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A DIY Paint Project the Whole Family will Love



There are few more loaded words or phrases in the modern English language than the three simple letters “DIY”. DIY can lead to some amazing custom work, or it can cause you to end up with a three-legged chair that everyone has to pretend they love to avoid hurting dad’s feelings.

Food television reminded the world that their houses had kitchens and they could be used, to varying degrees of success. Home design programming did the same thing for craft and remodel projects. Social sites like Pinterest have made a trend into a phenomenon.

This renewal of the concept of doing it yourself has led many people to try to take on projects they might not have otherwise attempted. Many of these projects have had amazing results, and seeing them encourages others to try to take on projects.

Some others have not been so lucky. It turns out that some people aren’t able to do amazing crafts from looking at a picture on their phone and trying to copy it.

A Little Help Doesn’t Hurt

What if there were a way to do a diy paint project that would have guaranteed results? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a painting that was 100% yours, completed by you, and would actually be display-worthy?

It turns out that there is a solution that lets the less craft among us produce art that you will like, and you will be proud to share with your family, or even give as gifts. It is possible to purchase a paint by numbers kit of your favorite memory that you can complete, even if you have no artistic talent to speak of. 

Everyone remembers those paint by numbers kits they had as kids, that came with the tiny cups of paint and a paintbrush with about three black nylon bristles. These modern paint by numbers kits use the same concept, but raise it to an adult that an adult can feel proud to use.

Instead of recycled coloring book pages or cheap plastic sheets, your image will be printed on artist quality canvas paper that will hold paint and maintain its texture after completion. Instead of tiny little cups of cheap paint, these paint by numbers kits includes actual artist quality acrylics, with a mixing tray so you can get the colors just right.

That horrible paintbrush you remember that would never hold enough paint, but also somehow was too wide to get a clean line is replaced with actual paintbrushes, in multiple thicknesses. 

Most importantly, instead of generic images of rainbows and giraffes, you can get any photo that you want to be converted into a paint by numbers canvas. This means that you can paint a family canvas, your wedding day, or any other important family memory that you have a photo of. 

The process is simple: you upload a picture that you love, in the highest resolution you have available. Crop the image to whatever detail level you choose, and submit it. 

In just a few weeks, you will have your custom paint by numbers kit, with everything you need to make a display quality painting that you can have framed and display for years or decades to come.

If you have ever been afraid of starting a custom paint project because of complications like being unsure of what supplies you might need, not knowing where to start, or just not being a great painter, a paint by numbers kit can help you overcome those issues. In summary, custom paint by numbers kit will let you make a keepsake quality piece of art that your whole family will love, regardless of your talent level.

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The Best Toasters Reviews For You



If you are in the market for a new toaster oven, then you may be interested in finding the best toaster reviews online. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking to add an item to your current kitchen appliances, reviews are a great way to determine the best brand and type of toaster that will best suit your needs. When shopping online, it is important to find a site that offers a variety of consumer opinions. For example, if you are interested in a toaster with a dual-rack feature, check to see if there are any toasters with this feature rating. You can also search for toasters by overall customer satisfaction.

The best toaster reviews can help you make a smart purchasing decision and help you save money as well. If you are thinking about replacing your current kitchen toaster, then you will want to consider what features are important to you. Are you more interested in toasters that toast whole slices of bread, or do you like the ability to toast individual slices at a time? Once you have decided on the type of toaster that you would like to purchase, you can compare various brands and models side-by-side to get an idea of the best prices.

One type of toaster that has received a number of reviews is the 2-slice toaster. The 2-slice toasters allow you to toast two slices of bread at a time. You can place two bread slices on the top of the toaster and rotate the bottom piece of bread over the top of the bread slice. This allows you to get two smaller slices of bread out at once.

One of the best toasters reviews indicates that the best brand of the toaster to buy is the Cuisinart Bread Daddy Pro 2.8 Quart Toaster. The Cuisinart Bread Daddy Pro 2.8 Quart Toaster allows you to bake large toast easily while keeping your hands clean. The toaster also provides you with the ability to defrost the bread easily, so you can enjoy your fresh-baked bread, even after it has been freshly toasted.

Another favorite of consumers who have given the Cuisinart Bread Daddy Pro a favorable review is the KitchenAid Artisan Series Tumbler, Coffee Maker. The stainless steel coffee maker has received numerous good reviews, which is likely due to its sturdiness. The best toasters will keep their heat in for long periods of time, so the coffee will stay hot. The Cuisinart Series Tumbler Coffee Maker is making to heat up from a cool 25 degrees and maintain its heat until the coffee reaches the right temperature. This feature is likely why many people prefer this particular model over other brands of coffee makers.

