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A Comprehensive Guide to Path Of Exile 3.22 Tattoos: Usage, Acquisition, and Trading

In Path of Exile 3.22, the Trial of the Ancestors introduces a new feature called Tattoos, also known as Skill Tattoos. These consumable trinkets bring further customization to character builds by replacing Attribute Passives with unique benefits. This guide delves into the intricacies of Tattoos, providing insights on how to effectively use, acquire, and trade them in the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile.

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How to Use Tattoos in Path of Exile 3.22:

Currently, Tattoos are not widely used in the game. Most Tattoos are priced between 1 to 5 Chaos Orbs (C), making them relatively inexpensive. However, due to their limited availability and low demand, it may be challenging to find specific Tattoos. If you act quickly, you may be able to find some powerful Tattoos at bargain prices. Tattoos can be a valuable addition to your build, addressing any weaknesses or optimizing your character’s attributes. It is recommended to explore the effects of different Tattoos and aim to achieve similar effects in your build. If you have excess attributes that are not being utilized, converting them into something more beneficial through Tattoos can greatly enhance your character.

How to Get Tattoos in Path of Exile 3.22:

To access farm POE 3.22 Divines, you need to unlock the Trial of the Ancestors league mechanism. This can be done by using a Silver Coin. Defeated foes, particularly Elites, often drop Tattoos. By right-clicking on Silver Coins, you can enter the Halls of the Dead. Inside, you will encounter various NPCs representing different ethnic groups, each expressing their identity through tribal tattoos.
In the southeast corner of the Halls of the Dead, you will find The Eye of Destiny, which introduces the new league system based on an arena format. As you enter The Eye of Destiny, you will see the available Tribes and their associated prizes. Tattoos can be obtained through various means within the Trial of the Ancestors.

Makanga Tattoo Requirements in Path Of Exile 3.22:

Makanga Tattoos are incredibly powerful versions of Tattoos associated with different clans. Each clan has its own Makanga Tattoo, which offers unique benefits. However, these Tattoos come with additional requirements. While there is no limit to the number of Makanga Tattoos you can have, they have a specific restriction. For example, the Tattoo of the Ngamahu Makanga replaces a small strength passive skill and grants +1 to maximum fire resistance, making it a highly potent effect.
However, it also requires a maximum of 1 adjacent passive skill allocated. This means that the Tattoo can only be connected to one adjacent node on your passive skill tree. Each Makanga Tattoo generally has a similar effect, but some may have different requirements. For instance, the Tattoo of Hinekora Makanga requires 7 adjacent passive skills allocated, allowing for more connections. Finding these specific nodes on your passive skill tree may be challenging, but they offer powerful benefits.

Requirements for Honoured Tattoos in PoE 3.22:

Honored Tattoos have straightforward requirements. They replace specific nodes on the passive skill tree, restricting access to the replaced node rather than imposing complex conditions. Pay close attention to the type of node being replaced, as some Honoured Tattoos replace smaller attribute nodes, while others replace larger ones. Understanding these nuances will aid in making informed crafting decisions with the respective Tattoos.


  • Path of Exile 3.22 introduces Tattoos as an exciting addition to character customization. While these consumable trinkets are currently undervalued in the market, astute players can capitalize on this opportunity by acquiring potent Tattoos at affordable prices.
  • Experiment with different Tattoos that align with your build’s needs, utilizing excess attributes to enhance your character’s performance. By venturing into the Trial of the Ancestors and exploring the realms of the Halls of the Dead, you can obtain diverse Tattoos to augment your Path of Exile experience.

Embrace the power of Tattoos and shape your destiny in this ever-expanding world.

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