9 Different Activities to Get Your Cardio In

There are many activities you can do that could be considered cardio exercise. What are the activities that really are considered cardio. Here we will discuss what is and isn’t cardio. Cardio could be as easy as you want it to be or as intense as you can handle. Cardio is aerobic exercise that stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs.

There are many activities you can do to get your cardio in. Some that are considered the best for cardio and even some  that you can do anywhere you are:

  1. Jump rope
  2. High knees
  3. Boxing/kickboxing
  4. Dance workout videos
  5. Bear crawl
  6. Walking/jogging
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. Burpees
  9. Just play, move around anywhere

Jumping rope is a simple yet great cardio workout. You can pretty much do this exercise anywhere you have the little space you need. You can also go at your own pace. Go as slow or as fast as you can. As long as you get your heart rate up, you’re good.

High knees is another great cardio activity you can also do from anywhere with not much space needed. You just need enough space to kick your knees as close to your chest as you can. Again, you don’t have to over do it. Go at your own pace

Boxing and kickboxing is a harder exercise because not everyone can do it from anywhere. Most need to go to an actual gym to do iy. Some have a punching bag at home so can use that to do their cardio. Boxing and kickboxing are probably more for younger people but if you can do it, do it cause it will give you an amazing cardio workout. It could also be very fun to do.

A Lot of people dance for fun, some do it to get some cardio in. Some people use  dance workout videos to get their exercise from the comfort of their own home. All you need is a DVD player or just even You Tube and you have all you need. Dancing really is a good high quality exercise activity. So why not get some exercise and have fun at the same time?

Bear crawls are another activity that is considered cardio. They are an exercise you can always do on your own. All you need is a little space and the ability to get on all fours. A few bear crawls will have you sweating and gasping for air. They are extremely fun to do.

Walking or jogging is perhaps the best cardio workout you can do. You could do it outside or on a treadmill if you have access to one. Just walk around the block, 20 – 30 minutes a day is very good. Start slow and work your way up. Start doing just what you can. Don’t overdo yourself too soon. This is also great because you can do it alone or as a group. The options are endless.

How about doing some jumping jacks. Most probably haven’t done any since middle school when we were full of energy. Bring back some memories, do some jumping jacks. Also a great and simple exercise to do.

Burpees are a little tougher but they really get your heartrate going. For this one you have to hit the floor, do a push up, get back on your feet and jump. Do a few of these and you’ll really be feeling it. This is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. Try them, if you can do them, they really get the job done.

The best one, the one everyone can do is just get up and move around, Just play with your kids or grandchildren for a bit. Just move around. Anything you can do, just do. Just make sure you always keep yourself motivated and stay within your limits.

These are the best most common exercises you can pretty do from anywhere. By yourself or with a partner. There are plenty more things you can do. If you find yourself not being able to do any of these cardio activities just get up and move around. Keep yourself active as much as you can. As long as you’re getting some type of exercise.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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