For those who enjoy having toast but hate waiting for it to get ready, the Cuisinart Series Tumbler Fixed Width 2-Slice Toaster is the perfect solution. The best toasters reviews have been very positive about this particular model. The toaster comes with two slices of bread and an automatic shut off element for added safety. It’s also equipped with a six-minute timer and comes with an additional adjustable heat setting. It has a smooth and shiny metallic exterior that makes it perfect for any kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a perfect appliance, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want an appliance that does everything you need but is not too expensive, you might want to consider the Cuisinart Pop-Up Toaster UK. The best toasters reviews have been very positive about this appliance. It has a unique and innovative design that makes it ideal for any chef. The dual 47179 NewGen Toaster will cook your favorite foods in seconds and is available at the best prices around.

The last option we have for you is the Cuisinart Series 5 Premium Plus Toaster. This appliance is equipped with a unique rolling blade technology. Many people report that they are able to toast four slices of bread in under five minutes with this machine. Although it may cost you a bit more money, it is said to be worth every penny because it does everything a cheaper toaster should do.

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7 Horrible Mistakes you’re making with Carpet Removal



Carpet Removal

When you’re handling carpet removal projects, you’re prone to making certain mistakes and errors. Some may hurt you, while others will affect the completion of the project. You must learn early when you can easily change them.

We have rounded up some of the horrible mistakes that people make during carpet removal. And here are seven of them to learn from:

1: Failing to Rent a Dumpster for the Carpet Removal Project

Here’s the thing – a carpet removal project is very involving and needs you to have sufficient space. Thus, an ordinary garbage bag or bin is barely going to be enough for such tasks.

You need to get a proper disposal method, which includes renting a dumpster. The number one mistake people make when they have a carpet removal project fails to cater to the disposal.

The other mistake is choosing the wrong size of dumpster. There are different sizes of dumpsters depending on how much junk you have and how much you’re willing to spend. They come at different prices, with the large ones being more costly.

As a homeowner conducting a carpet removal project, consult with the dumpster rental company about the dumpster’s right size. This is if you don’t know how to estimate sizes. The basic unit of measurement is in cubic yards.

Another note or rather importance of picking the right size is to avoid the fees on filling to the brim. You shouldn’t overfill the dumpster, or else that’ll attract costs that you wouldn’t want to foot.

2: Not Planning for the Carpet Removal Project

A carpet removal project is one of the few home projects that you don’t just wake up and start. It’s similar to furniture removal and a complete remodeling of the house. If you don’t plan early for it, then the chances are that you’ll end up messing up everything. Take time, organize everything you need to do, and allocate the rooms or areas based on your labor force.

3: Doing it Without Proper Tools

When you want to handle a carpet removal project successfully, you must do it right using the ideal tools. And when we discuss tools, we aren’t just talking about the ones that make the work smoother, but also the ones that protect you from harm.

For instance, you need to wear gloves to protect your hands against injuries from staples and other sharp objects on site. Similarly, you’ll need face masks to guard against dust particles that arise from carpets. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have allergic reactions. You’ll still have to wear a mask whenever you’re working on such a project.

Using the right tools for specific tasks during carpet removal also ensures that you don’t get hurt. A hammer can do most of the stuff in such a project. But ask yourself if it’s the right tool for everything. Just because it works in some cases doesn’t mean that you should always use it that way.

4: Not Contacting a Carpet Removal Company

Handling a project with the magnitude of carpet removal isn’t an easy task. And there’s a lot to think of when you’re planning such a project, including labor. Imagine removing the whole carpet that’s inside your house. Similarly, if you have some help from friends and family, then it’s much more comfortable. But if you’re all alone, it becomes a little harder to make the process flow effectively.

The good thing about hiring a professional carpet removal service is that they do a pretty good job. Most importantly, they do it quicker than you would have done on your own. Even if you have any friends or family members helping out with the project, they can’t match the speed and level of expertise that a professional carpet removal service has.

And here’s the catch if you hire pros, they come with all of the project’s needed tools. Besides, they have an insurance cover that protects you and them in case of any eventuality. When you work with friends and family, what happens when one of them gets an injury? Like you’ve already guessed, you’ll be fully liable.

5: Failure to Create Enough Time

A carpet removal project isn’t one that you’ll commit to under pressure. Don’t give yourself a request to, let’s say, complete the entire project in a day. It would be unrealistic to do so. Unless you’re working with a professional carpet removal service, you’ll need to create sufficient time for the project. Don’t hurry it.

