most suitable for you:

Detailed Comparison of Vision Correction Methods

  1. Convenience – Glasses are the most convenient form of vision correctors used by the majority of people. Alternatively, you could also be using contact lenses for a specific time limit. While contact lenses relieve you of the burden of wearing spectacles, one has to be very careful while using lenses, as they can only be used for a limited time. 

Lastly, laser eye surgery is the last option for people who aren’t comfortable with either spectacles and contacts. Sadly, the process is not very convenient and is opted by only a tiny percentage of people. Many factors are involved in laser surgery, and not everyone qualifies for them.

  1. Costing– Talking of the costs, the least expensive one is glasses and then contact lenses and finally the laser eye surgery. 

Glasses being least costly can be changed often, according to the style and fit. Similarly, the cost of lenses and the solutions used to store them and prevent them from drying.

And the most expensive is laser surgery. Although it is cheap, when considered from a broader perspective, it is still more costly than glasses. The initial investment is quite a lot for ordinary people to afford.

  1. Efficiency – As far as efficiency is concerned, glasses provide the least because the scratches that appear and use the clarity reduce and become foggy, which might cause some inconvenience. In comparison, it’s not the same for lenses and Lasik eye surgery.

Comparatively, contact lenses are almost invisible, and they provide a prominent image without the issue of being foggy. The same goes with laser eye surgery, and the best part about it is that it corrects the problem permanently.

  1. Risks – Nearly everyone can wear glasses, while it’s not the case with lenses. There are high chances of infections, redness, and pain, and it doesn’t suit everyone.  

That’s A Wrap!

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, although Lasik surgery is safe, not everyone qualifies the requirements and thereby can’t undergo surgery.

After going through the points mentioned above and choosing the most suitable option, it is also essential to know that if the quality of any of the products falters, it can cause irreversible damage.

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