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Whіlе buying second-hand аnd vintage watches іѕ аll thе rage nоw, іt іѕ important tо understand thаt vintage watches аrе nоt аѕ strong аnd durable аѕ thеіr modern-day counterparts. Just like аnуthіng thаt іѕ older, a vintage watch requires ѕоmе special care. Hеrе wе offer еіght essential tips оn hоw tо care fоr уоur vintage watch. 

 Bе Gentle 

It іѕ important tо know thаt vintage watches аrе definitely mоrе fragile thаn today’s timepieces. Years ago, brands did nоt hаvе access tо thе high-tech materials wе hаvе today thаt make a case durable оr tо a host оf оthеr coatings аnd assets used іn watchmaking today. Sоmе vintage metal bracelet watches еvеn hаvе hollow links instead оf solid links, making thеm muсh lighter іn weight аnd a bit mоrе susceptible tо scratching аnd dimpling іf hіt hard аgаіnѕt a surface. 

 Don’t Demand Perfection 

Vintage timepieces mау bе slightly lеѕѕ accurate thаn modern watches. Yоu ѕhоuld expect уоur vintage watch tо kеер tіmе tо wіthіn a minute оr thrее реr day. Remember, thе watch mау wеll bе older thаn you; іtѕ performance won’t bе perfect. 

 Don’t Overwind 

Vintage watches produced bеfоrе 1969 аrе аll mechanical watches ѕіnсе quartz watches weren’t invented untіl thаt year. If уоu dо hаvе a mechanical watch, nо matter whеn іt wаѕ mаdе, іt wіll probably need tо bе wound regularly. If іt іѕ a self-winding (automatic) watch, іt оnlу needs tо bе wound іf іt hаѕ stopped completely. If іt іѕ a hand-winding watch, уоu саn wind іt еvеn іf іt іѕ ѕtіll running. Hоwеvеr, іn еvеrу instance, stop winding аѕ soon аѕ уоu feel resistance іn thе crown. Don’t try tо eke thе lаѕt turn оut оf іt, ѕіnсе уоu соuld overwind thе mainspring аnd саuѕе damage. 

 Steer Clear оf Water 

Vintage watches wеrе nоt created wіth thе ѕаmе attention tо water resistance аѕ watches today аrе. Decades ago, people took thеіr watches оff bеfоrе going іn thе water, аnd thіѕ іѕ thе mindset уоu need tо hаvе wіth уоur vintage watch. Additionally, gaskets оn a vintage watch соuld bе dried оut (and ѕоmе chronograph watches mау nоt еvеn hаvе gaskets), аnd thаt соuld саuѕе ѕоmе moisture tо seep іn аnd саuѕе fog undеr thе crystal. Eventually, thаt vapor ѕhоuld disappear, but thе best idea іѕ tо avoid water аt аll costs. 

 Gіvе іt a Rеѕt 

If уоu аrе planning a strenuous activity, whеrе уоur arm іѕ іn full motion—such аѕ getting оut оn thе tennis courts оr thе golf course—leave уоur vintage watch аt home. Just аѕ thеу wеrе nоt аѕ waterresistant аѕ today’s watches, mаnу оf yesteryear’s timepieces аrе delicate аnd саnnоt withstand аѕ muсh shock аѕ today’s stronger pieces. 

 Kеер іt Clean 

Dust саn bе аn enemy оf thе watch movement, whісh іѕ especially vulnerable whеn thе crown іѕ open fоr setting. Whеn pulling оut thе crown tо set thе watch, dо іt іn a clean, dry place, fоr instance, whіlе sitting аt a table. Kеер thе outside оf thе watch clean, аѕ wеll, bу wiping іt dоwn wіth a soft cloth. Don’t forget tо wipe thе case-back, whеrе dirt саn accumulate duе tо perspiration frоm thе wrist. Yоu don’t want thе dirt tо work іtѕ wау іntо thе movement. 

 Service It, But Bе Specific Abоut thе Service 

Hаvе thе vintage watch serviced еvеrу twо оr thrее years tо ensure clean, new oils аrе added tо thе movement. Hоwеvеr, it’s аlѕо important thаt уоu make whоеvеr services thе watch aware оf уоur preferences. Sоmеtіmеѕ, durіng servicing, a watch іѕ polished tо remove scratches оr wear. If thеrе іѕ a scratch іn уоur watch thаt hаѕ a particular memory tied tо іt, уоu mау want tо tell thеm nоt tо polish thе metal. Similarly, old, worn dials аrе ѕоmеtіmеѕ replaced, whісh саn bring dоwn thе value оf thе genuine watch іn order tо clean іt uр. If уоu don’t want thе dial changed, let thе watchmaker/brand know. 

