9 ideas for you to redesign your kitchen cabinets

What often makes a kitchen beautiful is furniture perfectly suited to the space. A good trick to save this environment when the decor no longer pleases is to use creativity when choosing furniture and cabinets or when transforming the ones you already have into a new piece. If your idea is to buy a new set, we know that custom cabinets are more expensive than buying standard furniture. 

Certainly not all furniture lends itself to this type of transformation, but we can think of several examples for kitchen cabinets refinishing: an old closet can become a beautiful cabinet, a pallet can become a shelf, and so on. That way, you won’t have to shell out a small fortune to reach your goal and you’ll get a practically new kitchen.

1. Change cabinet doors

If you like the rustic style and want to add texture to your kitchen , you can change the traditional cabinet doors for demolition wood. An ecological and sustainable option.

A golden tip: add some contemporary pieces and you’ve got a splendid decor!

2. Or adhesive-as!

Another idea for you to refinish your kitchen cabinets is to radically transform their facades: use bold colors and stickers with interesting shapes. Invigorating colors and designs add an eye-pleasing, bold visual impact.

3. Bet on pastel tones

Some kitchens have lots of cabinet doors and they become heavy and massive to look at. Painting them another color adds lightness. In this case, mint green was a perfect choice. The result is a very charming kitchen with a perfect visual unity.

4. Add color to details and niches

If you have cabinets with glass or transparent doors, you can paint the background and make them more colorful and with a whole new look. Take the opportunity to place the dishes and add a special touch.

5. A treat from a crockery rack

Not sure what to do with that old closet? You can paint it and turn it into a nice kitchen cabinet with plenty of space to store your dishes and even some food. In addition, it will also turn into an object with decorative function. 

6. Different textures and patterns

You can decorate the inside or outside of your closet with washable wallpaper suitable for surfaces of this type. 

9. Change handles or install a bar to support objects

Another detail that changes the entire kitchen is changing the handles. You can also transform it by painting it in light colors.

10. Apply a photo panel

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a beautiful photo panel can decorate the back of your closet (if it has transparent doors) or the facade. Choose a photograph you love and make it your kitchen decor.

11. How to make a cheap kitchen cabinet

If the idea is to save money, it is always worth resorting to the so-called do-it-yourself , also known by the acronym DIY. In this sense, some interesting alternatives are the pallet kitchen cabinet, which has the same resistance as the wooden kitchen cabinet, but gains the natural charm of having been made by you.

The pallet kitchen cabinet can be designed with the pallet deconstructed and applied as shelves. When in doubt about how to do it, it is worth consulting our professionals who work online and will certainly help you find the best cost-benefit solution.

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