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8 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

With over 2 billion active users, Youtube is the most used social media platform worldwide. Another statistic to blow your mind: more than 5 billion videos are consumed every day on Youtube. The video sharing app/website is an incomparable opportunity for brands, individuals and artists and anyone else who wants to be successful on social media. Thousands of creators have changed their life using Youtube, and you can too. Follow these easy guidelines to get more views and to make your Youtube channel a success. 

  1. Make your titles tick

The titles are an essential part of bringing more views to any Youtube video. Titles should be catchy, easy to understand and very tempting. A viewer should be able to understand what the video might be about while also having a sense of suspense. If you want your audience to keep coming back, don’t put misleading titles. It is also important to know that Youtube will never recommend videos with titles indicating violence or hate speech. If you’ve managed all that, remember to use as few words as possible. 

  1. Audience Matters: Take feedback and Engage

On Youtube, your audience is all that matters. Ask for suggestions. Read the comments. Reply to the comments. To create a sustainable following, you must know what all your audience’s likes and dislikes. Plan your content according to the demographics and the socio-economic realities of your audience. Always be nice in your videos. Make your transitions smooth and clear the video of grainy or any other disturbances. 

  1. Focus on YouTube Seo

About 70% of all Google search results show Youtube videos in the results. Youtube itself acts as a search engine in many ways. People log on to Youtube to find solutions to all their problems: from painting a house to making papier mache to peeling an onion. Use keyword tools to find keywords for your titles and descriptions. 

  1. Customize your thumbnail

Your thumbnail is the first thing that a user sees when they come to the homepage on Youtube. Several times the thumbnail is the difference between a view and a scrolling past. Make your thumbnail enticing and aesthetically pleasing. Use any tool available on the internet to design your customized thumbnail. If you don’t make your own thumbnail, Youtube will select a random shot from your video. It could be a shot of you grimacing and we can’t have that now. 

  1. Write awesome Descriptions

The description should elucidate what your video is about while also providing additional links or information. Any offers or discounts can be mentioned here. Also, contests and giveaways can be explained with ease. You can also include a timestamp for streamlining your audience’s information gathering process. Write all the links to your other social media accounts and request your audience to Like, Share and Subscribe. 

  1. Create Playlists

Playlists make it easier for your audience to find content that they need and allows them to binge watch your Youtube channel. The Playlists option also allows you to make a series of videos for a specific purpose that you might want to achieve. Always remember: 10 short videos are better than 1 long video. 

  1. Try Live Streaming

This is the future of all social media. There is no better way to engage your audience than to have them following you live. More and more the world is moving towards live streaming. In the gaming community for instance, gamers stream all their content live which is also available to be watched later. With the onset of Live Shopping, wherein special discounts are given to people who make purchases through a live stream, we can be sure that Live streaming is here to stay. Make the opportunity count.     

  1. Run YouTube ad campaigns

Youtube has multiple customizable options for you to run your desired ad campaign. You can choose one or run a bulk ad. These are the types of ads.

  • Skippable Ads

These are ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds. They are available on mobile, TV, desktop and gaming consoles. 

  • Non-skippable Ads

These are ads that cannot be skipped. These are also available on mobile, TV, desktop and gaming consoles. These are about 15-20 seconds in duration.

  • Bumper Ads

These ads are also non-skippable and run for a maximum of 6 seconds. 

  • Overlay Ads

These are only available on desktop. These ads are the slightly transparent small bits on the bottom of the video. 

Youtube is an amazing platform for creators to share their content. It has the best reach among all its competitors, extraordinary engagement and it is here to stay. With Live Streaming becoming extremely popular with the young, we must watch out for the new opportunities that Youtube will bring and grab them with both hands. 

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