6: Dragging Furniture Roughly Instead of Lifting

When you’re taking up carpet removal, you’ll need to move furniture around. As a result, dragging the pieces of furniture will end up destroying your floor. Instead, lift them with some help.

7: Not Taking a Cover

Depending on whom you’re working with, you can take up a cover so that you don’t have to cough up a lot of money for their treatment in case of any injuries. Well, unless you’ve hired a professional carpet removal service that comes covered.

Final Thoughts

So, those are some of the mistakes people make when they’re removing carpets. In short, it would be best to hire a carpet removal service to help you out and make the process much easier for you. 

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3 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Home




A clean home is pleasant to look at and pleasing to live in. Maintaining this welcoming atmosphere requires a standard of cleanliness to be upheld. Dusting, vacuuming and mopping will keep your surfaces looking clean and tidy.

Unfortunately, light and frequent cleans don’t deal with embedded dirt or stains. Show your home the attention it deserves by devoting time on a thorough deep clean. Deep cleaning your home is a surefire way to make it immaculate. For more benefits gained from a deep clean continue reading below.

Improve Your Mood

When working from home it cannot be understated how important being comfortable in your space is to your mood.  A tidy room achieved through everyday cleaning will improve your mood but a deep clean will have a far more uplifting effect on you.

A thorough deep clean will give you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your spotless, germ-free home and creates an increase in productivity.

Tackle Allergies Head-On

Neglecting a deep clean allows for dust and allergens to accumulate on fabrics, upholstery and hard to reach places in your home.

The build-up of this will have a negative effect on your body. An indication of this will be symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose and itchy, red or watery eyes being triggered.

With a deep clean you can tackle the dust and allergens that are in your home. These can hide behind furniture, cling to curtains or get trapped in light fixtures. They can also be transferred into your home by pollen or hair on your clothes.

Deep cleans will tackle the spots that dust and allergens can hide, putting a stop to the symptoms they trigger too. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from asthma or hay fever to avoid further respiratory complications during the spring or summer months.

Clean The Unseen

Whilst deep cleans are superb for dealing with allergies in the spring and summer they also are beneficial in the autumn and winter months. In that period when exposed to cold temperatures, your immune system is suppressed. This is an issue because the opportunities for infection increase, leaving you far more vulnerable to get sick from the bacteria in your home.

General cleaning will not be effective at protecting yourself against these germs. Bacteria is brought into your house via the dirt on your shoes or on your clothing. Harmful microbes are then spread around your house via touch to door handles, kitchen worktops and other high traffic spots.

General cleaning can make the situation worse. This is because light surface cleaning prioritises appearance, making the microscopic bugs an afterthought. This can lead to microbes unknowingly being spread across surfaces through the cloth used in cleaning. Light cleaning can also introduce moisture to an environment with germs, allowing the better means to multiply.

A deep clean is best to deal with this. Surfaces are sanitised so that germs that have settled in your home are dealt with and your home is disinfected.  A thorough clean is even more of a requirement when living in a home with someone who has contracted Covid-19, sanitising your home.  A professional deep cleaning companywill be able to efficiently and safely do this task for you with specialised cleaning tools and methods. This will prevent the spread of infection within your home.


Comfortably living in a clean home with no risks to your health are just some of the benefits gained from a deep clean. Ensure to deep clean frequently to maintain your enjoyment of your home. However, this can be understandably overwhelming for some. If you fear you are too busy don’t hesitate to contact a local professional cleaner to thoroughly clean your home so you can rest easy.

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Settled status vs UK citizenship: Is it worth getting a passport?



With so many changes to the law happening at the moment, if you’re an EU national currently in the UK, there are certain steps you’re going to need to take to secure your status in the country. Whether you have a permanent residence card or not, those who are looking to remain lawfully in Britain beyond 30th June 2021, will need to decide whether they’re going to apply for a settled status or permanent residence.

But, when making this incredibly important decision, which is better? What differentiates the two and is there a certain one you should choose depending on your status? The following information will help you towards making your choice.

What is an EU settled status?

The end of the EU freedom of movement and the introduction of the new points-based immigrations system has changed everything. It means that any EU citizens coming to the UK from 1st January 2021 will need to apply for a visa before they travel. If you’re an EU national who is already in the UK however, you will now need to apply for a settled status by 30th June 2021. This is the only way to safeguard your future status in the UK. 

This settled status is the official grant of immigration status by the Home Office. It will allow you to continue to live, work and study in the UK on an indefinite basis. You’ll also have access to healthcare and, if you’re eligible, any state benefits and pensions. 

With a settled status, you’ll have access to the same rights and benefits that you were entitled to under the freedom of movement act. It’s important to remember that a settled status is not an automatic right. If you’re an EU citizen living in the UK, you’ll need to apply for, and be granted EU settled status. 