 Box It, Don’t Uѕе A Watch Winder 

Whеn уоu аrе nоt wearing уоur vintage watch, іt іѕ best tо рut іt іntо іtѕ box оr tо lay іt flat іn a watch drawer. Evеn thоugh watch winders аrе popularly used fоr today’s timepieces, watch experts argue thаt vintage timepieces аrе nоt built tо hаvе thеіr mainspring fully wound аt аll tіmеѕ. Thаt constant winding соuld reduce thе lifetime оf lubrication іn thе movement. 

Yоu muѕt care аbоut уоur watch аnd jewelry аѕ іn 2021 value оf thе luxury watch аnd jewelry market іѕ going uр rapidly. Inflation іѕ going fast аnd a lot оf people hаvе started investing іn thе luxury аnd jewelry market buying expensive watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Franck Muller аnd аlѕо jewelry – Cartier, Tiffany & Cо., Van Cleef аnd Arpels prices аrе going uр аll thе tіmе аnd іt іѕ worth investing.  Yоu саn gеt unbeatable prices, 10 days return, 12-24 months warranty оn watches (varies frоm brand tо brand) оn Luxury Watch and Jewelry Market.

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Should You Choose Gold-Plated or Solid Gold Pendants?



Solid Gold

With the many different types of jewellery, it can be hard to tell what you’re buying and the value of your pieces. Gold is the most popular metal and colour for jewellery, with so many types to choose from, including gold plating and solid gold. So, which one should you choose? To help you narrow down your options, here’s a guide to gold plating and solid gold – what they mean and which one to choose for your next pendant purchase.

What is gold plated?

Gold plated is a thin layer of gold set over a base metal, typically brass, copper or nickel. In comparison to other gold jewellery, gold plating has the thinnest layer of gold over the base metal, with a total gold percentage of 0.05%. Gold plating is made using electrolysis, which is where an electric current is passed through a substance to cause a chemical change to bond the gold to the base. Due to the thinness of the gold, gold plated jewellery is the cheapest gold option. Gold plated jewellery can tarnish easily so should be taken care of properly to keep the jewellery looking bright and shiny.

To tell if a piece of jewellery – like a pendant – is gold plated, the brand will label their pieces with the words ‘gold plating’ to ensure the customer is getting what they paid for. If you’re still unsure, the fastest way to tell if a piece is gold plated is to check the markings. The most common mark for gold plated is GP, but you might also see GEP, RGP or HGP. To find the mark, look on the inside of rings, bracelet clasps, the back of pendants and earring backs.

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What is solid gold?

On the other end of the spectrum, solid gold is the most valuable and high-quality piece of jewellery available. Solid gold – often referred to as real gold – is gold that’s alloyed to a mixture of other metals. While this doesn’t make solid gold 100% gold, it’s the closest to pure gold in terms of colour, shine, and purity. A high level of gold makes the texture extremely soft which is hard to use in jewellery so solid gold is the best choice for durability.

Where gold plated jewellery is the cheapest gold option, solid gold jewellery is the more expensive metal type. It’s also higher in longevity, quality, tarnish resistance and value, for example, solid gold rarely fades or loses its colour. To tell if something is solid gold, the only stamp present will be the carat number. Carats are the unit used to measure the purity of gold present in a piece compared to other metals. The thicker the plating the higher the carat, for example a 18ct gold pendant is made up of 75% gold. The marking on this pendant would be ‘750’.

Which should you choose – gold plated or solid gold?

Now you know the differences between gold plated and solid gold, which should you choose? It depends on what you’re looking for but if you want something that looks like gold but won’t break the bank, gold plating is a good choice. On the other hand, if you want something high quality that will last a lifetime, solid gold is the better option. Below are a few factors that can help you decide between the two.


Pricewise, gold-plated jewellery is at the lower end of the spectrum and is an affordable way to start your gold collection. It still has the aesthetic qualities of gold but at a cheaper price. Solid gold is more expensive but with the higher price tag comes better quality.


Due to the different percentage of gold present in each piece, gold plated and solid gold have slightly different tones and colours. Solid gold is a bright yellow colour whereas gold plated has a more faded golden hue. Solid gold’s colour is least likely to fade in comparison to gold plating which could lose its brightness and take on the colour of the metal it’s bonded to.


As mentioned above, solid gold is better quality than gold plated. Solid gold can be tarnished but any marks or scratches can be easily polished out, whereas gold plated can hold on to imperfections. Solid gold is also more durable and can be easily repaired and polished. Gold plating can be fixed if there are any problems but might take longer.

