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A brief story about Ishell Vaughan

Ishell Vaughan aka Ishell Francis was born in Brooklyn, New York at 04/19/1991 but currently lives in East Orange, New Jersey. A man with versatile qualifications came up with his mind to rule in different industries. In a nutshell, Ishell Vaughan is a professional film maker and cinematographer.

But you know, Ishell Francis has formed Ishell Vaughan Films, a media and Entertainment Company that operates production level drones in short films. What a new dimension he has introduced in this film industry. He has an outstanding contribution in the industry based on his achievements and experiences.

Ishell Vaughan also did his Bachelor degree in the field of Applied Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from DeVry University. Not only that, he also gained 9 years of huge experiences in his required filed which enabled him  to establish a successful career and promising brand among others as well as the industry.

The words sound sweet at this moment. But every successful story has a struggling background. Ishell Vaughan also started his career as an amateur photographer. You will be surprised to know that he first did his snaps at a baby shower before it left a touching line in his mind and then he felt passion for photography. After that, he went to search his ideal spectators and since then, he didn’t lag.

Ishell Vaughan is a farm believer in old adage that enables you to fulfill your personal satisfaction. However, he is such a talented and skilled person in the industry that has made him creative and imaginative content creator in the industry. He is such a genius with unparalleled abilities that established him to present the life event containing intangible contents on the screen.

Ishell Vaughan is an industry professional having huge and indispensable vision and passion for his art. Having the vast knowledge on photography and cinematography, Ishell visualizes the content with a knack of amazing creation. He always try to integrate the mixture of his qualities to create the masterpiece in his direction. Besides of it, he is a good analytical person that helps him to add a new dimension in his amazing content.

He has come up with a deep industry knowledge that accelerates his work efficiency with his clients. However, Ishell is famous for photography drone operator and cinematography and he is also expert in math & numbers. So, here is also a turning point in his life. As he is a good problem solver and good analytical person, these qualities have made him a good advocate for his clients.

But no worries with qualities and efficiency having these versatile qualities in one man. And it can’t be because he has gained significant experiences with Lamborghini, BET, MTV, VH1, Akon, French Montana, BMW of North America, and GQ Magazine. Besides of that, Ishell also awarded in the Newark Film Festival.   

Along with that, Ishell also runs a subsidiary named The raw Sessions which allows new stars to earn supremacy in this competitive world exploring with their content. He also thinks of releasing a m ovie named My First Film where he performed as a photography director.

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