Features of Wix Website Builder

8 Powerful Features of Wix Website Builder

Wix is one of the popular web designing platforms that allow millions of users to develop the website online using cloud-based creation and management tools. It lets everyone to sell and buy a huge variety of products. Wix is easy to use and it contains high-quality templates and also it is a reliable and secure website builder. There are a lot of features that Wix offers to the users to add to their website. You can also hire professional web designer for your wix website. Beside these, They are always introducing new features that make an online presence attractive. Some of the Wix features are highlighted in this article.

1.Quick action bar:

The quick action bar is for mobile sites to address the issues that are seen in the process of browsing a website in a mobile device. It gives faster access for tasks and offers shortcut links that guide to their priorities and help to save the time of scrolling. It makes sure that no matter what device the visitors are using they are getting the ultimate browsing experience.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section:

FAQs section is one of the most needed components for every website. It is the section where the business owner answers every doubts and question that makes things easily understandable for the followers and potential consumers. Another advantage of the FAQ section is that it’s an opportunity for the advertisement and promotion of the brand by adding the advantages of it.

3. Wix Photo Albums:

Wix photo albums are a part of the Wix Photography platform that allows the professional’s Web Maker to make a visual presentation. It is useful for professional photographers who need to share the pictures of photoshoots to their clients because Wix Photo Albums create a gallery of images that can be shared easily. They offer many layouts and editing options so that one can design each album and give them a perfect look to make the visual presentation beautiful.

4. Wix Chat:

Wix Chat is the messaging tool that offers the audience to start a chat. It is a fast and reliable option to get in touch with visitors. It is a great opportunity to build trust with potential customers and satisfying existing customers. Also, the owner has the full right to activate or deactivate the chat option as per their desire.

5. Thank You note:

An online business can hugely get affected by customer appreciation. You have to show that customers are very valuable to your business and you can do so by adding the customized thank you note after the completion of the purchase on the online store. But you have to make sure that it looks less like a confirmation stamp.

6. Wix Logo Maker:

Wix Logo Maker makes it possible to create a personalized professional logo for any business. It offers numerous options for a logo with a readymade color palette. Every logo design can be adjusted and modified as per the need of the owner to fit any business.

7. Tracking Tools and Analytics:

You can keep an eye on your sites to watch the traffic and the progression of the campaigns. These tools will help you to get information about the online behavior of customers and optimize your marketing campaign in a better way.

8. Members area:

This feature allows you to make a strong online community where members can like, comment, share, and follow just like the social media platforms. One of the advantages of this feature is that it helps to grow and sustain a flourishing community.

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