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2020 Kia Sportage is the fourth generation in the hierarchy of models. It has undergone complete redesigning, and the Frankfurt motors own the modification credit show in the year of 2015, September month. It was out for public sale in 2016, but in North America, its sale news was declared in 2017. Its sharp edges are a concept mimicked from fighter jets jets’ structure, which indicates it results from excellent engineering work.

 Its assembly is available in various locations like South Korea, Malaysia, Algeria, Russia, China, Pakistan, etc. Peter Schreyer designed it. Coming to its specification, its engine includes gasoline engines and diesel engines too. There is a variety in gasoline engines’ capacity, including a variant of 1.6 litres, 2.0 litres, and 2.4 litres.

The power to work ratio of these engines is 97KW/161 N-m, 120 KW/200 N-m, and 136 kW/241 N-m, respectively. Its transmission includes various variants like a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, seven-speed DCT, and eight-speed automatic. Another essential aspect to know about is its dimensions. Dimensions of various elements are as follows. For wheelbase, it is 2.670 mm. Length is 4.480 mm, width 1.855 mm, and height 1.635-1.645 mm.

The region of North America has three trim levels in new Sportage. These levels are LX, EX, and SX. Like other variants, it also offers four engine choices, including an engine of 2.4 liter and turbocharged 2.0 litre. Power ratings of a 2.4-liter engine are 181 hp (135 KW) and 237 N-m. . Its turbocharged engine generates 240 hp. Although performances differ by a small fraction, this difference depends on the configuration, whether it’s AWD or FWD. In both of these engines, the automatic transmission has a speed of six. It also has features like brake lock which is highly useful in case of emergency and can prevent severe accidents. It also has air bags in it.

It is also an essential aspect to consider the factor of safety. There is some designated test in the motor industry to determine whether a given vehicle is safe or not. It is an excellent feature of 2020 Kia sportage that it withstands all the tests quite well. 

So overall safety standards of 2020 Kia sportage is pretty good. It has also won a significant number of awards. These awards include the 2016 red dot. The reason for getting this award for the car design. Its sales are crushing evidence of the fact that. It’s a great car. The sale of 2020 Kia Sportage witnessed a substantial growth of more than 20 %. It all has happened due to its safety features, excellent engine performance, and reasonable prices.

A contemplated introduction of Kia Sportage

It falls under the category of SUV initially developed by South Korean manufacturers. Its recent version that is 2020 Kia Sportage, is a product of improvement in its various beginning version. It took 26 years to make 2020 the way it is. Before this, various other models were also launched. Here are its initial versions.


The credit for developing this version goes to an engineering company named Mazda bongo. Mazda bongo owns the various essential elements of Kia first-generation, like its engine, transmissions, and other essentials. Later, a tie up was established between ford and Mazda motors, after which its mechanical parts were a contribution of both of these companies. In exchange for providing services, ford was also supplied by Kia mechanical components.

After this alliance was dissolved, In 1994, Kia forms an alliance with another motor company named Daimler Benz AG. Under this partnership production of the model, GLL200 was produced. In this model, two-door pickups were manufactured. It does not turn out to be a great partnership due to which several such models were just 25 units. The alliance was dissolved even before the signing of any corrigendum.

In the meantime of years, 1995 to 1998 German motors look forward to producing Kia Sportage in Germany. European buyers were using this German-produced version of Kia. In another part of the globe, a version built in South Korea was used. On the other hand, its launch is dated back to 1993 in July. Its sale in Europe was started two years later than the beginning of sale in Asia.

 After sometime in the year 1996, Kia witnessed an increase in the length of the body. Most of such models were sold in Asian markets.

Second generation

The model of the second generation was introduced in May 2008. Its manufacturing assembly headquarter was located in Slovakia. It was introduced in the UK in early 2009. Kia Sportage was one of the 20 least expensive cars of 2009. Second generation has undergone a lot of changes in design, engine configuration and safety terms .All this was done just for the sake of customer convenience

Third generation

It was sold in the markets based in Asia and Europe. In August 2010, it was sold in Central American markets, and in the Australian market, its sale was started in October 2010. Engine specifications were modified in the year 2011. Sportage was awarded as the car of the year in 2011in Slovakia. 2012 was the year in which it was rated five stars in all necessary attributes. It all happens due to its excellent features like a powerful engine, reasonable price, and the ability to carry heavy luggage.

Safety parameters of the third generation were also witnessed a significant improvement. It is passed through the rollover crash test. It is a method of determining the strength of its roof. A vehicle can withstand this test only if it can tolerate more than three times the vehicle’s weight.


2020 Kia sportage is a phenomenal choice if you are looking for the right car. The reason for saying so is its advanced features, like its ability to sustain even a heavyweight. Safety assurance is also quite reasonable in this as it has scored excellent in all safety tests designed y motor companies. All this you are getting at reasonable prices.

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