If you’re ever in doubt of what metal to buy, it’s always best to speak to the designer who made the piece so remember to contact the jewellery brand you’re buying from for all the details.

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A Silk Pajama Set Is the Perfect Gift for Women



For years now the silk pajama set has been popular amongst women. There are many reasons for this popularity. The first one is because of the fact that there are many styles to choose from. These styles are available in knee length pajamas, capris, long knee pajamas, t-shirts and tank tops.

The designs on these sets allow women to have a variety of looks in one outfit. For example, there are some that have cartoon characters on them and women can wear them as decoration. However, women can also wear them when they want to look sexy and for lounging around the house after a hard day’s work. Many men like to have women with pajamas in their collection because women in such clothing always look very appealing.

In addition to the attractive look of the pajamas, the silk pajama set is also very comfortable to wear. In addition, it is light weight which makes it easier for women who are active to move around in. Many women like to exercise while wearing them so they are perfect for women who spend a lot of time at the gym or even running. They keep women cool and comfortable during hot days and allow women to stay cool during cold days.

Some women prefer the silk pajama set over pants and jeans because it fits perfectly and makes them feel good about themselves. This comfort level is one of the reasons why the pajama has remained so popular among men and women. Men like to have women in their collection because they know that the women in the silk pajama set will make them feel special. When they wear pajamas made especially for them, they feel better about themselves and this helps them bond with other men who love the comfort of pajamas. In fact, many couples choose silk pajamas as a romantic gift for their significant other.

For women, a silk pajama set can include a comforter, sheets and pillowcases. The pillowcases often come with flowery prints. Most women like to add a couple of pairs of earrings to their silk pajama sets for a fancier look. The sheets and comforter sets in particular are very popular. A silk pajama set can sometimes cost more than a single pair of jeans.

A silk pajama set is a great gift for both men and women. Silk pajamas are very comfortable and they stand up to rigorous activity. They also last long so that women who want a pajama set for a long time to come can buy several pairs. A silk pajama set is a good idea for people who don’t want to wear pajamas everyday but who enjoy feeling pampered every now and then.

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Why Are Hair Extensions Amazing? Where to buy the best quality?



Around the world, every day, there are thousands of women looking for different ways to change their style. Change the way they look every day and how they perceive themselves in front of others, and what better way to solve that dilemma than to change their hair whenever they want? Without a doubt, none.

Because it must be said, be a brunette one day, to show off highlights the next, sometimes showing short hair and sometimes long hair. One day voluminous and the next straight is a dream that, in fact, can become a reality with the so-called hair extensions.

They are nothing more than strands of hair that you add to your natural mane to give it more volume, more length, or a different shade. And best of all, you can choose the style you want and wear it for as long as you want.

Even more, if you choose a good brand that offers a durable and quality product, an example you should consider are the extensions offered by Izabel Hair, where you have a variety of models, lengths, and colors to choose from, directly from their website

Why you should try hair extensions if you haven’t already?

If you are new to using hair extensions, you may be a little reluctant to use them for different reasons or prejudices that you may have developed from other people’s experiences. However, it’s time to leave your fears behind because there is nothing simpler and more functional than extensions.

It is so simple that you can use them yourself at home without having to go to a salon. Just choose the color, style, and length of extension you want and attach it close to the root of your hair whether it comes with a clip or an adhesive.

It doesn’t mistreat your scalp, you don’t apply chemicals, you don’t need a lot of time, and you can continue to manage your hair as you normally would. It only takes one try to make you want to try it and try different styles now and then.

Change your hairs without damaging them

First the important thing is health and not to cause damage to our scalp when using extensions, so getting a good brand is vital, and as mentioned before Izabel Hair is the best option. Since with this brand, you have the opportunity to have beautiful, shiny, healthy, and strong hair without any risk to the root or the body of the hair.

Since the clips used in Izabel Hair are specifically created to take care not to damage the area where it is placed while the hair moves day by day. And as an additional point, the extensions that are in this brand are 100% human hair so, in addition, to take care of you will have a magazine image.

Get that Rapunzel Hair Model You Always Wanted

Getting the style, you’ve longed for is not impossible and much less difficult, you just have to make the decision. Dare to review the Izabel Hair catalog, search with the help of their professionals what you like, order, and get ready to wear that silky hair, with volume, movement, shine and a spectacular length that will make you look beautiful.

Don’t wait any longer! Go get your hair extensions and go out to conquer the world.

