Van Rental for Business

8 Tips For Making A Van Rental for Business

The most important thing you should be doing when getting a van rental is being well prepared. Every van rental company will have different terms and conditions when it comes to its rental service. Therefore, you’ll want to know everything you need to be aware of beforehand. Here are some of the best tips that you can use when booking a van rental service. Van Rental Los Angeles

Tips For Van Rentals:

1. Plan For Everything

Before getting affordable van rental prices, you want to consider how much you will be moving and how much you are going to be moving suggest the van rental experts at Fridgexpress. All of these things are important to ensure you get it right. After all, you don’t want to end up paying too much for a van that is above and beyond what you need. Likewise, you don’t want to make the opposite mistake of getting a van that is too small for what you’re moving as it could cost you multiple trips.

You’ll find that the vans available for rent will vary in size from small to large. If you are planning on moving a lot of heavy and bulky items, a tailgate lift is likely to be beneficial in assisting you with unloading and loading the cargo.

2. Compare Your Options

You need to do a thorough comparison of the different van rental services. You want to compare prices and be certain you are listing out what is included and what’s excluded with each. You’ll find that different companies have wide differences in included insurance and more. Therefore, you want to be factoring this into your renting decision. After all, the last thing you want to do is go for the cheaper rental service only to find out it’s cheap because it includes no insurance.

You want to do a one-to-one comparison and try to always opt for unlimited mileage deals whenever possible. Always read the full terms and conditions page before committing. Also, you should always try to pay with a credit card whenever possible because it will protect you as a buyer and a lot of them include rental insurance.

3. Check The Various Documents

When you are looking to pick up the rental van, you should be doing a thorough check of all of the documentation it comes with. You want to look at everything closely to ensure you aren’t being charged extra fees that you didn’t agree to and for features that you didn’t ask for.

4. What To Take With You

To get your rental, you’ll need your valid driver’s license. Therefore, you want to take your license with you. Also, you’ll want to take a credit card with you. This will be something the company will want to keep on file. Also, they might ask for a current utility bill, as well. Therefore, you should bring one to verify your home address.

5. Check Your Vehicle

Before leaving, you want to check that the vehicle both inside and outside is undamaged. If it is damaged, you want to document it before driving it off the lot. Be certain the damage is noted in the agreement. That way, you won’t be held responsible for the damages when you bring the rental back. Also, you want to ensure that the van has the appropriate mileage as indicated on the agreement along with the fuel level. Ensure that you are well aware of what you should be doing in the event your van breaks down or if you get into an accident with it. That way, you don’t have to worry about the unexpected if it does happen.

6. Understand That Driving a Van Is Different

If you’ve never driven a van previously, you need to understand that it can be a different experience. You want to make note of the dimensions of the van that you are renting before setting out on the road. That way, you will be able to make the adjustments needed while driving it. Your van may be a lot taller and wider than the vehicle you’re used to driving. Also, you might not have the same sharp turning radius that you’re used to. All of these things need to be on your radar when you are renting a van. That way, you can make the adjustments needed to drive it safely.

7. Dropping It Off

When you are done with the van rental and you’re dropping it off, you’ll want to ensure that you are returning it in the same condition it was originally in. You should be checking the fuel to ensure you fill it to where it was and document the condition of the van inside and out. If you’re dropping off the rental van after hours, you’ll want to leave the keys in the predetermined location. Don’t drop off your van later than the agreed time because you could incur late fees.

8. Check Your Statement

Once you’re done with the service, you’ll want to keep an eye on your credit card statement. That way, you can tell whether or not the service tried to charge you additional fees for your rental. If they did, ensure that these fees are valid. If not, you’ll want to contact the rental company and dispute the charges with the proper documentation.

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