A Guide to Gun Accessories

A Guide to Gun Accessories

Millions of people in the US own a gun but not all of them know how to use them. Well, they don’t know how to use them effectively. If you’re going to get the most out of it, you need a few gun accessories for aiming, amongst other things. 

Of course, you don’t only need accessories for wielding the gun. Safety is just as important. You don’t want anyone getting hurt because you didn’t have a muzzle lock on your firearm. 

If you want to keep your gun in good working order, you’ll need to clean it, and you’ve got to have a place to store it as well. We’ve got an entire list of everything you need to add to your shopping cart. Keep reading to learn more. 

Muzzle Lock

The last thing you want as a gun owner is for someone to get ahold of your firearm that has no business using it. Kids are curious, and that curiosity can turn to tragedy. 

Stop it from happening with a muzzle lock. As long as you have this accessory attached to your gun, nobody will be able to operate it. 

Concealment Furniture 

You’re going to need somewhere to put your gun when you’re not using it. Concealment furniture will give you somewhere discrete to store it. Like with the muzzle lock, this adds an extra layer of protection. 

It’s at least more secure than placing your firearm in a closet or drawer. It will also be faster for you to get to it if you need it in a hurry. Trying to put in a code to a safe in an emergency is a lot more difficult than you may think. 

Concealment furniture can range anywhere from a hidden slot in a table to a piece of wall art. You know where it is, but it won’t be obvious to anyone else. 

Ammunition Cans

Due to the way ammunition is constructed, it doesn’t take much for the elements to wreck them. A little bit of moisture can do some serious damage. 

If you take your gun to the range often, there’s a chance that you may run into issues like this. You can’t account for freak rainstorms. You can be prepared for them, however. 

Buy Ammunition cans to store your spare ammo. It makes it easy to transport your bullets around, and it will protect them from the weather. 

Travel Case

If you’re going to take your gun to a hunting ground or range, you’re going to need something to carry it in. It makes it easier on you, and it stops the gun from shifting around in your backseat. 

It’s also an issue of safety, which is why most states do require you to buy a travel case for your firearm. You’ll also need a gun permit, but that’s a story for another article. 

Cleaning Cloths and Brushes

When you fire your gun, powder residue will build up on the barrel of your gun and clog up other mechanisms while it’s at it. If you don’t take the time to clean your firearm, it will stop working the way it should. Not to mention, it could become a little unpredictable. 

For the sake of functionality and safety, you need to pick up a few cleaning cloths and brushes. The cloths work for scrubbing the outside of the gun, and the brushes work for the inside. 

Most cloths and brushes are reusable, but if they get too gunked up, you may need to follow them up with cotton patches. Otherwise, you’ll only spread the dirt around. 

Cleaning Solvents and Oils

Having cloths and brushes won’t help you much if you don’t have a solvent to clean the gun with. A good solution that’s made specifically with guns in mind will be perfect for getting rid of all that residue. 

Once you’ve wiped the firearm down, go behind it with gun oil. It will keep all the complex parts that make up the gun lubricated and stop rust from setting in. 

A Mat and Containers 

To clean every nook and cranny of your gun, you’re going to need to take it apart, at least a little. You’ll have to set your loose parts somewhere. 

This is where a mat comes in handy. Setting the gun parts on one will stop them from rolling around and getting damaged. It will also prevent them from scratching up your countertop. 

As far as smaller parts go, if you drop them on the floor once, they’re gone forever. That’s why we recommend investing in a few containers to put them in until you start putting the gun back together.


If you plan to carry your weapon with you at all times, you’re going to need something secure to hold it in. Many states have rules against conceal carry.

If you live in a state that will allow you to do it as long as you have a permit, getting an attachment for your car isn’t a bad idea. It’s a small holster that you can keep the firearm in that will make it easily accessible in case you need it. 

You can also get a holster that will allow you to have the gun on your person. It will keep it close to you and away from the sight of others. 

Laser Sighting

Now we’re on to the actual gun attachments. The first one we’re going to talk about is laser sighting. It lets off a narrow beam of light. 

Most gun owners opt for red, but this can be hard to see when you’re at the range in the middle of the day. There are other colors available such as green that don’t get drowned out by the sun as badly. 

The purpose of the laser is to allow the user to line up their gun in either far away or close-up situations. Since lasers can be dangerous to the eyesight, it may be required of you to keep the warning label on the gun.

Dry-Fire Caps

You don’t want to get rusty if you can’t get to the range for a while. At the same time, you also don’t want to practice shooting at home with actual bullets. 

That’s what dry firing is for. You can do this with most guns, but you might damage the firing pin unless you use dummy rounds, also known as dry-fire caps. 

Ear Protection 

This is less of a gun attachment and more of a you attachment. Guns are pretty loud. Loud enough to seriously damage your hearing unless you’re using some kind of protection. 

A lot of people use foam earplugs for this purpose. They go right in the ear canal to block out any noise that your gun makes. They’re also easy on the wallet. 

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, we recommend electronic earmuffs. They’ll protect you from the sound of your firearm going off while still allowing you to hear other things going on around you. 


If your current AR 15 buttstock moves around a lot when you shoot, there’s no shame in buying a new one. Having one that locks in place will make it much easier for you to shoot your firearm. 

They’re not that hard to install, and getting one won’t break your bank. Having the right buttstock installed will also make the gun more comfortable to use. 

Extra Magazine 

When you find ammunition that you like, you might as well buy it in bulk. You’ll get a great deal on it that way. While you’re shopping around, buy some extra magazines as well. 

Having them will come in handy no matter if you’re at the shooting range or going hunting. 


Like with the laser sighting attachment, scopes can help you with aiming the gun. You can mount them on almost any firearm, be it a rifle, handgun, or shotgun. 

They will allow you to zoom in on distant objects, so you can see what you’re shooting at. If you’re hunting, getting a scope that’s waterproof or shockproof could be a helpful investment. 

Gun Accessories You Can’t Do Without 

You’re going to need a few gun accessories if you want to use your firearm to its full capabilities. Having a scope or laser attachment can help you aim your gun easier. 

You also need a place to store your firearm, and if you don’t have proper cleaning supplies, problems will arise over time. Stop that from happening by adding some of these items to your shopping cart and visit our blog for more ways to make the most out of your firearm. 

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