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Screen Printing Shirts




An easy method of applying writing and a design onto any kind of garments like a shirt or t-shirt is screen printing. It is a popular thing to do in the garment and textile industry and one of the most common methods used for printing. When looking at where to print shirts in Singapore you will find that the most common and popular garment is the t-shirt but you can print on others too. You can use any shirt and decorate them with a personal design, a logo, advertising for your business, a team name and number and so on.

Affordable customization

Shirts and t-shirts are most popular for this printing form because they are affordable to get in bulk and easy to print on. Print some t-shirts to give away at shows and conferences, or as a casual uniform for employees. It is easy to customize the design and most printers will meet your needs for a fair price. When considering where to print shirts for personal or business reasons you will find many options to choose from.

The method of screen printing

Screen-printed shirts have a design that is either personal or just selected from the options offered printed on using special inks. It is basically a form of stencil printing in the method it uses with the silk mesh stretched over the top of the metal or wooden frame. The finer the detail required in the design the finer the mesh used. For special purposes, a plastic or steel wire gauze might be used instead.

At where to print a shirt in Singapore the designer applies the image to the screen and then a water-soluble gum is used to close any pores. A solvent like turpentine washes away excess paint and the screen is then placed over the material being printed.They use a rubber squeegee to apply the ink which soaks through the screen and prints onto the material. T-shirts made from cotton are common but they can work on wood, glass, rubber, paper, metal and other textiles too.

Looking for a printing service

There are a lot of options to choose from and while that is a good thing in some ways, giving you different services, and being able to compare prices, it does mean you have to spend a bit more time comparing them before you make a decision. Look for a business with some experience and check they do the kind of numbers you need. Some places only accept bulk orders, some have a maximum number they can make for you. There are different printing methods too so think about what suits your needs, screen printing is not the only option.


The silkscreen is a great way to get printed designs on different materials but if you are looking at where to print shirts and you need very fine detail, you might want to look into a different printing method. Screen printing is not the best for clear graduations and finer details.

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My Favourite Items of Jewellery and Memories



My childhood was very impressionable; I would have my favourite items of jewellery as well as my favourite memories. I would collect all the items of jewellery that I saw in magazines and shops and keep them in a box. My first collection was as a result of one particular magazine that I subscribed to, it was called “Favonia”, this magazine spoke about fashion, interior design, antiques, gift-giving and was full of beautiful images. These images were so beautiful that I would buy at least one item from for every piece of jewellery that I owned.

Think about Engagement ring

As a child I loved to imagine what I would be wearing the next day. I loved to think about my beloved engagement ring the day that we proposed. I even imagined that I would be married in the Garden of Eden, or in a fairy tale land. I would often imagine these wonderful scenarios and think about them for hours. When I put a jewellery collection together, I wanted to make sure that I would look as beautiful in my wedding dress as I looked in my dream setting.

Exquisite jewellery of Grandmother

My grandmother’s wedding was very special to me, I can never forget the exquisite jewellery that she wore. When I would think about her wedding dress, I would imagine the same feelings that I now have when I think about my own wedding day. There is no other way to describe how much I love the memory of my grandmother’s wedding; all the beautiful accessories, the silver spoon that I used to place on her lap, the matching white gloves that I dipped into the glass vase for her to hold. The wedding cake that she baked with a lovely cream frosting and the wooden champagne flutes that we drank out of.

One particular memory that I would like to share with you today is about my grandmother’s memory foam slippers. I had a pair of them when I was a child and I just knew that they would never go out of style. I can still see the excitement in my sister’s face as she received her first pair. They are soft, cuddly and definitely recommended for children ages three and up. The only downside to these slippers is that the fit is somewhat on the large side, so if you are planning to give your toddler a pair, be sure that you get one size larger than their normal foot.

 Jewellery box

Another memory foam favourite that my wife keeps in her memory foam jewellery box is the Princess antique and vintage earrings. They look beautiful and I have a pair of them myself. These earrings are also very soft and cuddly, they remind me a bit of the baby animals from when I was a child. The cutout is shaped like a small baby and made from 100% genuine memory foam. They come in four different colours and my wife has got us a few different pairs so that we have something to wear when we go out of town. Not everyone likes diamonds, so you may want to go with something else if you do not.

Princess cut crystal earring

The most expensive memory foam item that my wife has had is a princess cut crystal earring. This time around she has got a white gold one as well, which is gorgeous. When shopping online, you can usually get a much better deal than if you shop at a bricks and mortar store, so this is definitely worth taking a look at. I would recommend buying your jewellery online if you want it to be affordable, but there are some pretty awesome deals available if you shop at either of the top two sites, PayPal and Shoppershare. It is amazing how many great jewellery stores you can find these days, so you should definitely take advantage of them.


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