What is a permanent residence?

Before the UK left the EU, it wasn’t a mandatory requirement for any qualifying EU citizens to apply for a permanent residence card in the UK, unless of course they were looking to apply for British citizenship. 

EU citizens wanting to apply for permanent residence or a citizenship need to have had a settled status for at least 12 months. 

Which is better?

Which you end up choosing completely depends on your personal circumstances. Ultimately if you’re wanting to remain in the UK as a British citizen in the long run, applying for a settled status will allow you to get to that point. If you’d like to become a British national and enjoy all the same rights, including the right to vote and to get yourself a British passport, ultimately you will need to apply for both. You may want to enlist the help of specialists who can help you make the decision based on your circumstances.

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Top 5 Luxury Watches To Check Out For Active Lifestyles




     Unbeknownst to many, luxury and active lifestyles often go hand and hand together. The world of timepieces is not exempt from this as many watch brands cater to even the sportiest of people. Whether you are going out for a deep ocean dive or revving the engines to an F1 car, there is sure to be a timekeeper perfect for you. Here is a list of the top 5 luxury watches for active lifestyles.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black

Best for: Gentlemen who are just dying to start their engines.

Rolex is synonymous with more than just wealth. With timepieces that last generations upon generations, it is no surprise that the company has dominated the watch market since its conception in 1905. Its product variety caters to more than just the savvy businessman; take the Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black, for example.

This particular timepiece was designed with professional racers in mind. Fitted with Rolex’s ever-reliable chronographs and a tachymeter scale that can accurately measure up to 400km/hour speeds, the Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black is a must-have for the speed junkie on the fly. As if that were not enough, its beautiful silver-tone hands and luminescent finish make for a marvel both in the race track and at the office.

2. IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Spitfire

Best for: People ready to soar through the skies.

You cannot go wrong with Swiss engineering, and IWC is a testament to this. Yet another big name in the watch game, this company’s timepieces have quite literally soared above others in its ability to make quality avian watches. The luxury watch company’s Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Spitfire is no exception to this as it takes inspiration from pilots of the 1948 Royal Air Force.

Using precise in-house machination that can be seen through its sapphire case back, this timekeeper is a true beauty to behold. It also features a dual-hemisphere perpetual moon phase that displays the date, including the month of the year. Additionally, it has small “hacking”

seconds and a seven-day power reserve, perfect for long periods of flying. All of this is cased with an olive-green dial, bronze case, and leather strap, making this watch a perfect tribute to the fliers of both present and past.

3. OMEGA’s Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 40mm

Best for: People shooting for the stars.

OMEGA is quite literally an all-star as far as luxury watch brands go. Being one of the few watch brands that can boast about having been to space, it is no surprise that their timepieces are sought after. The OMEGA Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 40mm is a superb example of this.

Featuring a classy steel bracelet and a casing covered by solid steel and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this timepiece is a beauty to behold whether you are riding a rocket or casually taking a stroll to the mall. More than just this, this particular watch also features a small sub-seconds dial, a 30-minute recorder, and a 12-hour recorder, and is powered by the famed Co-Axial caliber 3330 system. An out-of-this-world experience packaged in a wrist-sized memento, this watch is a must-have for astronauts and space lovers alike.

4. Zenith’s Defy Classic Carbon

Best for: For the runners who want their gun-start.

Zenith is another big name in the watch world, having made thousands of luxury watches since its conception in 1865. It comes as no shock that they would come up with another revolutionary line of watches in the form of the Defy Classic Carbon.

Weighing at a mere 65 grams and made of lightweight but sturdy carbon, the Zenith Defy Classic is perfect for both general use and for running given its almost weightless stature. More than just this, this timepiece exhibits beautiful open-worked movement shaped like the brand’s logo, the Zenith Defy Classic is a definite buy for its futuristic design and practical specifications such as its 100-meter water resistance and its 50-hour power reserve.

5. Panerai’s Luna Rossa Submersible

Best for: People who want to find Nemo.

Panerai is one of the world’s finest Italian luxury watchmakers, and their Luna Rossa Submersible is a definite testament to this. Inspired by Luna Rossa, Italy’s bid for the American Cup, this watchmaking company’s line of submersibles have stood the test of time.

With that said, the Luna Rossa Submersible is no different as this timepiece features Carbotech material made of non-corrosive and tough carbon fibre. More than just this, however, the watch’s biggest appeal is that it can be submerged to almost 300 meters or 1000 feet, perfect for the diver on the go.

What did you think of our list? Are there any other luxury watches you can think of? Let us know!

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