9 Signs You Need a Tax Lawyer

9 Signs You Need a Tax Lawyer

The tax season can be overwhelming, but what happens when you need more assistance? 

Lawyers and attorneys are usually associated with dealing with the law. While this is the case, a tax lawyer also helps with many tax issues. Similar to an account, a tax attorney can help with taxes in many ways. 

Are you wondering if you need one? Read on for signs you need a tax lawyer!

1. You Have an Audit

If you have been selected for an IRS audit, hire a tax lawyer. They will ensure all your documentation and records are ready. If an audit does happen to go to court, they will help you through the legal process.  

2. Starting a Business

When you start a business locally or abroad, there are many tax implications. You can receive advice on how best to set up your business for filing taxes. You can also get legal advice to ensure you will not have any problems at a later date.

3. Selling a Business

Tax can get complicated, especially the business tax code. Delia Law covers various tax issues that come up, from business to individual issues. If you are selling a business, you want to ensure transactions are handled and all legal bases, such as liability, are covered. 

4. You Owe Taxes

Whether it was a mistake or tax evasion, not filing taxes can lead to legal issues. You or your business can get into serious trouble without support. If you need to pay back a large amount of taxes, get a tax lawyer to negotiate a repayment agreement with the IRS. 

5. You Need Legal Advice

A tax lawyer will help defend you in court if you are charged with a tax crime. They have the knowledge and experience to get you the best outcome. Avoid huge fines and charges with a tax lawyer by your side.

6. Nonprofit Organisations 

Nonprofits, such as foundations, charities, and churches, could be tax-exempt. However, you need a tax lawyer to navigate the system, as it can get overwhelming. They understand nonprofit corporate governance, financial regulations, and tax laws. 

7. Leaving Money to an Heir 

Consult a tax attorney for help with taxes if you plan to leave money to an heir. Otherwise, your family could have to deal with the IRS. A tax lawyer guarantees the process is successful.

8. Estate Tax

If you have a taxable estate, a tax attorney can provide legal advice. They can help you plan strategies to stay below tax exemptions. And they can help you legally reduce tax liability if possible.

9. Help Filing Taxes

A tax lawyer can also help with filing taxes! If you have multiple jobs or are confused about tax season, they help ensure you will not have any issues. They will make everything as straightforward as possible. 

Know When to Hire a Tax Lawyer 

A tax lawyer has a broad role and experience in many different areas. They are the best people to contact for legal advice and other tax issues. Always check reputation and rate before agreeing to meet a prospective tax attorney. 

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